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September 7, 2004 • Volume 4 Issue 12

A local good guy

A laptop is my computer of choice. No longer have a desk top.

Several years ago the dorm where granddaughter #1 was housed at school caught fire. No one was hurt - a lot of equipment was damaged. Including her computer. I gave her my desk top of the time - went to my laptop, and never went back. No need to today.

The bad news of this is I'm on it 8ight days a week. Rarely am anywhere without that small communication device close by. So, when it has a hurt, I'm up a creek. The current version is new - purchased less than a year ago. Still under full warranty ... yet, having it shipped someplace for a fix of anything is not in the schedule.

So, recently when the capital letter key decided to be difficult, and the CD player/burner decided not to function, I went looking for help. Found www.techexpress.net/compinfo.html ... and it was good.

To start, their name is spelled TECHXPRESS, yet the web site spells it 'express'. Which is a good move, as unless you know, you would not know. Am sure the dictionary spelling helps them get many more visitors to their pages.

The company CEO and founder Bryan Sarlitt begin his business in 1999. He specializes in providing one-stop computer, network and Internet/web fix-it services. My good fortune to find these fine folks, and to enjoy their services, is not the why of this article. Instead it's how this young company does their thing.

Their HOME page gives serious talk to Core Values. Much like my own list (www.rayjutkins.com/attitude.html), yet distinctly different. On his list are such things as Integrity ... "We believe walking the talk is important ... we keep our promises and commitments..."

Trust ... "... we endeavor to build trust through relationships and consistency ..." Respect ... "... we seek to relate to our customers and each other with dignity and grace at all times and in all circumstances."

Open Communication ... "we will establish relationships, systems and links ... that will promote or preserve good, timely communication." Superior Customer Service ... "We believe the customer comes first ... we will seek to pro-actively listen to the customers needs and dreams and will seek to give them what they want. We will strength customer relationships through delivering value."

Community ... "... the communities of the Central Coast are important ... it's important to us to give back in ways that enhance the quality of the fabric, culture and environment ..." Research ... "We value knowledge and insight ... we seek to establish business and marketing practices, strategies and tactics based on market information. We desire to be a learning company that is seeking to distill market data into profitable insight and practices."

The Community gets additional attention. Still on their Home page with a Social Responsibility section. What stopped me is their Computers 4 Kids program. TECHXPRESS already has a non-profit organization going to help needy kids from low-income families. Bryan had often been approached by clients who didn't know what to do with their used computer equipment. With the rapid evolution of technology much equipment was landing at the local dump. Even the Goodwill rarely wanted the old stuff.

At the same time he was disheartened to hear that many local school children did not have access to computers at home ... putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to today's homework and career planning. With the help of the San Luis Obispo County, California YMCA, and several other local businesses, TECHXPRESS sent an appeal to community members to donate their used but workable computers.

What happened was a shock to everyone. Donations came pouring in by the score at local drop off points. At the same time, the San Luis Coastal Unified School District began nominating deserving students. As the list grew longer, the Computers 4 Kids storage centers began to bulge with donations. The TECHXPRESS staff spent countless hours carefully refurbishing the computers and preparing them for their next round of service.

Between July and November they gathered and fixed. And then just about a year ago 85 students and their parents, with big smiles, bright eyes and a few tears, accepted the gifts. Due to the overwhelming demand and success of the first years program, Computers 4 Kids is on the calendar to become an annual event. Soon they'll be expanding to other markets. At the beginning of each school year - like about now - another batch of youngsters will get a working PC to take home.

If you'd like to help with a donation of product or services, or even money, send an E-mail to info@techxpress.net or phone toll-free 1-877-850-8324 for details. These very nice guys and gals are doing good things - you can make it even better.


For most of us this is a four day work-week ... Labor Day Monday was yesterday.

Meaning these words from Anonymous are even more true;

"You can ever get much of anything done unless
you go ahead and do it before you are ready."

. . . a loose thought

The History of Labor Day

Yesterday was Labor Day in the USA.

For most of my early life the only thing I knew about it was it was a holiday ... a big day at the beach ... and 'tomorrow' we head back to school.

Of course there is much more. A nice summary, compliments of the USA federal government, is available @ www.dol.gov/opa/aboutdol/laborday.htm. Surf over and learn, as I did, there is much more.

The RJm Story

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Well, if you are - and even if you are not! - can have an audio tape with selections from my speaking gigs. And a story or two. All FREE. Plus ... I'll toss in a few papers you may find worth the read. Everything with no strings.

If you'd like you very own copy, send an E-mail to ... Ray@RayJutkins.com with your complete mailing address. Your tape will be on the way to you within the day.

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