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July 20, 2004 • Volume 4 Issue 5

World Wide Web vs. Television

Every couple of years a survey tells us one medium or anther is doomed, and will soon not exist any more.

Those of you who have been around the world of direct mail for long have heard that verdict more than once. Direct mail has certainly changed - yet, it has not gone away - and it will not in your grandchildren's grandchildren's lifetime, no matter how old or young you are today.

There are stories from the early 1950's which predicted television would move the movie industry to extinction. Instead, today, there's intense competition between movie channels on television.

In that light, let's look at the World Wide Web and television as complimentary media ... one working with the other.

As a most recent report says, " the lines between television and Internet media are blurring." Let's look at some numbers.

About half - 48% - of regular, daily WWW users also watch television. And they have their TV set and their PC in the same room. That statement is certainly true for me. It has been the case since I first went online in 1989 (yes, I know the Web did not come about until 1991 - yet, I was online with Prodigy a couple of years earlier). And it was during all of my dozen years in Arizona ... it is again now that I' ve returned to California.

Another 47% do watch television and do work their computer in the same building, just not the same room. The remaining 5% of Internet users say they don't watch TV at all ... a stat I find hard to believe. In fact, I don't believe that number could be more than 1-2%. At least from the audience I run with.

Something close to one-half of the 50 million USA adults (meaning 18 & over) who have both appliances in the same room, report they frequently have the television on and are working their computer at the same time. Another 29% say they do both 'occasionally' (this is me - occasionally). Another 18% say they rarely do both, and 5% say they never use both simultaneously. This must be the same 5% who say they never watch TV.

My television viewing is limited to sports (I enjoy basketball, baseball, a little football and tennis every so often), and very specific news programs. I watch in spurts ... meaning every day/night for 15 straight days - and then nothing for the next two weeks. That's what happens - much of it attributed to the travel schedule I' m on.

Over the last two years I' ve noticed an increase in the number of TV sports shows and news programs that direct the watcher to a web site. To vote on some issue, to express an opinion. To get involved. To become interactive. This has become especially prominent when it was no longer necessary to type http://, and when www. went away, even more so. Today it is so easy for my favorite journalist Aaron Brown to say, "visit ccn.newsnight.com and let us know your opinion" .

Two years ago - in the fall of 2002 - nearly 15% reported visiting a web site connected to a television program. Today that number is up considerably ... closer to 25%. The balance say they are doing other things while 'watching television.' I understand that ... frequently I read the newspaper. About 11% read and respond to E-mail - I do that, too. Many of the balance go to chat rooms about the program ... others browse products featured on the program, or seen as an advertisement. And of course, more than half the viewers just watch the show! How unique. Or is it boring?

What is obvious is that marketers have an opportunity to cross-pollinate the two media. Ah, it's called multi-media. Just as has been done so successfully between direct mail and telephone, radio and outdoor - and many other combinations. Create a reason, an offer, a 'special'that gets the busy-bee viewers to see your message on television, and when they go to the web, wow - it's there, too. Or, vice-versa ... the WWW first, and the TV program has the same pixs, the same dialogue, the same everything. What a concept ... a coordinated and planned package.

This is beginning to happen with measurable results. A few of the soft-drink manufacturers ... Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Sprite ... have all run promotions tying their in-store displays to their web sites to their television commercials. NASCAR has done the same - urging race watchers to go to their web site and get involved.

If you have an audience you're now reaching with one of these tools, you might seriously consider doubling up.


December of 2001 this from Anonymous became 'real' to me;

"It is not death that man should fear,
but he should fear never beginning to live."

If you're familiar with www.itiswhatsnext.com/ you know what I mean. If not, surf over and it will all become perfectly clear to you.

. . . a loose thought

Get a Job!

Joke-Of-The-Day, pulled together by RexBarker@HumorNetwork.com, he works out of Toronto, is a daily 'fix' for me.

Rex frequently includes a story or thought from another ... here is one that got me. HOW SPAM HAS IMPROVED MY LIFE is by E.G. Walker, another Joke-Of-The Day reader. Here's what Ms. Walker has to say about SPAM :

It's 8 a.m., time to open my e-mail to begin the betterment of my life. I receive about 150 to 300 spam messages a day. Some people think these are a waste of time. I consider them opening doors to improvement of my life.

Now you tell me, who in your house, cares -- really cares -- if you need to increase the size of your breasts or penis, as the case may be. There are at least 30 people a day who remind me that my spouse wishes I were larger here or there.

On the other hand, I have the wonderful people who are concerned about my over-abundance of size in other departments. They have the pills for me. They have machines that will do the job without any effort on my part. Machines that will round out my flat butt or flatten out my round butt while I sleep.

I have the great friends who want to help me grow hair on my head and remove it from other body parts.

There are people who are truly concerned that I may have an occasional wrinkle. They offer me laser, creams and botox injections so that I may have a face as smooth and unlined as my newly shaped rounded bottom.

After reading my SPAM for the day, I can picture myself with a slim waist, rounded buttocks, hairless legs, armpits and upper lip, overbalanced by my breasts which have increased in size. Actually I would not need to use the wrinkle remover cream because my breasts have pulled all the wrinkles out of my face.

In addition to the extreme make-over they have offered, they now have innumerable romantic interests for me, and have insurance programs that will give my romantic interest a good start in life in case of my demise. They show me how to increase my credit, in direct proportion to the size of my breasts and how to pay off my credit card debt with grant money from the government.

If I don't have credit card debt, they will give me a credit card with pre-approved unlimited limits. I can buy a foreclosed home from the people who did not take advantage of the offers of cash NOW. Then they will show me how to launder my credit report. How wonderful of them!

I can buy cigarettes on line, and then I can join the Stop Smoking smokers. When I' m all through with the improvements, I can have free coffee and a coffee maker.

Somehow I am a little put off by one of the last offers on my list. Do I sense a little sarcasm in the line that reads: GET A JOB!

The RJm Story

I first wrote about this idea in 1989.

15 years later it is more so today then earlier.

The computer industry began in the 1960's to tell us we're in the "information age".

Wrong! We're in The Knowledge Era. We were in the '60's and we are today ... 40 years later.

No one wants any more information...we all need more knowledge. Meaning we're overloaded with "stuff" - we'd like instead to know things. Things we can use to our benefit and that of our clients, friends and family.

Oh, and another 'myth' is Knowledge is Power. That is also 100% wrong. Knowledge is power only if you use it. If you 'know' it and let it sit on the shelf, it certainly is NOT power.

Over time I' ve created a few thoughts about 'Knowledge & Power, vs. Information' . If you' d like to know more, or have me share these ideas with your team, call 1+805+771-8300 and let's talk. Or send an E-mail to Ray@RayJutkins.com. I promise to respond.

"See" ya next week.

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