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July 6, 2004 • Volume 4 Issue 3


A decade ago Michael Michalko, the author of THINKERTOYS, developed a system for brain-storming that really works. Still. Today. 10 years later.

Michael named it ThinkPak. It's purpose is to allow you, or a your club, church, mosque or synagogue, an association, a project team, the Girl Scout troop, a large organization or a small company ... any group gathered together for any reason ... to think differently. Fresh. From a new direction. To create "original" ideas. To find simple solutions to complex problems by thinking a different way.

To begin, let's knock a fence or two down. First, if it is true there is nothing new under the sun then how can you and I today find new ways of doing things? My answer is the same today as it has been for all the years I' ve floated around this earth; every day there ARE new opportunities, which mean new challenges, which together must be 'massaged'to fit our now need. This process creates 'new' by beginning where we are today.

Let me demonstrate. You and I are meeting to solve an issue or create a solution. You come with one idea. I come with another idea - different then yours. So far we have two ideas, mine and yours ... 1 + 1 = 2.

You give me your idea ... and I now have two ideas. I give you my idea ... you have two. Together we have four ideas. As 2 + 2 = 4.

This isn't new math. It IS new thinking. And I think it is perfectly accurate, too. Why? Well, because when you take my idea you will do something different with it than I was thinking. Ditto when I accept yours. We' ll each take the others thought and twist it, turn it up-side-down or in-side-out, add salt and pepper, stretch it or shrink it ... we' ll do something to make it ours. To make it different. To make it 'new' .

This means you have your original idea and I have my original idea. And we each have the others idea, with a different look. The truth is 2 + 2 does = 4.
And so does 1+1 ... it also = 4!

Okay, let's take a second look at thinking differently. The phrase "Think outside the box" has been around long enough to have conference titles of the same ridiculous thought.

May I please share the Ray Jutkins view of this word collection ... it is total nonsense! "Thinking outside the box" makes no sense. What? Why? Several answers;

#1). " Don't think outside the box ... there is no box to begin with."

Rich Tuck, Lander International

#2). " If you're not sitting in a box you CAN think outside the box."

Al West, SEI Investments

#3). " Don't just think outside the box ... Live outside the box."

an Oracle print advertisement

My view is the same as each of these quotes. There is no box unless you allow yourself to 'think'there is one. Which means you put yourself in one. No matter what you personally think about Larry, the quote from his Oracle ... "Don't just think outside the box ... Live outside the box" is the way I live. Every day. You can too, if you elect to do so.

There is no box. Live outside the box.

Third thought; spelling. The English language is 625,000+ words. It is the world's largest language - Spanish is next with 475,000 words. To compare, French and Japanese each get along with just 100,000.

Since English has become the world's business language, thanks to our friends the Brits, who took it everywhere under the Commonwealth banner, I' ll talk about it. Although I think the same thought applies elsewhere.

English has words spelled alike, pronounced different, with different meanings. English has words spelled un-alike with the same pronouncement, and different meanings. Words such as bare and bear, hear and here, there and their, Harry and hairy, knight and night, light and lite, see, sea and the letter 'c', the three to's ... to - too - two ... make the language a challenge.

So, since it is already confusing enough, I' m for thinking communication vs. spelling and grammar. Not that I' m suggesting we make spelling errors by plan, or use outlandish grammar - we make enough of these mistakes without planning them. I am suggesting we 'create' words that really say what we mean - that tell our story.

For instance, a word I made up is 'Two-Gether' . Spelled exactly that way. With the cap letters and the hyphen. It means nearly the same as 'together', yet, it gets extra attention, and has the extended message of two of us, you and me, working 'Two-Gether' .

What started this epistle was the name ThinkPak - a make up word. One word, two cap letters, a different spelling for Pak, vs. pack.

I' ve built a seminar and consulting program around the 9ine original principles of creative teacher Alex Osborn. On whose theories Michael Michalko wrote. It's all about how to think creatively (the 9ine is another of my special spellings!).

Since everything 'new' is an addition to or modification of something that exists today - whenever you're looking for a new idea, a new product or service or process - when you're seeking a break-through idea, this is a good place to begin.

Interested in something for your crew? Write me @ Ray@RayJutkins.com or phone 1+805+771-8300.

"See" ya next week.


It is so easy to go along with the crowd. To follow the leader. To echo the boss. To support the winning team. It takes no guts to do any of these things.

Those who brought us the United States of America and the Fourth of July were not such people. Anonymous agrees, and makes a statement leaning another direction;

"In unanimity there may well be
either cowardice or uncritical thinking."

The RJm Story

USA Independence Day, the Fourth of July, has just past. A time for remembrance - and celebration.

You may find a little 'remembrance' with this special collection of articles, Marketing on the Web ... www.rayjutkins.com/web/.

For 3 plus years I wrote a series of articles about the WWW. Since this world moves and changes so rapidly, many of these thoughts in the three score articles are out of date.

Still, you may find an idea, a concept - something innovative - that will strike a positive and useful cord with you. Just know, as you spin through the index, what you are reading was not penned in 2004. No matter ... EnJoy!

And, if you have any comments or questions call me at 1+805-771-8300 or send an E-mail to Ray@RayJutkins.com.

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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