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June 22, 2004 • Volume 4 Issue 1

The Tortoise's Little Green Book

Robert J. Ringer has written a collection of full size books.

In 1983 he wrote this small booklet of 'winning theories' for life and business. About five dozen of 'em ... some fill a small page, most are a few sentences of wisdom.

In the Preface The Tortoise comments on what you' ll find in this book;

"Let there be no doubt the material in this book was not written for the intellectual spectator ... rather it was meant to be used where it is most needed - down on the playing field, where the action is."

  • Actions-Have-Consequences ... "... the principle that best explains how the world works is; actions have consequences ..."
  • Assumption ... " the only safe assumption in life is that the person who assures you that everything is all right is all wrong."
  • Better-Deal ... " If you're always worried that there may be a better deal down the road, you' ll never close any deal ..."
  • Big-Stick ... " When you're dealing from a position of weakness it's all right to hold your ground and refuse to be intimidated. But don't try to push your weight around - especially when the guy you're trying to push carries a big stick."
  • Bluff ... "The secret to bluffing is not to bluff. Never lay down an ultimatum unless you're prepared to follow through on it."
  • Boy-Girl ... " Negotiating is very much like the 'dating game' ; every person wants what he can't have and does not want what he can have. Plan your strategy accordingly."
  • Changing-Circumstances ... "One absolutely certain thing about life is that sooner or later circumstances will change. Never plant your feet in cement."
  • Concentration-Payoff ... "Success is directly dependent upon the total number of hours one is able to devote to intense, uninterrupted concentration."
  • Crux-of-the-Issue ... "Resist the temptation to be side-tracked by peripheral issues ... concentrate on the crux of every issue - the point upon which success or failure rests."
  • Desperation ... " Beware the man who operates from a desperate position, for he wields the most lethal weapon of all - the latitude to try anything, because he has nothing to lose."
  • Exception ... "He who makes an exception runs the risk of establishing a rule ... exceptions tend to become rules. One exception leads to another, until life itself becomes one big exception.
  • Fiddle ... "The longer you fiddle around with a deal the greater the odds it will never close."
  • Fish bowl ... "Your chances of getting ahead in life ... are directly proportionated to the degree to which you live every moment as though the whole world were watching."
  • Haunted-World ... "A safe approach to dealing with people is to assume everyone you have dealings will come back to haunt you at some future date."
  • Hype ... "Hyping oneself is toxic; believing one's own hype is fatal."
  • Know-it-all ... " Ignore the know-it-all ... the only thing relevant is what you know and what you do."
  • Leapfrog ... " ...the quickest way to the top is to leapfrog over the pack ... play the game on a higher level. Have the courage to stake your claim to your rightful place on the ladder."
  • Life-Complication ... "Given a choice between an easy solution and a complicated one ... don't ignore a solution just because it's simple!"
  • Little-White-Lie ... "The danger in telling little white lies is that they tend to lead to big black lies ... and a lie is a lie."
  • Nose-to-the Grindstone ... "If you do nothing but keep your nose to the grindstone ... you're guaranteed to get only one thing in return: old."
  • Once-in-a-Lifetime Deal ... "Never get into a bidding war over a once-in-a-lifetime deal. The best deal in the world comes along every day."
  • Out-of-Step ... " ... a person's chances for success will tend to increase the more he's out of step with the dictates of 'conventional wisdom.' "
  • Perspective ... " ... everyday problems have little significance ... just hang loose and enjoy the challenge of solving them."
  • Positive/Negative Result ... "Formula for failure: try 37 times. Formula for success: try 38 times."
  • Protesting ... " The more someone dwells on a point, the more the point diminishes in validity."
  • Rational-Action ... "Rational actions are based on reason, not custom and not tradition."
  • Reality ... " Reality isn't the way you wish things to be ... but the way they actually are."
  • Salvage ... "On bad days...learn to cut your losses short and salvage what's left ... anyone can do well on good days; only successful people make headway on the bad ones."
  • Sure ... "There's only one way to be sure that your plans will be properly carried out; take matters into your own hands and don't expect any help from anyone."
  • Timing ... "Conditions are never right at the right time; timing is always wrong! If you're waiting for everything to be just right you are in possession of a foolproof excuse for failure."
  • To-Do-It-Over-Again ... "If only you had it to do over again, and you would do it differently ... then get started. Because you do have the opportunity to do it over again, if you have the courage to admit it."
  • Tortoise & Hare ... "Your quickness out of the starting blocks makes for interesting conversation, but the payoff is based on where you are when the race is over."
  • Waiting-to-be-Discovered ... "... there's more to success than just showing up and letting the world know you're ready to be discovered. The public doesn't owe you a living ... and is very much aware of that fact."
  • You-Won't-Get-Credit-For-It ... "... the safest assumption is that, at best, your efforts will go unnoticed; at worst, they will be held against you."
  • Zip-the-Lip ... " If you' ve got something good going, shut up!"

So, I will.

"See" you next week.


As you know, a good chunk of my life is spent on the platform, speaking.

Seminars. Speeches. Keynotes. And teaching. Meaning, I talk a lot!

This idea comes from Anonymous. And clearly puts me in my place with this idea;

"You win more friends
with your ears than with your mouth."

The RJm Story

A few issues ago I shared the reasoning of my books, audio & video tapes and other products.

Well, YOU can have an audio tape with selections from my speaking gigs. And a story or two. All FREE. Plus ... I' ll toss in a few papers you may find worth the read. Everything with no strings.

If you'd like you very own copy, send an E-mail to ... Ray@RayJutkins.com with your complete mailing address. Your tape will be on the way to you within the day.

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