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June 15, 2004 • Volume 3 Issue 50

The 13 Greatest
Marketing Happenings ... EVER!

Last week this page had a review of the not so serious marketing happenings from history.

Interesting and fun stuff.

This week we go the other way - and share what I feel are the 13 'inventions and discoveries'that - to date - have had the greatest impact on marketing. Worldwide.

My original article on this subject was mid-January 29 months ago - early in 2002. The place you'll find it is www.rayjutkins.com/ezine/20020115.html . It is 'history', so still correct as written then. And long - pushing 3000 words. Still, I enjoyed strolling through it all - again. You may too.

EnJoy! The 13 Greatest Marketing Happenings .


Words are powerful tools. The base of all communication - key in Direct.

Anonymous agrees, with analogy that says it so well;

"I am a lake. Placid and controlled.
But a pebble will break the surface."

The RJm Story

A long time ago I was taught the philosophy of running a business by putting the customer at the top of the pyramid.

The result became a unique list of ideas. Ideas on putting people first. And working with them. Here is the list I still use today. 'Click' www.rayjutkins.com/attitude.html and scroll through. It will take you minutes ... you may gain an idea for a lifetime.

Want to talk about anything? Please phone me @ 1+805+771-8300 or send an E-mail to Ray@RayJutkins.com.

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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