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June 1, 2004 • Volume 3 Issue 48

The Marketplace of Tomorrow

A while back I had the opportunity to meet some people at an advertising agency.

They were doing some direct 'things' and were looking for another opinion. No business came from that meeting ... yet, I learned something. From their approach to all communication, stated in large letters along the entrance wall in their offices.

The 'lesson' has seven parts ... the first begins with a definition of . . .

the marketplace of tomorrow

. . . more competitors

. . . more products

. . . more brands

resulting in

. . . more words

. . . more messages

. . . more claims

a consumer

. . . who doesn't listen

. . . doesn't trust

. . . doesn't believe

a consumer

. . . who relies on signals


. . . that trigger perceptions


. . . perceptions that build brand


. . . that target consumers

This philosophy and logic is nearly impossible to dispute. Yet, many in direct,

including me in another life, have not given much credence to branding. No longer. DM is a world of words and messages - our marketplace is 'everyone' out there being bombarded with a never-ending array of 'news' from elsewhere. We' d better care about brand.

Countless commercials and PR announcements, signage, sales promotion offers and a more aggressive sales approach is what makes up the marketplace today. All these 'guys' are in the same business as you and me ... they're each doing what the last phrase says; targeting consumers.

Selfishly, I' d enjoy the opportunity to work with well known branded products and services. Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Boeing Aircraft, Nike, Wells Fargo and the other two dozen top brands in the States and around the world. No matter their current image (frequently, the most well known have swings of what the marketplace thinks of them), what an opportunity to crank up some direct action! Exciting thought.

My thought for the week is to recommend you make yourself a copy of these words off the wall of an ad agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. And then read them every few days. Your business and your clients will 'feel' your targeted caring.


Some things just 'sound' as if they come from one place or another.

This reads as if it originates in an Asian cultural ... could be Chinese, maybe from Tibet. So happens it's from Japan.

This Anonymous Japanese Proverb is a bit tough - yet, as always, true;

"Knowledge without wisdom is
a load of books on the back of an ass."

The RJm Story

One day late in the 1980's Nancy said to me; "You keep spouting all this stuff in your seminars ... why don't you write it down?"

So, I did. The end result is the book Power Direct Marketing. Many other writings have fallen from it ... still, the base of all my direct marketing is the book.

You can find the earliest version (it has been revised once and printed four different times) @ www.rayjutkins.com/pdm/.

If you'd like to buy a copy visit www.rayjutkins.com/salebook.html, phone us at 1+805-771-8300 or E-mail me at Ray@RayJutkins.com.

Thank you.

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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