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May 18, 2004 • Volume 3 Issue 46

Something New About Envelopes

Ray Weigel is a guy I knew I wanted to know more about.

His name is the same as mine ... 'Ray' . He may have been a Raymond, probably something his Mom called him when she was very-very angry. I knew that to be the case in my growing up days. Today he is 'Ray', as I am

This weeks The Works of Marketing with Ray is an idea - told by Ray Weigel. I' m going to get you started, send you to his web site, and let you roam. He tells his story far better than I could.

I like the creativity of Ray Weigel ... I think you' ll like what he has to offer. It could be something you, or one of your clients, will find different, unusual and very productive. Guaranteed to get attention ... bound to be opened.

Let me get you started with a quote from the history section of his web pages;

"At a craft fair, my wife and I discovered a few envelopes made of colorful fabrics. They had the appearance of regular envelopes but because they were soft and flimsy cotton, they could not be mailed.

"We expanded on the idea of a cloth envelope. By stiffening the fabric prior to creating the envelope, we gave it the ability to be mailed. The use of the warm colorful envelopes seemed to make the contents that much more meaningful.

"Our friends were not only intrigued, but all wanted to know where they could purchase the envelopes.... and the rest is history in the making."

For the rest of this story on cloth envelopes, go to www.clothenvelope.com.


It took me a while to put the people in my life into perspective. Meaning, to fully appreciate what they offer, and what they bring and give.

I now know this from Anonymous is absolutely true;

"If you want to feel rich just count all the things you
have that money can't buy."

The RJm Story

When I became a member of the National Speakers Association 20+ years ago I began a 'different' learning process; how to live, grow and survive as a professional speaker.

One of the many things that meant was having products. Audio and video tapes. White papers. Booklets. Books. So, over the decades, from the beginning, I've created some of each. You may find something useful to you @ www.MagicMarketingMinutes.com.

For any reason, questions, comment, thought, idea, call us @ 1+805+771-8300 or send an E-mail to Ray@RayJutkins.com.

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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