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May 11, 2004 • Volume 3 Issue 45

13 Thoughtful Questions About your Marketing Offer: The Most Important Things to Know About Direct Marketing Offers

Last week, when I talked about 'Features & Benefits', I promised to talk this week about the Offer. Here it is.

An offer is mandatory in Direct Response Marketing. Not optional - mandatory.

Why? Because your audience is not waiting for you to arrive. Whatever your product/service, those that can buy what you sell are already happy with someone else. Without what you bring to their table. At least they think they're happy. Your first job is get them to consider you.

An offer is that ... a consideration. Nothing more. It S T O P S your marketplace long enough for you to close in.

An offer can be just about anything. Worked and presented in scores of different ways. For many reasons. i.e., there are almost no rules about an offer ... except you must have one. Still, there are several important ideas as you consider, create and present your offer.

For 13 Thoughtful Questions About your Marketing Offer, 'click here'.


You know I have quoted the worlds most prolific philosopher, Anonymous, for nearly ever. What wisdom is offered time after time.

As is this, an Anonymous Chinese proverb;

"When drinking the water don't forget who dug the well."

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It's common to ask people what they do. When you meet someone for the first time you often ask something like "what do you do?"

What do YOU answer? My quick response always is I am a professional speaker and a writer. If you need a speaker, and would like to know more about the marketing seminars I offer please visit www.powerdirectmarketing.com.

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The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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