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Apr 6, 2004 • Volume 3 Issue 40

13 Platinum Ideas
for Successful Web Marketing

E-commerce. Web marketing. Selling over the Internet. There are many descriptions of marketing, direct marketing and selling on the World Wide Web.

No matter the words, the process is important. And very similar to marketing through any channel. Broadcast. Print. Mail. Telecommunications.

From the sales side with an in-house or captive sales force, through independent reps or tightly tied distributors.

"...from What? to WOW! on the Web" is based on experiences gained from my site. And an outgrowth of being online since the decade of the '80's! Yes, since the late 1980's I've been playing around in cyberspace. Not long, yet in this world an eon.

Let's get started with this Baker's Dozen Collection of 13 Platinum WWW marketing ideas.

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. . . a loose thought

The "R's" of E-mail writing

There is no question, today is the time of E-mail messages.

More E-mail is sent every day than direct mail in a week. At least in the US of A. So, it's time we look at the more common use of the written language ... it is time for an English lesson.

With tongue firmly in check and cheek , here are some rules to keep in mind when using the Queen's Engerlish. Or as is said in Singapore ... SingLish;

1. Verbs has to agree with their subjects.

2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.

3. And don't start a sentence with a conjunction.

4. It is wrong to ever split an infinitive.

5. Avoid cliches like the plague. (They're old hat).

6. Always avoid annoying alliteration.

7. Be more or less specific.

8. Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are (usually) unnecessary.

9. Also, too, never, ever use repetitive redundancies.

10. No sentence fragments. No comma splices, run-ons are bad too.

11. Contractions aren't helpful and shouldn't be used.

12. Foreign words and phrases are not apropos.

13. Do not be redundant; do not use more words than necessary; it's highly superfluous.

14. One should never generalize.

15. Comparisons are as bad as cliches.

16. Don't use no double negatives.

17. Eschew ampersands and abbreviations, etc.

18. One-word sentences? Eliminate.

19. Analogies in writing are like feathers on a snake.

20. The passive voice is to be ignored.

21. Eliminate commas, that are, not necessary. Parenthetical words however should be enclosed in commas.

22. Never use a big word when a diminutive one would suffice.

23. Kill all exclamation points!!!!

24. Use words correctly, irregardless of how others use them.

25. Understatement is probably not the best way to propose earth shattering ideas.

26. Use the apostrophe in it's proper place and omit it when its not needed.

27. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "I hate quotations. Tell me what you know."

28. If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: resist hyperbole; not one writer in a million can use it correctly.

29. Puns are for children, not groan readers.

30. Go around the barn at high noon to avoid colloquialisms.

31. Even if a mixed metaphor sings, it should be derailed.

32. Who needs rhetorical questions?

33. Exaggeration is a million times worse than understatement.

34. Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

(These ideas compliments of Acra Publishing Group and their E-zine collection.)


The Chinese have a way of saying things that is truly different.

Here is a thought we have all heard, an ancient Chinese proverb, demonstrated with examples;

"If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain.

If you want 10 years of prosperity, grown trees.

If you want a 100 years of prosperity ... grow people."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.

"It IS What's Next!"

It's become known as "the story".

I've shared it with a number of health care organizations, a database marketing business, a direct marketing firm, a publishing organization, a DM association - and several others. And I'm ready to bring it to your group. (Visit It IS What's Next!)

When you have a need for a 40-60 minute program, I'll give you this different, interesting, meaningful, warm and true action presentation. If you want a half-day interactive seminar, that can happen, too. For your club. Your company. Your organization. Your association. Your school or University. Any group you have. At any place. At any time. For any reason.

It IS What’s Next! is available to you as a Keynote Address. As a special program. As an opening or closing presentation. As a different / unique session.

Interested? Visit the web site @ It IS What's Next! And E-mail me Ray@RayJutkins.com and let's make it happen. I look forward to hearing from you. Soon.

Thank you!

A Big Bonus Offer

Full time I'm consulting. Writing. And speaking!

So, now is a good time to tell you about my special BONUS:

When you invite me to speak at your special event,
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... and one more Idea

An eon ago Burt Dubin came into my life. And has stayed. We continue to swap ideas.

One area of common ground is we're both speakers. And, Burt is a "teacher" ... working with professionals helping them grow to masters - as well as new comers just breaking in to the speaker business.

To learn more about what Burt might offer you, visit his exclusive resource and most interesting web site. Plus, you may wish to opt-in for his FREE E-zine. It's easy - surf to www.SpeakingBizSuccess.com and take a tour. Or send an E-mail to burt@speakingbizsuccess.com.

Magic Marketing Minutes

Write Better With M A D E

Acronyms are available for just about everything. Here is one that may help you write better Direct Mail copy.

The word is M A D E.

The "M" stands for Message. Give a sound, firm, meaningful, important message to your audience. And make sure it's interesting. If there is no message, you will lose your audience within the first paragraph!

The "A" stands for Action. Have a reason for taking action. Now. We most often call it an offer. A reason to do business with you. Now!

The "D" stands for Details. Provide enough details, enough specifics, enough facts, enough figures, so your audience can make a buying decision. So they know who you are, and have enough reason to accept your offer.

And the "E" stands for Evidence. Prove that what you have to offer will meet the needs of your marketplace. Provide the evidence. With testimonials. With case histories. Again with facts and figures. Prove the best thing your prospect can do is to do business with you.

M A D E -- Message, Action, Details & Evidence, for your best Direct Mail.

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