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Mar 2, 2004 • Volume 3 Issue 35

Search Engines

. . . which work best for you?

Writing this has gotten me in waaaay over my head.

WebMaster Bill Blinn is the guy who should really be pounding the keyboard with this knowledge. Well, in fact, I went to Bill about these ideas ... his response was "No doubt these things will continue to improve and evolve."

Thanks a lot, William, for your input!

So, I took a stab at it myself. With what's "new" with search engines.

(for more on Search Engines of 2004 "click" here)

Demonstrating how basic I am, I still find it absolutely amazing, that with billions of web pages out there, anyone can find almost anything at almost anytime. There was a time I looked at the web as nothing more than a huge library. And more convenient then the local. Today it is certainly much more.

i.e., just to see what would happen, I put my name, Ray Jutkins, into several different search engines. The search was to be worldwide, no filters of any type, and through all languages. This is what I found.

Search Engine

Finding Ray Jutkins

(worldwide, all sources, all languages, no filters)

Google, via AOL

91pages of listing, over 900 total ... I quit looking after the first 10 pages, 100 listings. frequently this is the service I use. it works well most of the time.


a strange place. they say they gather from many places ... yet, showed only 127 listings for me. and then quit after sharing just 80. unlikely I'll return.

Alta Vista

1,044 results, tiny type, very difficult to read. there was a time this was my favorite - no longer.


5,801 listings! far too many to truly be valuable. no one is going to look this deep. I stopped at 300.

Find What

would not let me search, wanted me to " buy" something. which is fine - except I didn't want to!


"about" 1360, many after first 100 in code. strange. I did not like and will not return.


345 - I surfed through 1/3. good collection of what I offer the marketing & sales world. will come back.


352 ... I looked at the first 100. ditto everything from MSN. seems like a workable number, and easy to surf.


zero - zip - nada ... guess the sports world ignores me because I am not a sports personality.

Lycos did something which is good. I think. At least most of the time. My name is spelled differently. J UT K I N S. Most spellings are J UD K I N S. Lycos wanted to know if maybe I was looking for those with a " D" . Maybe that's also why they had so many - too many! - unnecessary listings.

Then, just to see what would happen I went to the internal search engine within my site, www.RayJutkins.com. I put no limits on it either - and found what I more or less expected to find; 500 individual listings. Gathered together 100 at a time. I think there are many more - as there are several 1000 web pages within my collection.

As you know, when you search your findings most often fall into two categories:

#1). far too many offerings to select from, and

#2). not specific enough to meet your exacting need.

One would think #2). could be solved by making your request more specific. That can work - yet, my experience shows that often it does not. Frequently I'm told there is nothing that meets my needs. BULL! There is, and it is not all in the words, and how I say them. It is in the gathering and sorting of the data, and then how it is made available to you.

www.Vivisimo.com puts search engine results into categories. I went to their site, put in Ray Jutkins, and got a short list of other places to visit. One was . . .

Search Engine

Finding Ray Jutkins

(worldwide, all sources, all languages, no filters)


with 43 listings, bold, easy to read and understand. the list is short - which can be good. yet, not always.


their description said go to Ray Jutkins ... and when I went they said "your search returned no results". another zero. strange

There were others, yet, it was enough for me. It appeared that each time I returned to the Vivisimo site looking for anything there was another pitch of products, and less about the search. The pitch is fine ... yet, that is not why I went.

One of the Vivisimo founders says his company " is like a super fast librarian who can instantly arrange the titles on shelves in a way that makes sense" . Some consider the service a 21st Century Dewey Decimal System, designed to eliminate the side-bar options and concentrate on the specific search. Maybe. I was not impressed.

Grokker works when you know exactly what you' re looking for. Exactly! If the search is for business hotels in San Francisco, you're going to get a laundry list. And are probably better off going to the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau site. Or one of the online travel sites.

If you know you want the Hilton or Sheraton or Hyatt on Union Square in San Francisco, then Grokker can be of help. As part of what it does is organize each search into a category of circles. Within each circle is a topic - in this case for the Hyatt on Union Square. Restaurants within the hotel is one circle. Their gym another. A map of the hotel - a map of the area.

Yet, when I think of this I wonder why not go direct to the Hyatt on Union Square site, or the page within the Hyatt collection. As certainly you will get as complete a collection as is available. And probably better.

You see, earlier I said Bill Blinn should be writing this. Maybe I'm too basic. And then again, maybe I'm the " average" prospect!

With that in mind, let' s look at three more engines and close out this search for the "best".

Search Engine

Finding Ray Jutkins

(worldwide, all sources, all languages, no filters)

Ask Jeeves

there was no quantity listed, there are 20 pages and 10 listings per page. I was impressed - layout better looking than many others


300 listings, horrid type, difficult to read. see Alta Vista above ... I will not be back.

Overture a gathering from other sites - complete, yet no numbers offered and I quit after 160. was beginning to see several unrelated to me. not bad, not great

www.InfoSpace.com is really a white and yellow page look-up service. I did not know that when I surfed it for this article ... and found a very interesting thing; much like the dictionary, unless you know a little something about what you' re looking for, you may get totally wrong information.

My dad was born in Effingham, Illinois. I've been through the place - and it's a good bet some distant relative lives today in the area. Including someone named Raymond Jutkins. As when I looked inside this service for my name only - Ray Jutkins, without city or state or other ID, an Illinois man with my name popped. It was not me!

To double check, I returned to the search site. And this time included the state in which I lived, Arizona. Guess what; they have no record of me. Nothing at all.

What this says is pretty much what Bill told me when I asked for some help with this article;

"This (the newest search engine options) is about the equivalent of driving 80 MPH from Los Angeles to San Francisco 10 years after Henry Ford started manufacturing Model T autos."

Bill is right. Things are moving rapidly - and not always in the direction you may wish to go.


It's about the time of the year that New Years resolutions come crashing to earth ... and living goes back to " as usual" Anonymous has a thought on this reality.

" It's the start that stops most people."

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... and one more Idea

An eon ago Burt Dubin came into my life. And has stayed. We continue to swap ideas.

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Magic Marketing Minutes

Magic Marketing Minutes

Make your copy easy to read

Unless you're writing to language teachers, don't be concerned about grammar when you're writing your Direct Mail or other communication.

Is this too bold a statement for you? Your DM communications should be a dialogue. It is a message from you to your audience ... and hopefully from them back to you. It is written to be read. It is to communicate.

I'm not suggesting that grammar is a bad thing. I'm not suggesting you write like an illiterate.

I am suggesting you be conversational. That your copy be in the tone and rhythm of a personal one-on-one conversation you might have face-to-face with any member of your audience. And, I'm suggesting that grammatical technicalities should not get in the way of that communication.

Some of the things that can help you make your writing more readable are these:

Bullets and asterisks

Underlining key phrases for those who will skim your message

A few well chosen all CAPITAL words

An equally well chosen few words in italics

/Slash marks/ and (parentheses) to get some emphasis

And color, a second color most certainly -- maybe even a third

As a rule, people are not going to read your message to be entertained. They are going to read it to gain some information.

Make it easy to read.

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