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Sep 16, 2003 • Volume 3 Issue 14

The Marketing Manager's Handbook

Reading is something I thoroughly enjoy.

Most often my reading is business books. A nearly 500 page epistle does not put me off. Neither does the word "handbook".

All of which is a good thing with the Eric Gagnon version of The Marketing Manager's Handbook.

There are 3 descriptive sub-titles Eric uses;

  • "The Keys to Sales and Marketing Success.", and
  • "Practical, Real-World Strategies for Boosting Sales In All Markets, Industries and Business Conditions", plus
  • "Effective, Proven Marketing Techniques For Business-To-Business, Trade, Industrial And High Technology Markets."

WOW ... what a mouthful! And equally "WOW", because this guy isn't blowing smoke ... this book is full of good stuff.

Of course, I'm a tad prejudiced. As on page #124 Eric includes an original document of mine about writing sales letters.

Yet, it is much more than that. For instance, the first of 18 chapters begins with "First Principles of Effective, Successful Marketing Management". And lists 10 Principles of Real Marketing. Such things as...

1). Execution is the most important part of marketing

6). Learn to see with "New Eyes"

8). Always pick the boldest marketing option

9). No matter how bleak the situation there is always something you can do.

Chapter 2 is all about "Your Marketing Plan". A good thing to have is a direction, a focus ... and a plan gives you that.

Chapter 3 talks "Tools of the Trade" ... including Direct Mail, Trade Shows, Web Sites and much more.

"How to Write Advertising ..." is covered in two Chapters - #4 and #5. These 38 pages are full of good ideas to make your copy sell. Including a section on layout and design, black and white and color (in this time of live and living 4-color everything, that is always an interesting topic for those of us in marketing and sales).

It is refreshing in this time of "E-everything" to see three full chapters dedicated to Direct Mail ... still the work-horse of direct marketing. Especially for business-to-business lead generation and new product introductions. Eric covers planning, testing, creative and execution.

And then comes right back with three chapters on the web. Still, being real. In the middle of Chapter 10 is this short section;

"Your Two Best Web Development Tools: Pencil and Paper"

Love it!

Since Adam met Eve in the Garden, people-to-people has been an "in" thing. It is not going away. Not your grandchildren's grandchildren's lifetime. Face-to-face is here to stay. And Eric recognizes that marketing is nothing more than a tool to gain a sale. Thus, a chapter on Trade Shows is part of the handbook.

A second very people thing is Public Relations. The soft side of the marketing biz. Eric includes a full chapter.

Another addresses tools used in may ways today, video and multi-media. Mixing words and images together - and moving them to get attention and action.

My favorite chapter is not where my contribution is included. It's the last ... #18. With this as part of the title;

"...When Your Marketing Program Hits the Wall: Troubleshooting and Correcting Poor Sales Response".

Just so happens the day I'm writing this article that is a topic on my agenda. A client is getting caught in the cross-winds of change ... some of our marketing efforts aren't doing what they once did. I'm reading this chapter NOW!

For more, you can contact Eric by phone at 1+888+505-7447, by E-mail @ Eric@realmarkets.net ... and you can visit his web site, www.realmarkets.net.

To order your very own copy of this book call the publisher, Internet Media at 1+540+349-2438, or E-mail them @ mail@sellyourproduct.com.

. . . a loose thought

A couple of weeks ago this spot had a collection of learning from kids. As they truly do teach the rest of us an amazing collection of facts.

Here is another short batch...

  • The glass in windows (even double pane) doesn't stop a baseball hit by a ceiling fan.
  • The spin cycle on the washing machine does not make earth worms dizzy. However, it will make cats dizzy.
  • You probably do not want to know what that odor is.
  • A six year old can start a fire with a flint rock even though a 36 year old man says they can only do it in the movies.
  • Some Legos will pass through the digestive tract of a four year old.
  • Marbles in gas tanks make lots of noise when driving.
  • No matter how much Jell-O you put in a swimming pool you still can't walk on water.
  • Quiet does not necessarily mean don't worry.
  • There is no such thing as child-proofing your house.
  • A ceiling fan can hit a baseball a long way.

From the Bakers Dozen Collection

13 Ways to Make More Time

This writer and marketer is not a time management expert. Far from it.

Yet, I've learned from others - and practiced getting the most out of my time. Do I always do what I'm going to talk about here? Of course not! Frequently I catch myself doing what I want to do vs. what I truly need to do. The fun stuff first.

Still, being a Type A workaholic has it's benefits. One being you get to meet more people and learn more things. There is a downside ... sometimes clients, associates and family suffer.

For the Baker's Dozen thoughts on 'Time' "click" http://www.rayjutkins.com/baker/baker43.htm.

"It IS What's Next!"

It's become known as "the story".

I've shared it with a number of health care organizations, a database marketing business, a direct marketing firm, a publishing organization, a DM association - and several others. And I'm ready to bring it to your group. (Visit It IS What's Next!)

When you have a need for a 40-60 minute program, I'll give you this different, interesting, meaningful, warm and true action presentation. If you want a half-day interactive seminar, that can happen, too. For your club. Your company. Your organization. Your association. Your school or University. Any group you have. At any place. At any time. For any reason.

It IS What’s Next! is available to you as a Keynote Address. As a special program. As an opening or closing presentation. As a different / unique session.

Interested? Visit the web site @ It IS What's Next! And E-mail me Ray@RayJutkins.com and let's make it happen. I look forward to hearing from you. Soon.

Thank you!

... another Idea

New business friend Gerry Sacks of Houston, Texas sent me here. It turns out this leading information resource from the financial world offers a collection of marketing & sales ideas. Still, no matter your business, you will find good material here. Offered by 80+ experts (including me!) ... visit ProducersWEB.com

More Speaking of Speaking

Thursday evening, September 26 Ray kicks off an annual event for the Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association.

His opening night topic for this 9-week school is 40-30-20-10 ... Blast Off with Direct Marketing into the 21st Century.

You can go to the web site (Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association) for the complete schedule, or E-mail coordinator Bob Hughes (BHughes@bertco.com).

In November Ray will be back in Central Europe, teaching DM to those formerly behind the Iron Curtain. Watch this space for details.


Kids see things differently ... the list above proves it.

Anonymous says it this way;

"He who never walks except where he sees other men's
tracks will make no discoveries "

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.

... and one more Idea

An eon ago Burt Dubin came into my life. And has stayed. We continue to swap ideas.

One area of common ground is we're both speakers. And, Burt is a "teacher" ... working with professionals helping them grow to masters - as well as new comers just breaking in to the speaker business.

To learn more about what Burt might offer you, visit his exclusive resource and most interesting web site. Plus, you may wish to opt-in for his FREE E-zine. It's easy - surf to www.SpeakingBizSuccess.com and take a tour. Or send an E-mail to burt@speakingbizsuccess.com.

Magic Marketing Minutes

3 Times 7

This is the third in a series of three about selecting the best list for your Direct Mail program:

1. Always, always, ALWAYS test before you buy big. Test small ... and then test again to confirm your results. There is no magic to this...sometimes you continue testing smaller numbers before the big push. But do test.

2. Test segments as well as the whole list. You may find some areas of pure gold within a list that overall does not work well for you.

3. Plan enough time in your program for a thorough audience evaluation. All else can go well -- but if you send your marvelous offer to the wrong audience it will not work!

4. Select your list by the quality you need, not the quantity you want. If it is big and wrong it is still wrong! If it is free and wrong it costs too much. If it is several dollars a name and it earns you a big profit, it could be a bargain.

5. After you order your list, look at it. Make sure it is what you ordered. Only by looking at your list can you be sure and comfortable it is what you need.

6. Whatever your results, share them with everyone involved. This means your creative team, your production crew, your staff, anyone and everyone who is involved with your Direct Mail program. Share results.

7. Test - Test - Test - frequently. Continue your search for new audiences. Mail frequently. Repetition will build your reputation. Only frequency earns continuing and on-going results.

7 ideas on how you can find the best list for your audience, your product and your offer.

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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