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Sep 9, 2003 • Volume 3 Issue 13

Remembering Is Not Enough . . .

. . . is one of the descriptive slogans.

Another is "Let's Roll". You undoubtedly remember that phrase from September 11, 2001.

The first you may not recall. Because it came from the lips of Mitchell S. Morrison. Who? Mitch Morrison. A man who spent a portion of his life with the FBI, and then made a few bucks in the brokerage business. He knows so much about setting up and running a foundation, he wrote the book Charity Is a Contact Sport. Today he plays a bad game of golf and loves to ride his motorcycle.

I met Mitch in the spring ... and this is his story. Fitting for this week.

What happened September 11 bugged him. What didn't happen bugged him more. What didn't happen is the motorcycle industry failed to participate in a big enough way in the recovery from that attack. And recovery to Mitch is all about people. Not things. Not stuff. Instead, people helping people.

So, Mitch took it upon himself to create what he felt would be a one time event; America's Ride for The World Trade Center Miracles Foundation. The idea was a coast-to-coast dozen day ride to raise a few bucks for those who fell between the cracks. Families, children, fireman, police officers, volunteers and military personnel ... those who had needs that were not being fulfilled.

When Mitch learned people lost their jobs and all sources of income, it bothered him. When he heard of families who could not feed the kids left from the parent lost in the Twin Towers, or pay the rent and were scheduled for eviction, it bothered him more.

Sure, almost every one of the families of the 3028 lost that fateful day did eventually receive some real money. Yet, for many, they'd have been on food stamps or out on the street long before any monies arrived. Mitch stepped in to bridge the gap. There are many miracle needs - many miracle happy ending stories ... thanks to America's Ride.

Mitch soon discovered his idea for a one time event was not enough ... America's Ride should become an annual happening. There is that much ongoing need - and interest. Meeting with those not killed or injured, yet affected, has shown Mitch there is now, and will be for some time to come, a continuing need for services to thousands of people.

The 2002 event was born in February of that year. It climaxed with a visit to Ground Zero, the only motorcycle ride to actually visit the site "live" on September 11.

Those that couldn't make the entire ride came along for a leg or two - and made their contribution. 800 bikers rode in from Connecticut to meet the group on 9/11. Washington, D.C. hosted a special program and ceremony, complete with a series of fire trucks. Ditto Shanksville, Pennsylvania - the site where the plane that did not hit the White House crashed. In fact, all across America the group was met by fire departments. Sometimes a single vehicle - sometimes a fleet.

Champagne, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana offered huge welcomes, with parades and police/fire escorts. Mitch says the small towns came out too ... everywhere they rode there was a fire truck, a banner, people along the road waving. America joined the bike riders to support the cause.

As they rode, the riders were escorted by several 4-wheelers. If there was a bike breakdown, it was immediately put on a trailer and taken to the nearest fix-it place. Dealerships put on BBQ feeds and pig roasts. There were concerts and meaningful ceremonies each of the 12 days.

Donations came from the riders ... and from scores of others, too. Those who could not ride, yet wanted to support. Those who do not ride and wanted to support. Folks in Lima, Ohio raised $104,000, and then took it to New York. One-by-one-by-one they presented checks to needy families.

America's Ride became "an event." Featured on CNN several times. And Good Morning America. Lots of radio and television coverage . A number of newspapers got involved, including the Los Angeles Times.

So, this is the history. What about 2003? It will be bigger. As you're reading this the ride is almost over. And I'm on it! I'm with the group. Part of the 911 riders. I don't have to explain the significance of that number.

The money goal is $8,000,000. Which will make it the largest motorcycle fund raiser in America. Not the largest in number of riders ... there are many with tens of thousands of bikers participating. Which is good - each of those events also serve a worthy cause. Yet, this time it's different.

Corporate America is behind America's Ride. One such person is Donn Proudfoot, a man from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - who is reviving Titan Motorcycle Company. Donn has donated a red/white/blue & silver Titan as the America's Ride bike. I've seen it at several events already - on display to raise both awareness and funds.

Yet, even with the needed and valuable corporate support, it's people who make America's Ride a success. People like you ... like me. What happened in '02 is happening again in '03 ... donations increase as the ride continues eastward. As people become aware. Some write a check ... some ride along for a leg or two or three.

So you know YOUR donation (yes, you can still make one!) goes for the cause, a bit on the business side of this. Mitch is a businessman. He has treated America's Ride as a business. He has one low-paid full-time employee doing what needs to be done, working out of rent-free space. He and side-kick Bruce give all their time to the effort. Except for postage and phone, almost everything else is donated.

This week, after a visit in Shanksville, the Pentagon, we arrive at Ground Zero on September 11.

To learn much more visit the web site @ www.americasride.info. And no matter, support this fine Americana effort of people helping people.

. . . a loose thought

Last week it was what kids say.

This week it's a collection of Burma Shave advertising safety slogans originating from the 1930s. I'm an old enough salt to remember them as late as the '60s.

In the days before 8 lane / center divider concrete strips we call interstates, most "highways" were 2-lane black-top. In the countryside, neatly placed on sign-posts in farmers' fields, spaced about 100' apart, were 5 small signs. Each contained 1 line of a 4 line couplet ... the 5th the sponsors name ... Burma Shave - the popular shaving cream.

Here are a dozen plus from another era ... EnJoy!

Don't lose your head
to gain a minute
You need your head
your brains are in it.
Burma Shave

A guy who drives
a car wide open
is not thinkin'
he's just hopin'
Burma Shave

Drove too long
driver snoozing
what happened next
is not amusing
Burma Shave

At intersections
look each way
a harp sounds nice
but it's hard to play
Burma Shave

Brother speeder
let's rehearse
all together
good morning nurse
Burma Shave

Both hands on the wheel
eyes on the road
that's the skillful
driver's code
Burma Shave

Cautions Rider
to her reckless dear
let's have less bull
and more steer
Burma Shave

The one who drives when
he's been drinking
depends on you
to do his thinking
Burma Shave

Car in ditch
driver in tree
the moon was full
and so was he
Burma Shave

Speed was high
weather was not
tires were thin
X-marks the spot
Burma Shave

The midnight ride
of Paul for Beer
led to a warmer
Burma Shave

Drunken drivers
here's your chance
to hobble home
in an ambulance
Burma Shave

Around the curve
it's a beautiful car
wasn't it?
Burma Shave

No matter the price
no matter how new
the best safety device
in the car is you
Burma Shave

Passing school zone
take it slow
let out little
shavers grow
Burma Shave

And that's it, closing with a near pun - shavers and Burma Shave.

... and one more Idea

An eon ago Burt Dubin came into my life. And has stayed. We continue to swap ideas.

One area of common ground is we're both speakers. And, Burt is a "teacher" ... working with professionals helping them grow to masters - as well as new comers just breaking in to the speaker business.

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A Big Bonus Offer

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The story above about what Mitch Morrison is doing prompts this weeks bit of philosophy from Anonymous;

"If quitters never win and winners never cheat, then who is
the fool who said 'Quit while you're ahead?'"

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.

... another Idea

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Thank you!

More Speaking of Speaking

Thursday evening, September 26 Ray kicks off an annual event for the Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association.

His opening night topic for this 9-week school is 40-30-20-10 ... Blast Off with Direct Marketing into the 21st Century.

You can go to the web site (Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association) for the complete schedule, or E-mail coordinator Bob Hughes (BHughes@bertco.com).

In November Ray will be back in Central Europe, teaching DM to those formerly behind the Iron Curtain. Watch this space for details.

Magic Marketing Minutes

2 Times 7

This is the second in a series of three lists of things you need to consider as you select your Direct Mail mailing list.

1. What is the universe of the list you are considering? How many names are on it? You need to know this information in the beginning.

2. How old is the list? Is it as current as you need it to be? When was the last time it was cleaned and updated? Sometimes this is very important ... sometimes it's less important. But do know the answers to these questions.

3. What is the duplication factor, if any, and does it really matter? In other words, how many times is the same name on the list? How is that going to affect your results -- and your cost?

4. Can you select the list's most current responders -- sometimes called "hot-lines"? And do you care? Will it affect your response? Will it affect your offer? Usually the hot-line names, the most active and recent names, are the most accurate, and also the best responders. Know this as you test the list.

5. What selection factors are available that are important to you? Demographics? Geographics? Psychographics? Any other selections? What is the cost of the selection you are considering and is it worth the extra cost?

6. Are telephone numbers available so you can do a follow-up to your Direct Mail? If so, at what additional cost? Know from the beginning if you can buy the phone number as well as the name and address.

7. In what format is the list available? On computer tape, available online, on peel-off labels, cheshire labels? What production questions do you have that you need to get answered before making a list-buying decision?

Think on each of these points -- ask the questions -- get the answers.

Then make your list selection.

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