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Aug 19, 2003 • Volume 3 Issue 10

Spam on the menu

A few weeks ago USA Today carried a story of a Louisiana gentleman.

This young man earns middle six figures selling spam services to business. He distributes about one billion E-mails a month. Yes, "B" as in billion. And he feels very good about it.

He says he is a legitimate business. As he is not hiding behind any false identity tricks so your filter can't eliminate him from your E-mail in-box. If you want off his list - he'll take you off. On the surface his story sounds reasonable.

Multi-billionaire Bill Gates of Microsoft reported recently he receives offers to help him get out of debt. Appears Mr. Gates is on a less than targeted list. I don't know if Gates is on the list of Mr. Louisiana.

WebMaster Bill Blinn enjoys reminding me of my change from being passive to active about the 2 of 3 E-mails I receive daily that are truly pure spam. This morning I was online before 5:30am. From 9:45pm last night, my last check-in time, I received 73 E-mails, only 24 of which I opened and read. The difference were not asked for, nor even remotely close to reaching me as the bulls-eye of the right target audience. i.e., they were spam.

A few months ago, in my last spam article, I included a thought from a university professor. He asked the question, "Is it spam when you E-mail someone you know, yet the message is something that should NOT be sent?" That IS a good question! I think the professor is on to something. Because sending E-mail is so quick and easy, the system gets abused. And, it isn't only spammers doing it, either.

Sometimes - hey, frequently! - it's easier to push the 'delete' button than it is to create a privacy file. This morning I dumped those 50 spam messages in less than 90 seconds. Does that mean I like spam, and don't care about the real problem? No. Yet, there comes a time when too much noise is just that - too much noise. I wonder - sometimes - if the "War On Spam" (a headline from a Fast Company story) isn't a bit of an overkill itself.

Early on I questioned all the uproar over spam. There is certainly junk in every media ... direct mail is the easiest to talk about. Almost daily you and I receive mail in our post office mail box that is "junk" ... something we are not interested in, did not request, will not read. We take 2-3 seconds and decide it's best next location is the waste basket. Blop, and it is gone.

Yet, there is a major difference between junk direct mail and junk, or spam, E-mail. The difference is who pays. This isn't news ... yet, maybe it is time to seriously re-visit the thought. I use E-mail for business, and my clients do, too. E-mail marketing is a key element in many campaigns today ... we can not let spam kill it. Nor do we really want the government adding their 2¢ worth - because it will cost us a $1.

A few weeks ago the Hollywood music industry began an aggressive campaign to stop illegal downloading of material protected by copy write law. How they're going to catch the millions of people doing this (including my brother-in-law ... a former cop!) is not clear. What the music people want, of course, is to get paid. Simple equation ... you use my stuff, you pay for my stuff. Not an unreasonable request.

If music comes up with a system that works for them, then just maybe some of their tactics will be applicable to stopping spam. Or, I should say, changing spam. It will never stop ... just as junk mail has never gone away, nor will spam. Yet, the current system of delivery may change.

You want to send me an E-mail message - YOU pay for it. At a minimum you pay the ISP for handling and delivery. Ala with direct mail where you pay the creator, the printer, the mailer and the post office. My telephone bill tells me making phone calls is not free. My daily newspaper comes at cost. To me, and the advertisers. Cable television and radio by satellite all cost money.

Paying a fee for each E-mail sent is something I'd be willing to consider. Today all I pay is a flat fee per month. And it's cheap! For the volume it's very cheap. Yes, there would be an outcry - some would march and a few may riot. Yet, this IS business. I already pay Blue Mountain so I can be assured of E-card delivery to the right people at the right time. Because the "free" services have not performed for me, I'm buying one that does. I'd be willing to do the same for my E-mail service.

Even personal business has a cost. When I ring my daughter or that "stealing" brother-in-law, I pay for the phone call. When I send birthday cards to my sister and another to my mother-in-law, I pay for the card and stamp. When I subscribe to a magazine or newsletter, I pay.

Some say the spam industry will move about the world, and thus there is no way to control the problem. I don't buy that ... technology today with the Internet allows us to do so many good things, there is no reason we can't find a way to stop the bad. If we can open the door, we can lock the door.

The law of physics says for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. The anti-spam forces have taken that thought as their banner. Yet, I think they've got it backwards. They're trying to stop something that is not stoppable. Like smoking, drinking, drugs ... those problems aren't going away. They're changing, they are not evaporating. Ditto spam.

My techy capabilities, and for that matter - technical understanding, is low. So low as to be off the bottom of the chart. Yet, don't even think about telling me we have to accept something we find unacceptable. I don't buy it.

Maybe charging for each message sent is an unworkable thought. Fine. Let's look for something that will work.

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The Baker's Dozen

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"Strategy" is a horrid word. Difficult to spell ... with more definitions than is fair. And thus, the word is often mis-used.

Here, from Anonymous, is a good marketing definition;

"The word 'strategy' comes from the Greek word, which means to defeat one's enemy through the effective use of one's resources."

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Magic Marketing Minutes

60 - 30 - 10

Although we spend considerable time assuring ourselves that our Direct Mail is right-on creatively, to be successful you first must make certain your message gets to the right audience!

There is no doubt that creative is important. But only if the message is sent to those people who are interested. For instance, me, I'm the wrong audience for anything to do with gardening. I do not garden. I do not mow lawns. I do not trim hedges. Rake leaves. Plant flowers. Or anything related to gardening.

A full 60% of the success of your Direct Mail package is making certain that your massage gets to the right audience. 60%!

30% of the success of your direct response package is making certain that you make the most of your offer. The most outstanding offer you can make to this carefully selected audience.

What's left? Creative. 10% of the success of your Direct Mail will be the creative. Good copy and good art.

And, the best copywriters and the most experienced art directors will agree that they can't do their job right unless they have the opportunity to develop an excellent offer and then get it to the right audience.

Remember, 60-30-10 for successful Direct Mail.

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