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January 7, 2003 • Volume 2 Issue 28

Welcome to 2003

The 3rd year of the first decade of the 21st Century in the Gregorian calendar is here.


Trust your holidays were wonderful. That you enjoyed family and friends ... and caught up on "resting". Or reading. Or skiing. Or whatever you enjoy doing.

The current age is one of Survival. For many, biz has been stinky for about 30 months. It will get better - as long as we work at it.

A year ago I wrote an article titled "Do we have too much time on our hands?" Most likely you did not see it. It is about what makes us tick. If you did read it 12 months ago, it's time for a review. If not, here it is again.

Click www.rayjutkins.com/mma/mma109.html for a beginning to the New Year.

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Three times in early January Ray is sharing this story. And you are invited.

The first is Monday, January 6, 2003 at the Shared Vision Network luncheon - at the Doubletree in Phoenix.

Saturday, January 11 is a double-header; The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Arizona is hosting a special event at Apache Junction in the morning. Ray is speaking at noontime.

That same day at an evening event, in Scottsdale at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, Ray is the dinner speaker. You are invited to attend any or all of these events!

. . . a loose thought . . .

Loyalty business ... or New business?

The online edition of Sales & Marketing Management shared a thought about

loyalty programs.

That could be in trouble during these Survival (my word) times. The idea has been "stewing" with me since I first read their words.

The article begins this way;

"Firms may become too dependent upon repeat customers. Too much loyalty can actually be bad for business. A new study ... finds many companies grow complacent when most of their business comes from repeat customers. That can lead to dependency and sluggishness when it comes to drumming up new accounts."

And continues ... "Although repeat business is often more profitable and is a criticalmeasure of customer satisfaction and loyalty, new clients are a vital source of growth and innovation," says Julie Schwartz, author of the report.

Interesting thought. And probably true. Although I in no way feel loyalty programs are bad. They do get kicked about a lot - more than they deserve, in my opinion.

Why to the kicking? And why is it out of line?

Simple answer; One side of our marketplace wants personal 1:1 identification and service. We want it often, and we almost "expect" it to be perfect.

i.e., we are saying our suppliers, services and stores, places where we do business, are supposed to know who we are, what we want, how we act. And then we are saying "NO! ... I will not give you information, or the right to it." It's an oxymoron situation.

Service - which is what loyalty has become, an offering of an abundance of extreme service - and privacy, are kicking each other. Making it tough to build loyalty the way the customer expects. And ... to make a profit for ourselves while doing so.

The study from Ms. Schwartz says an over-dependency on repeat customers may have negative ripple effects. For instance;

Training dollars slip ... firms cut the investment in education.* Customer contact wanes ... sales & service reps spend less than half their time in actual customer activities, focusing more on travel, "busy" tasks, and professional development.

In my history there was a time I stopped looking for new business. Then, very quickly ... within 60 days ... I lost 2 of 3 of my big accounts. It took me 9 months to catch up, a year to be even. I have NEVER stopped looking for new business since.

So, although I truly love loyalty programs - in this age of Survival we must continue to look for new business, too. It isn't optional.


As we begin another year, let's ask Anonymous to share advice on how to do it right. With a slight urge forward ... maybe even a kick;

"Only those who risk going too far will ever know how far they can go."

Let's see how far we can go in 2003.

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.

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Magic Marketing Minutes

Prospecting for New Business (part I)

If you use Direct Mail to find leads for your sales staff here are 9 things you might want to think about ... from your prospects point of view.

Why? Because as your prospect looks at your piece of mail here are some things they will be thinking about;

#1). Does this package look interesting to me? Do I want to open it?

#2). Is the offer a good value for me, the prospect!?

#3). How does this offer compare with others? What is the competition doing?

#4). Is it easy to get more information? Or is it difficult?

#5). If I respond, what happens next? How do I do business with these people?

#6). How long is all this going to take? Timing is important to me!

#7). If we do go to work together am I going to be satisfied? And if I'm not, what happens?

#8). Do I really want to do any business with this company? How do I feel about these people?

#9). Will this company provide me with new ideas - will they be my friend? Will we be happy together?

9 things your prospects think about when they receive your mail. Have you covered each of them?

"Learn like you'll live forever."

A quote from Mahatma Gandhi. And something I live by.

Planning ahead - I'll be at Direct Marketing Thailand August 2003. Learning & speaking. You may wish to be there too. "Click here" for the early news; DM Thailand 2003!

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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