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December 3 , 2002 • Volume 2 Issue 25

E-mail Spam Update

Last summer I made a spam report (see the archives of The Works of Marketing with Ray, July 23, 2002).

The idea was to evaluate how much spam I wasreally receiving, vs. how much it seemed to be.

In the process of gathering the data over a two week period, I was "forced" to open many E-mail messages I would have otherwise deleted. This proved to be a big time mistake. Why? Because now my E-mailbox is literally overflowing, 7 days a week, with scores of unwanted messages. Those "bad" guys captured my E-mail address and are now pouring "junk" in my direction.

A few weeks back Michael Mayor of NetCreations, Inc. (michael@netcreations.com) shared these spam thoughts in aDMNews article;

" ... in an informal analysis it became clear to me that much spam occurs because manufacturers, telcos, pharmaceuticals and others reseller networks are out of control. It' s the 'gray part' of the sales department where orders mysteriously are churned out and managers are afraid to ask questions.

"Besides the odd scam or two, spammers must sell something to make a buck. So what are they selling? Your product, Mr. Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, and yours Mr. Copier Maker. (Personally, I've had many, many offers for 'my' NFL brand football mug ... something I'm not really looking forward to including on my shelf ... Ray.) I' m talking name brands in at least 80% of the cases.

"Spam is up sharply thanks in part to businesses relying increasingly on outside resellers to combat a weak economy. Similarly, more resellers enter the market when unemployment is up. Resellers aren' t in charge of protecting the corporate image of the many products they sell, and it shows.

"It didn't take this detective long to follow the money that supports spam. It' s time for all reputable marketers to re-examine their reseller networks and turn off the money to spammers!"

Michael could be on to something. I read his words the evening of the first day of my review ... he is right about brand names. Not all by any imagination ... yet, many. Porn - you bet ... yet, it appears that group has slowed. Although since others have increased, maybe it's just the per-centage, not the raw number.

My informal 7 day spam watch began on a Tuesday, continuing through the following Monday. This time I did not divide by type ... as I did the first time, nor as Michael did. Just counted. Here are the more recent numbers of what happened day-by-day for the next week;

  • Tuesday ... 130
  • Wednesday ... 133
  • Thursday ... 117
  • Friday ... 130
  • Saturday ... 127
  • Sunday ... 89
  • Monday ...127
  • Week Totals ... 853

WOW! Last summer my spam count for one entire week was 244 - an average of about 35 a day. Two weeks later the number was 290 ... 41 a day. This time, in a one week span, spam equaled 853 total messages - about 122 every day. Three times my previous max number! Big time change.

Until now I've acted like the guy who must touch the bench with the "wet paint" sign ... just to be certain. I needed to get hit hard before I really believed we had a big time problem. We DO now - today - have a big time E-mail spam problem!

And, it does affect each of us. One way or another. i.e., each autumn Nancy & I host a special fun event. We've been doing it for years. It is invitation only ... with a collection of friends from about the southwest attending.

This past fall we put up a web site dedicated exclusively to this week-end. With pictures from the past, details of this years plans, the food menu, directions on how to get to Rockingham ... the full agenda.

My idea was to E-mail updated news every 6 weeks or so to the 150-175 people invited. Giving them the hot link to the site, and reminding them to block the calendar for the full time.

Because of the spam problem I was prohibited from sending this common announcement to more than 15 people at a time. Why? Because my ISP "assumed" if the same message went to more than that rather small number, it was spam.

So, my tune has changed. And although I believe, just like death and taxes, it will always be with us, I'm for strong discipline when it comes to E-mail spam.

Not sure what that action should be ... I'm thinking. You undoubtedly have stories, and ideas, too. Send them to me at Ray@RayJutkins.com. I'll put together a follow-up. Maybe we'll find something that really works to slow this plague.

Ray Speaks in Arizona

To begin the New Year, on the first work day of 2003, Monday, January 6, I'll be on the platform.

If you're anywhere near-by, consider this an invitation to drop in. You will be most welcome.

The group is Shared Vision. With chapters in several southwest and California markets - including the Valley of the Sun, greater Phoenix. I'll be on stage that first week.

The place is The DoubleTree Guest Suites - Phoenix AZ - 320 North 44th Street. The doors open @ 11 ... lunch from 11:30 ... followed by 50 minutes of me in an interchange & dialogue conversation. The topic is my new, Special presentation ...ItISwhatsNext!

Want to know more? Send me an E-mail; Ray@RayJutkins.com. You may also visit the Shared Vision web site @ www.sharedvisionnetwork.com to register ... or phone 1-480-634- 4020.

I look forward to seeing you January 6. And ... Happy New Year!

It IS What's Next!

Three times in early January Ray is sharing this story. And you are invited.

The first is Monday, January 6, 2003 at the Shared Vision Network luncheon - at the Doubletree in Phoenix.

Saturday, January 11 is a double-header; The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Arizona is hosting a special event at Apache Junction in the morning. Ray is speaking at noontime.

That same day at an evening event, in Scottsdale at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, Ray is the dinner speaker. You are invited to attend any or all of these events!

... a loose thought

Frequently we do remembering at the end of the year.

Here is a little history from the United States Postal Service from the last dozen years. About commemorative stamps. Shared with you compliments of good friend Barb Caswell.

The retention value of commemorative stamps is what's interesting. Those that are saved, and not used as postage. Which means a cash flow for the USPS that runs into millions of dollars each year.

These are the top 20 commemorative stamps being saved by collectors in the USA (all numbers are in millions) ...

Elvis Presley 1993 124.0
Wild Flowers 1992 76.2
Rock & Roll 1993 75.8
Insects & Spiders 1999 60.9
Legends of Baseball 2000 53.9
Baseball's Legendary Playing Fields 2001 49.0
Moon Landing 1994 47.9
Civil War 1995 46.6
Legends of the West 1994 46.5
Marilyn Monroe 1995 46.3
Bugs Bunny 1997 45.3
Comic Strip Classics 1995 40.1
The Stars & Stripes 2000 40.0
Summer Olympics 1996 39.8
Holiday Cheer 1999 39.3
Centennial Olympic Games 1996 38.2
Lucille Ball 2001 38.7
Sylvester & Tweety 1998 37.9
World of Dinosaurs 1997 38.5
Prehistoric Animals 1989 37.0

Not sure what this says about our habits. Or what we who live in the States put first. Because most of this list is "fun stuff". Vs. serious. Maybe that alone says it well enough.

You can bring "It IS What's Next!"
to your group

I am ready to share this full and exciting program with you. (Visit It IS What's Next! -- click here.)

And I'm ready to do it today. To book an hour or two to give you this different, interesting, meaningful, warm and true action presentation. To your club. Your company. Your organization. Your association. Any group you have. At any place. At any time. For any reason.

It IS What's Next! is available to you as a Keynote Address. As a special program. As an opening or closing presentation. As a different / unique session.

This event puts everything into perspective. i.e., people are more important than "stuff", or "things". It demonstrates what is first in life. What is first in business. It works at home. It works at the office.

Interested? E-mail me; Ray@RayJutkins.com and let's make it happen. I look forward to hearing from you. Soon.

Thank you!

Winter Festivals & Traditions for 2002

As you can quickly see ... I should have shared this list with you a month ago.

Well, here it is anyway.

And it looks like you have many, many reasons to enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

Our December 17 issue will be a triple - all about holidays. You may want to keep this list available to refer to then.

No matter ... EnJoy!

November 1 All Saints Day
November 11 St. Martin's Day in Germany
November 28
4th Thursday in November
Thanksgiving Day, USA
December 1
4th Sunday before Christmas
Advent begins
December 6 St. Nicholas Day
December 8 Bodhi Day in the Buddhists' faith
December 10 Hannukah begins
December 13 Santa Lucia's Day, Italy & Sweden
December 15-16 Posados or Novena begins
December 17 Hanukkah ends
December 19 St. Nicholas Day (Julian Calendar)
December 20 St. Ignatious' Day in Romania
December 20-21 Winter Solstice
December 21 St. Thomas' Day
December 23 Little Christmas in Denmark
December 24 Christmas Eve
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 St. Stephen's Day, Boxing Day-Commonwealth
December 26 Kwanzaa begins
December 27 St. John's Day, Mother Night
December 28 Holy Innocents Day
December 30 Bringing in the Boar
December 31 New Year's Eve
St. Sylvester's Eve, Scotland
January 1 New Year's Day, St. Basil's Day
January 2 Snow Day, Holde's Day
January 3 Evergreen Day
January 4 St. Distaff's Day
January 5 Epiphany Eve
January 6 Epiphany, Three Kings Day, 12th Night
January 7 Russian Christmas
January 13
1st Monday after Epiphany
Plough Monday in England
January 13/20th Day St. Knut's Day in Scandanavia


The Holiday Season is in full swing. Thanksgiving in the USA is just past. Celebrations for many faiths will take place over the next 30-40 days.

So, the coming issues of this message will each contain an idea or more fitting the time of year.

"Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life."

And an Anonymous Chinese proverb;

"If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.


A Big Bonus Offer

Full time I'm consulting. Writing. And speaking!

So, now is a good time to tell you about my special BONUS:

When you invite me to speak at your special event,
conference, corporate meeting or association gathering, you get your
choice of 100 FREE copies of either my book, or the audio/booklet
direct mail package titled Magic Marketing Minutes!

For details and to place your product order, OR to book Ray to speak and thus get your BONUS!, visit Marketing Products. Or fax 1+810+815-2520. For questions on quantity orders phone Ray at 1+928+785-9400.

In the between time you may find a visit to my speaking web pages worthy of a few minutes of your time. Surf to Power Direct Marketing.com and take a look around. A visit to ItISwhatsNext.com might also be interesting to you. And ... then let me hear from you. Let's work a deal!

Magic Marketing Minutes

A 13-Point Direct Mail Checklist

This checklist will help you make certain your Direct Mail has every chance of

outstanding success:

#1). Look at your mail as your recipient will look at it. Pretend you are they.

#2). Remember your primary objective. What do you want your prospect to do?

#3). Does your number 1 benefit hit your prospect right between the eyes?

#4). And, does your number 2 benefit hit your prospect right between the eyes?

#5). Does your mail package "flow" ... does it look like it all goes together?

#6). Does the package encourage your prospect to open it now? At once? Immediately!

#7). Do you see the letter first? Design your mail to get your prospect to read the letter first.

#8). Does it address the benefits you offer against the needs of your prospect? If there are no needs, there will be no sale ... make certain you address their needs.

#9). Do the graphics support the copy? Do they make the copy better? Do they make it easier to read?

#10). Does your response device include a summary of your full story? If all I have left is your application or response card, do I know what I'm supposed to do?

#11). Is there a reason to reply now - an offer? Something over and above the benefits?

#12). Is it easy to reply? The easier you make it, the more likely your audience will be to respond to your offer.

#13). If you are the recipient as mentioned above in number 1, would you respond?

13 Points for you to think about as you put together your Direct Mail program.

"Learn like you'll live forever."

A quote from Mahatma Gandhi. And something I live by.

Planning ahead - I'll be at Direct Marketing Thailand August 2003. Learning & speaking. You may wish to be there too. "Click here" for the early news; DM Thailand 2003!

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