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October 8 , 2002• Volume 2 Issue 18

Spinning Straw Into Gold

Some time ago I heard this phrase from John Miglautsch.

Soon this nice guy and business friend will have his book with the same title available for all. You get an early review.

The original use of these words comes from Brother's Grimm Rumpelstiltskin story. Where the millers daughter gets caught in her fathers bragging that she can spin straw into gold. How first the greedy king takes advantage. And then Rumpelstiltskin does, too. John makes his point by comparing marketing people.

John is in marketing - the direct marketing - database marketing biz. He knows how to crunch facts and figures, the numbers, called data, into something useful. For some this is necessary ... and dry. Boring. Hard to grasp. Something for the financial or IT guys to do. Not for those of us who have trouble with a basic hand held calculator. John makes it all interesting.

You know this book will be a good read when the sub-title says this; "An Executive Guide to the ScienceArtMagic of Turning Data Into Money". "Magic"is not a word used often in serious business. Because businessis business ... there is not much magical about it. Hard work. Intelligence. A plan. The right people in the right place at the right time doing the right things for the right customers ... "yes"to all. Magic - I don't think so.

Yet, what John is saying is that "sure", there is a way to use the mountains of data now available to just about any company. There are "formulas". There are stats that after a while help you turn data into information into knowledge. Science. And "yes", there can be an art about all of this. Learning what works, what does not, is as much art as anything.

Still, John Mig takes "facts"and goes another step. One I really like, when he asks "Knowledge is Power?"Well, if you've read me before you know I do not believe knowledge is power ... unless you use it. Otherwise it is nothing more than information. Maybe data. Certainly not power. Francis Bacon was wrong when he first uttered these words - they are still very wrong today. John recognizes this ... and goes one step further. He says;

"... just as knowledge does not equal wisdom,
so data does not equal money."

Then John uses a collection of words not often found in a serious business book;

"... one reason people don't do more
with proven techniques is fear."

(You mean John, people in business are afraid to move forward, to try something new and different? No!)

Next, he says there are several lies in the database marketing industry. First, "We know everything about you" (on occasion it may seem that way to those of us receiving direct mail, spam E-mail and telemarketing calls!)

And then "Your data is mostly worthless ... mountains of lines of numbers and letters have no intrinsic value ... I see very little hope that data quality will improve in the future." A strong statement. A lot of people will not find these words as amusing as I do ... still, they are true.

Another lie is "We know what you'll buy" (and when, and why). Which is an amazing thought ... as most of us don't know what or where or when or why we buy much of what we do for ourselves and our families. How in the world can we even guess reasonably about what you'll do? Fact; we can't!

So, John says this;

"The single greatest reason why people are not turning
data into money is they are not building enough variables."

Frankly, this is not what I, or many, want to hear. MORE variables? Don't we have enough already? How many more can we stand? How much more time (translated: money!) is it going to take? And ... why?

To further compound this thought, John has a working definition of a variable;

". . . anything you can think of."What? What!?

There are 20 chapters inSpinning Straw Into Gold. So far I'm barely more than a third of the way through. What S T O P S me is Chapter 8; Thought is Required. You mean we must think? How original.

John makes an interesting comment about marketing and marketing people. Vs. financial folks. The money people are always looking at where you've been. They report on the past. Supposed facts.

Not so with those of us in marketing. Oh, we like to know where we've been. It helps in planning. Yet, where wereally spend our time is getting from where we've been to where we want to go. Some place out there in the future - where we have not been. Yet. That's a tougher call then reporting what has already happened. And ... it requires thinking.

Magic is a result of wizards doing their thing. Not scientific people, or accounting people, or management folks. No, magic happens only when there is a wizard to "spin"(not to be confused with the political spin coming out of capital cities around the globe!).

John looks at creative types. Those who live in a different thinking world - and are ever at the ready to launch another marketing campaign. Creative people become wizards when they look at data and see beyond it. See what is in it - not the numbers and symbols and facts and figures. No, instead, what it can mean. What it can do. How it can perform to achieve. How it can produce different results.

The book is not technical ... even with a section on modeling. When much of a chapter is given to "...how do we identify the > I Love You'variable ..."you know I speak the truth.

And then there is the fish story. You'll have to read the book to feel the full impact ... yet, the conclusion I'll share with you today; "Facts are stupid things until brought in connection with some general law."Which is what data is ... stupid ... until made useful. Which is why it takes a wizard to bring magical results.

For much more, and where and when you can buy this book, contact John Miglautsch @ John@migmar.com. Tell him I sent you.

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Over the last year I' ve read several books about geniuses of times past. From Leonardo to Albert. This is what Anonymous has to say about such people;

"Talent does what it can: genius does what it must."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.


... another loose thought

A friend sent this thought on Service.

It's new to me - maybe to you, too. If you've seen it before, read and enjoy one more time.

"At one time in my life I thought I had a handle on the meaning of the word 'service'. The act of doing things for other people.

"Then I heard the terms Internal Revenue Service. U.S. Postal Service. Civil Service. Service stations . . . and I became confused about the word 'service'. This is not what I thought 'service' meant.

"Then one day I overheard two farmers talking. One mentioned he was having a bull 'service' a few of his cows. Now I understand what all those 'service' agencies are doing to us all."

Friend Ray Considine and his Jackdaw collection shared this thought;

"Our success is making you THINK we care."

Sounds like a perfect slogan for these "service" organizations.

... and one more loose thought

This guy has one grand gal for a sister.

Joyce sent me this ... thought you might like the list, too. From the book "Roadside Church Signs Across America" by Mary Katherine and David Compton. They each tell their own story.


  • Forbidden fruit Creates Many Jams
  • A Sunrise is God's Way of Telling the World to Lighten Up
  • There's No Business like Soul Business
  • Come in and Pray today. Beat the Christmas rush!
  • You Know that "Love Thy Neighbor " Thing? I Meant It. - God
  • God Answers Knee-Mail
  • What if God is Asking Us For a Sign?
  • Lord, Help Me Be the Person My Dog Thinks I Am
  • Home Improvement: Take Your Family to Church
  • This church prayer-conditioned
  • A Church is a Gift from God. Assembly Required.
  • God So Loved The World That He Did Not Send a Committee
  • Keep Using My Name in Vain, I'll Make Rush Hour Longer. - God

Magic Marketing Minutes

Teaser Copy (Part II)

(... see last weeks E-zine for Part I)

Teaser copy has both a positive and negative aspect to it. The negative is that the teaser identifies the package as Direct Mail / Admail.

The positive is that a well executed teaser can actually increase response by whetting the appetite. Here are 8 things you need to consider if you elect to use teaser copy:

  • Make sure the copy relates to the offer. Don't use copy on the outside of the envelope to trick your prospect to get inside ... then not pay it off with a sound offer.
  • Make sure the teaser copy offers some kind of a benefit. If there is no benefit, then there will be no reason for the audience to get inside the envelope.
  • Does the teaser copy urge action? Does it ask your prospect to get inside and do something - now? It should!
  • Does the teaser copy tie to the opening of the letter and brochure? Make certain that it does. Make sure the outside ties with the inside.
  • Do the graphics and copy tie together? Do they complement your package? Or do they confuse the issue? Make sure they complement.
  • Does your Admail package avoid imitation? Stealing ideas from others is good. Copying others is usually disastrous. Don't do it! Don't even think about it. Be original.
  • Does your teaser copy have a "YOU" attitude? Does it talk about what the customer and prospect are going to gain? Does it talk in their language? Make certain it does.
  • Does the teaser copy talk with the reader? Not at them, not to them, but with them?

8ight ideas for your teaser copy. Test them all.

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