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August 20, 2002• Volume 2 Issue 11

Six Things You Need To Know
About Internet Marketing

(Bob Hacker is a long time business friend. He heads a most successful DM agency, speaks at industry events, writes ... and is a nice guy, too! A few weeks ago I found this article, by Bob. And thought it worthy of repeating. Bob gave permission ... so here it is.)

You hear it everyday: "The Internet has opened up a whole new medium for direct marketers. Web and e-mail are cost-effective ways to reach millions for only a couple of cents a hit." Especially with last November's mail-based terror attacks, e-mail is growing in popularity and effectiveness.

But, there are still ways to screw it up that can torpedo your program if you are not aware of them. Here are the six things you should be aware of as you strategize, write, design and execute your next (and every) Internet campaign.

1). Most users are still using dial-up connections. Keep this in mind: 86 percent of computer users are using dial-up modems at 56K or slower as of July, 2001, according to boomerang.com.

2). What you see is not always what they get. When designing an e-mail campaign, you should be aware that the recipient's e-mail or Web connection is not necessarily the same as yours, or your designer's. You may see a stunning HTML blast on your design station, but when your target receives it (if they have some types of e-mail, such as Hotmail), they are limited to the size. All they will see is a frustrating partial image or, worse, your mailing will cause an error message on their end. Not a good thing. Some of the most popular e-mail services do not support HTML at all. At this writing, AOL's latest version accepts HTML e-e-mail is among them. Send users of older AOL versions an HTML e-mail and all the reader sees is a mess. And all you see is irate unsubscribe messages, or resentful silence.

3). Step back from the cutting edge. Whether they are consumers or small businesses, most computer users do not have the latest e-mail and Web viewing technology. According to Boomerang.com, 65 percent to 70 percent of consumers have HTML compatibility an somewhere between 75 percent and 80 percent of businesses can receive HTML. So, that great blast you have planned with full orchestra sound, a mini-movie and dancing headlines may not work on the typical dial-up connection, and it may actually tie up your prospect's system for hours or crash it altogether. Even if you are targeting only the Fortune 500 with that award-winning blast, remember, many larger companies screen out large attachments for security reasons. You are much better off going with the safer, less robust format that will get read, than the gorgeous memory jammer that no one is going to see.

4). "Sniffers" can stink. "But we've got 'sniffer' technology that avoids all these problems," say the techie whiz-kids. Sniffers are great. They can often determine just the right level of technology that exists at the receiving end. But, they are not always accurate. We have had many reports of HTML messages not going through when they "should have." The best response to this is to use lists that confirm HTML compatibility and back a couple of notches away from "what's possible" to "what your target can see." Remember, even if a sniffer detects that the receiving system can handle your technology, your reader's machine is what counts, and that is often not as advanced as the company's servers.

5). Audio often sounds better than it is. You are sitting at your desk at work when you receive an e-mail from your favorite store. You open it, anticipating a worthwhile announcement. Suddenly the office walls reverberate with "DROP EVERYTHING AND COME DOWN TO SAVE! SAVE!! SAVE!!!" Get the picture? Audio is slick, but it can be annoying, depending on what kind of sound card and speakers your reader uses, it can be tinny, semi-audible, not audible at all, or it could-again-crash your prospect's computer. If you choose to send audio files, remember, they tend to be memory hogs, so limit them to 10 or 15 seconds.

6). The subject line is the snipe. In a direct mail package, the snipe has one purpose: to get the envelope opened. In an e-mail, the subject line serves exactly the same purpose. If that 50-character come-on doesn't get the reader to care, you lose. So, the subject line is worth putting a great deal of thought into. Remember, your reader does not care about your e-mail until you tell them why they should. And you have 50 characters to do it in the subject line. Make them the right characters.

As with everything, there are innumerable ways to screw up Internet marketing. But if you follow these six pieces of advice, you will be well on your way to creating Internet programs that work.

For more information visit www.hackergroup.com ... and tell Bob I sent you.

... and Another Loose Thought

"All the great media adventures of the 20th century have been visual,"

said Ed Needham, of Rolling Stone Magazine.

"Television, movies, the Internet, they're all visual mediums, and I don't think people have time to sit down and read. The gaps in people's time keep getting smaller and smaller, and the competition is getting more intense. It's one of the facts of media life."

Mr. Needham is right. And wrong.

Visual and color and design have most certainly made a major impact - especially since World War II. Yet, to say people don't have time to read is like saying they don't have time to sleep. Not so.

People make time for things important - and with reading, things "interesting". This has been true, is true today, will be true tomorrow.

Ray's Products

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For me it's fun to ask an audience, or anyone, to name the world's most quoted philosopher.

No one has every guessed Anonymous ... unless, of course, they've been to my web pages. Or receive this E-zine.

Here's this weeks quote from that most famous Anonymous;

"The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth."

Anonymous is tough this week!

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.

What's Next?
... from Monday, December 17, 2001 B.C.

I'm ready to share this "new" concept with you.

And I'm ready to do it today. To book an hour or two or three to give you this different, interesting, meaningful, warm and true action presentation. To your club. Your company. Your organization. Your association. Any group you have.

A true and "live" message. It shares putting things in perspective. i.e., first things first. You know, like many of us (including me!) don't do. At home or the office.

This presentation is about how each of us, in our business lives and personal lives, will get more out of life when we re-arrange our thinking. When our actions mirror what we know we should do. Many think one way - act another. This set is about how to do what we know we should - and do it every time.

Interested? E-mail me ... Ray@RayJutkins.com and let's make it happen. Look forward to hearing from you. Soon.

". . . Learn like you'll live forever."

A quote from Mahatma Gandhi. And something I live by.

Planning ahead - I'll be at Direct Marketing Thailand August 2003. Learning & speaking. You may wish to be there too. "Click here" for the early news; DM Thailand 2003!

Magic Marketing Minutes

Segmenting Your Market

One of the key benefits of Admail is its ability to segment a marketplace, in order to reach it more effectively with your message.

Here are a series of 6 directly related marketing concepts. They will help you segment your market...they will help you analyze your prospects and customers...they will help you understand their behavior towards you and your products and services. They are the who, what, why, when, where and how of direct marketing:

What - the product, which is defined as what is purchased. In other words, what does the prospect buy!
Why - the objective, which is the reason why the product is purchased. Why does this prospect buy this product?
Who - the organization or individual who makes the buying decision. Who actually buys the product? Who are you selling to?
How - the method of operation, which is how the product is purchased. What is the process your prospect goes through to buy from you?
When - timing, or when is the product bought? Is it time-sensitive? Is it a long or short buying process? Are there a number of committees or others you need to go through during this time frame? When equals timing.
Where - the channel of distribution, which is where the product is bought. Is there more than one place that your prospect can go to become your customer? Do you have a number of options on where you sell your product or service to your marketplace?

Getting answers to even some of these questions will help you reach your customer base with a greater level of success for your next Admail program.

Ray on the Road

Ray is riding his Harley 15,000 miles in 46 days - around the outer edge of the 48 USA States, into Canada - and back. With some back & forth mixed in.

Above, Ray & his best riding buddy Gene are outside the Road Kill Cafe in Sturgis, South Dakota. One of his stops on the 'Round USA and 46 day 15,000 mile ride.

The third check-point on the 4 Corner Ride is in Madawaska, Maine. Ray poses at left with his Harley. After a 3422 mile run from Blaine, Washington.
For the complete story of the coast-to-coast & 'Round America ride, "Click Here".
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