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July 16, 2002• Volume 2 Issue 6

E-Books, and other stuff of the future
... and of fiction

The future I do not predict.

Yet, I do follow history. It was part of my major at the university - guess that part of my formal education stuck.

Combining the two - mixing predictions with what really happens - is an interesting study. Frequently those who think far out are far out of it.

And then there is fiction. Buck Rogers. Dick Tracy. The Jetson's. 1984. Space Odyssey 2001. Star Wars. Grand stories, yet, still fiction.

Since the late 1950's and early '60's, beginning with main frame manufactures, and continuing for at least two decades, through the introduction of the personal computer, paper has been going away. The stuff we write on, mark on, draw on, print on ... it is going to disappear. We are going paperless. We were told that over and over. Yet, it hasn't happened. And it won't - at least not anytime soon. You see, it was - and still is! - fiction.

You've heard me quote a comment heard at a COMDEX show in Las Vegas in the middle 1980's ... "The day of the paperless office is the same day as the paperless bathroom".

It just isn't going to happen. Certainly not in my lifetime - most likely not in yours either.

So, what is going to happen that may truly affect us in marketing? Let's take another look at E-books. Did that a while back - it's time to return.

Not sure about you, yet when I read I like to have freedom to move about. To change positions; to sit up, lay down, stand for a while, roll over. And read in different locations, too ... like at my desk, in an airplane, on the sofa while watching a football game, beside the pool, maybe in bed.

And as wonderful as technology is, so far it doesn't allow me all these reading options. Yet, the times are a changing ... and soon my wishes, and yours, too ... are very likely to happen.

A few weeks ago USA WEEKEND ran an article titled "Novel Ideas". Some of them certainly are. i.e, a book you read in English, Spanish or both ... at the same time, going back and forth between the two languages, if you wish. Plus, the option of viewing the illustrations in a 3-dimensional format. Some far out stuff.

Electronic paper is another new product in the wings. Flexible sheets, bound together, holding words and pictures, which you "turn" as you read. They're also re-useable - you download off your computer another book, after finishing the first.

James Iuliano, President & CEO of E Ink Corp, talking about electronic paper, says it could lead to "one book becomes all books." Interesting concept. Wonder how you write in the margin? Or underline? Highlight? All things I do with almost every book I read. Certainly every business book.

Book publishers seem to be upbeat about E-books. Not sure if it hype or reality ... as with rare exception, there are no numbers. Yes, a Stephen King novel got 500,000 hits when it went online in 2000. Yet, if I remember correctly, his second E-book got yanked after the first chapter or two did zilch. Or was it the paying audience wasn't what it needed to be?

No matter, I'm all for technology. One of my granddaughters is a big reader. She'll do whatever it takes to consume a book. The other is not - and I think if knowledge was available to her in an E-format she just may jump in. Microsoft has a product that may be just right for her - me - you; it's called a Tablet PC.

Dick Brass, Veep for Emerging Technology at Microsoft says this; "It's about half an inch think, weights less than 3 pounds, and you can hold it in your hands for a long time." Not sure if it's the "curl up and get comfortable" end product or not. Time will tell. Well, the marketplace will tell!

Just as E-books will evolve, other technology is coming along that will change how we do what we do, too. Business2.0 of last month had a most interesting chart. The title was Headlines From Tomorrow: 2002-2020, by Bob Parks. Here are a few things from that look into the future;

... by 2007, from Chrysler, a car that runs on Borax laundry soap

... in 2004, at Boeing, an aircraft wing, made of a lighter steel, that's as sharp as the knifes sold on the Home Shopping Channel

... 2005, soldiers will wear sensors on their uniforms to detect bioweapons

... in 2012 Japan develops an alternative fuel, from the ocean

... weather forecasting in 2015 will get better with the use of qubits, a tiny particle capable of holding 1 and 0 at the same time (not sure how this does what it does, yet it sounds good!)

... in 2010 a cloned horse with a normal life expectancy will be possible

... by 2015 human cloning will be happening - yet people will not have a normal life expectancy, as the horse does

... in 2010 colon cancer will become avoidable

... Honda, in 2010 generates electricity using "waste" heat - enough to power a car satellite phone , radio and full entertainment system

... 2008 is the year of the unplugged - wireless becomes of age to deliver audio and video via DVD, thanks to Sony

... in 2020 Palm XXVII goes nuclear, with nickel-63 power, a color screen, and a half life of 102 years - yet, the calendar feature runs only until 2040!

Much of this will prove to be fiction, too. Some serious research will uncover things not thought of - yet useful. And many "dreams" will not be fulfilled.

A while back I enjoyed a chat with a husband / wife research team from the pharmaceutical field. I asked them what they were specifically looking for. Never will forget the answer; "Whatever we find".

Whatever you find - EnJoy. See you next week.

Ray Speaks

Again, I'm back on the speaking circuit - ready and roaring to go. And is it fun! Have had several truly outstanding sessions this spring past. With some grand folks.

So, a reminder of my special BONUS;

...when you invite me to speak at your special event, conference, corporate meeting or association gathering, you get your choice of 100 FREE copies of either my book Power Direct Marketing, or the audio/booklet direct mail package titled Magic Marketing Minutes!

For details E-mail @ Ray@RayJutkins.com, fax +1+928+244-6148, or phone me at 1+928+785-9400. Oh, and there is no fine print!

Being a Genius

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci introduced me to Michael J. Gelb as an author.

I liked that book very much. Anyone involved in the creative process would gain a thing or more with a read. Leonardo was a genius.

Gelb now has another book that caught my fancy. His latest is Discover your Genius ... How To Think Like History's Ten Most Revolutionary Minds.

What is a surprise is his selection of who have been the geniuses of the world ... the "Ten Most Revolutionary Minds". Not just to me - to everyone I talk to. Thing is anyone could put such a list together ... Gelb did. Here it is.

First, Leonardo is not on this new list. Because of the previous book. Instead, Gelb chooses Plato first. This is not a surprise ... what is interesting is why Plato and not Socrates or Aristotle. There is a reason - you have to read the book to understand. My university major in philosophy made this a special section.

Brunelleschi is an interesting choice. Yes, I knew the name - not the man. Or really what he did. He did several most interesting things - way ahead of his time. A lot like Leonardo - yet, a specialist. Who shook up the leaders of his day with his unusual approach to architecture and building.

Aside ... every genius shakes up the society they live in. They are out of step with what is thought, felt, done at the time. They are "the madman". Or looked at as "odd". Certainly different.

For the most part these out of the ordinary thinkers are not making a financial killing doing what they're doing. For many they're doing it because it's more important they contribute than they live.

Onward. Much of what I've read and heard about Christopher Columbus is myth. Frequently based on incomplete data. Since Columbus is credited with the "discovery of America", those of us living in this part of the world may think we know this man. Most of us do not. These words about Columbus certainly open a different door than I would have thought. You may find it entertaining as well.

As Columbus sailed the seas of the earth, Copernicus looked into space with his thinking and theories. Shook up the astronomers of the time - and before it was over proved his ideas were right. Although math plays a major part in astronomy, you don't need a degree to understand what Copernicus brought to this world.

The list includes only one lady... something that is certain to gain Gelb a bit of flack. The lady is Queen Elizabeth I. I'll over look the male/female issue - as today is not what this book is about. It is about history. And great thinkers who accomplished outstanding things in their lifetime ... things that affected the world after they were gone. The good Queen was one who met that standard.

Shakespeare. Almost nothing more to say. Lots of fiction about this character, too ... yet, it doesn't really matter. This man knew how to write to influence. To make a point. To tell a story. Many, in fact most of his writing, offers a life and living value ... even today.

We in the United States of America know a bit about Thomas Jefferson. Beginning late in the 18th century he became a major influence on the creation of this country. A read of these words before your next tour of Monticello will put a different perspective on what TJ left for the rest of us.

Evolution has been debated only because of Charles Darwin. If it wasn't for Darwin most of us would not know the word. If you've visited the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador in South America you've been where it started. Before your return trip (if you've been once, let me guarantee you you'll want to return!) read this section.

A man who really lived what he preached was Mahatma Gandhi. He is my favorite in this group of ten. I have a collection of quotes ... several from Gandhi. Because he did and said things in a way that was different than the world in which he lived. He participated in this world almost as a religious messiah. What a teacher!

Number ten is Albert Einstein. A true genius, yet, a down to earth kind of guy. The "absent minded professor" image followed him, because of his actions, re-actions or no action. He thought differently than most around him - and thus was "strange."

This is a good book. Not to be read in a single sitting. Or any special order - certainly front to back is not mandatory. If you jump from section to section it won't matter. As each man/woman brought something different. And we're all better for having had them on earth.


What's Next?
... from Monday, December 17, 2001 B.C.

I'm ready to share this "new" concept with you.

And I'm ready to do it today. To book an hour or two or three to give you this different, interesting, meaningful, warm and true action presentation. To your club. Your company. Your organization. Your association. Any group you have.

A true and "live" message. It shares putting things in perspective. i.e., first things first. You know, like many of us (including me!) don't do. At home or the office.

This presentation is about how each of us, in our business lives and personal lives, will get more out of life when we re-arrange our thinking. When our actions mirror what we know we should do. Many think one way - act another. This set is about how to do what we know we should - and do it every time.

Interested? E-mail me ... Ray@RayJutkins.com and let's make it happen. Look forward to hearing from you. Soon.


It's summer in Arizona. Meaning hot. And I love it!

This issue of The Works of Marketing with Ray includes a "hot" Anonymous proverb from Japan. It "sounds" like summer ... this E-zine ... and me. I really believe this from Anonymous;

"To teach is to learn."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.


Magic Marketing Minutes

Each week I'll share with you a different direct mail marketing tip.

If you're not using direct mail, maybe you should!

No matter, many of these ideas work for other media, too. Read, and give 'em a try. If you are making direct mail a part of your marketing - EnJoy!

How Can You Use Admail?

Admail is such a part of our everyday life that we rarely think about it seriously. Let's think about it seriously for the next 60 seconds. There are really 4 basic things you do with Admail:

The first is Fund Raising. If you are The Heart Association, The Red Cross, Save The Children or similar -- you may use Admail as part of your fund raising activities.
You may use Admail to Generate Leads for a sales staff. If you have an inside or an outside sales staff, if you work direct or through distributors or dealers or some kind of a network, you may need to supply leads for sales people. Admail is a marvelous tool, aimed at the right audience to generate leads for your sales team.
Traffic Building. People traffic building. Anyone with any kind of a retail outlet needs people traffic. If people don't come through your front door, you soon go out of business. Admail is an extremely effective tool to reach into your neighborhood. So, invite your marketplace to visit you. Use Admail for traffic building.
And, Mail-Order. We all know what mail-order is. You receive a catalog or a solo mail piece. You call a toll free number or fill out the application. You provide a credit card or some other means of payment and soon a specific product or service you ordered comes through the mail.

4 things you do with Admail:

Fund Raising
Lead Generation
Traffic Building

For more marketing tips, visit http://www.rayjutkins.com/mmm/.

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