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The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

June 25 & July 2, 2002• Volume 2 Issue 3-4

A 13th Month First Anniversary Celebration

The first issue of The Works of Marketing with Ray came online May 22, 2001.

13 months and 55 editions ago.

Always I'm thinking something extra - like a Baker's Dozen. So, this first year anniversary is a 13th month event - rather than 12 like everyone else. Thought we might ramble about a bit - review what's happened in marketing, direct marketing and sales since that initial E-zine. And see where it takes us.

The first story in May of last year was about privacy and security. Interestingly enough, in May of 2002 I did another. Looks as if that issue, spawned as a marketing concern 2+ decades ago, is still with us. It appears we've done very little about making it better. Sure, we moved the pieces about a bit - yet, it doesn't really look like we've solved anything. Only created more things to talk about.

Over the year I talked a lot about books. Why? Selfishly I like books. Reading is truly one of the key ways of learning. A number of good business friends offer good books. When I ask each if I could review their book - the answer was always "yes".

Of course, that means I must have a copy of theirs - in return I send them a copy of mine, Power Direct Marketing. Great way to keep up with the brains of the world - and their ideas. (For more on my book, "click" Power Direct Marketing by Ray Jutkins - http://www.rayjutkins.com/salebook.html ).

Books from Lois Geller, Fred Newell & his daughter Kay Lemon, Alan Rosenspan, Richard Goldsmith, Richard Kern, James Morris-Lee have been a part of my review process. I also took a look at WebMaster Bill Blinn and his newsletter with the name 'Groundhog' in the title. So named because the paper was founded on Groundhog Day. I sure got a lot of good reading in!

Another subject covered a number of times during the year was SPAM. Opt-in, opt-out and SPAM. I hate talking about it - yet, it is such an issue in E-mail marketing and as a spin from the World Wide Web, it can't be ignored. I didn't ignore it.

If you'd like to go back and read anything missed, the archives are at The Works of Marketing with Ray - http://www.rayjutkins.com/ezine/. Including all those on subjects that are not so much fun.

Direct mail has been a mainstay in direct marketing since nearly forever. So, I covered it, too. Mostly with reminders of the basics we all know, yet, sometimes forget. How do I know we forget? Because, like you, I get bunches of direct mail every day. It is easy to "see" the difference between the good stuff and that not so good. Although direct mail is changing, it is not going away. Certainly not in my lifetime - I doubt in yours. So, I keep talking about it. And I will.

A couple of times I jumped out of the ring and gave you stories about another passion I have ... riding my Harley-Davidison. Yes, I'm one of those big, bad, bikers dressed in black. In June of '01 and again in October I shared a change of pace riding story. When the mood is such, you may find me returning to bikes and bikers.

To begin this new year I had two 'zines worthy of a repeat read; First I talked about Madison Avenue through the Centuries. The following week I gave my version of The 13 Greatest Marketing Happenings ... EVER. You may, or may not!, agree. Return to January 8 and 15 and tell me what you think.

Several times I stopped to do a case history story. Xandria and The "Clean" Sex Site was one. They are certainly a grand bunch of folks, those running that operation. Another story is one from an interview over the telephone - with one of the most enthusiastic leaders ever. The story is about Iron Works - a very much upscale outdoor home BBQ manufacturer and wholesaler. What a success story!

And then there is REI.com, a company I've done business with. A co-op organization, with a catalog and retail business, now making a nice profit off the web, too. A fun story.

Radio as a marketing vehicle was also discussed. For 22 months I did Internet radio - so I meshed what I learned with a story or two, and shared. Radio via the web has not truly arrived yet ... it will.

International marketing and travel has been a part of my life for over 3 decades. There was a time I was out of the States more than in. Visited 7 continents and 164 countries ... actually worked for pay in 45 nations around the globe. So, it's fun for me to bring stories to you from afar.

In the late fall I brought news from central Europe. Slovenia. Bosnia. Croatia. Places like that - with a marketing message. The most recent was from Thailand ... shared in mid-May of '02.

Every so often I offer a smile, if not a laugh. Earlier this spring I did a series on numbers and words and oxymorons. Since you can prove almost anything with numbers, and words spoken and written are our main communication tool, it's easy to come up with smiles. Toss in an oxymoron list and you've an enjoyable read.

Let's end on a serious note; associations. I belong to just a few - am active in even fewer. In an earlier life I was a joiner - if there was a group that even touched what I was about, I jumped in.

Well, life has changed. And I don't do that anymore. I pick and choose very carefully. Membership in an association has traveled a similar path to my reading. There was a time I subscribed to 3 score magazines / newsletters. A few came every day,

some once a week, several once or twice a month. Lots to cover. I've reduced that number to less than a dozen pubs.

Ditto associations. Yet, those few are important. The Direct Marketing Association is one. I've been active since the late 1960's. The International Society for Strategic Marketing is a thinking / writing / speaking group - web based. I was asked to contribute. And I do.

The National Mail-Order Association is a third ... John runs a good ship - I'm happy to be a small part. Each of these groups offer something to we in marketing, direct marketing and sales. And I've brought you a small piece of each of their stories.

That's it for this First Anniversary issue - a historical review. Hope you have an enjoyable time spinning through the past. See you next time.


If you've followed me over the last several years you know I love business quotes with a message.

Those from Anonymous are my personal favorites. In this space I usually share a single quote ... in this "different" anniversary edition of The Works of Marketing with Ray you get something different ... a fistful of wisdom from Anonymous.


  • "Success is a matter of luck. Ask any failure."
  • "Excellence is the end of a job well done."
  • "If you want to get out of the rat race, quit racing with the rats."
  • "Fall behind early so you'll have more time to catch up."
  • "No organization is so screwed up that somebody doesn't like it as it is."
  • "It's hard to make a comeback when you haven't been anywhere."
  • "It at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.


Ray is Back Full Time . . .

I'm back on the speaking circuit - full time! After a winter that keep me off the platform - I'm back!

Big time. So, now is a good time to tell you about my special BONUS:

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For details E-mail me @ Ray@RayJutkins.com, fax +1+928+244-6148, or phone 1+928+785-9400. Oh, and there is no fine print!

A FREE Audio Tape for YOU!

Because Ray Speaks ... it is expected he'll have audio and video tapes.

Why? To share with speakers bureaus, meeting planners and others interested in what he may have to say. So "yes", there is an audio tape. And he'll be happy to send you a copy. FREE. No strings attached.

The tape is a selection from several speaking gigs. A few case histories, some "how to..." ideas. And such. About an hour's worth of chatter ... some of it actually very entertaining!

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Oh, when you have a need for a speaker, and feel a demo video tape could be valuable to you, just ask for a copy. Not much use for video these days - with the Web - still, we'll be happy to forward one to you.

What's Next?
... from Monday, December 17, 2001 B.C.

I'm ready to share this "new" concept with you.

And I'm ready to do it today. To book an hour or two or three to give you this different, interesting, meaningful, warm and true action presentation. To your club. Your company. Your organization. Your association. Any group you have.

A true and "live" message. It shares putting things in perspective. i.e., first things first. You know, like many of us (including me!) don't do. At home or the office.

This presentation is about how each of us, in our business lives and personal lives, will get more out of life when we re-arrange our thinking. When our actions mirror what we know we should do. Many think one way - act another. This set is about how to do what we know we should - and do it every time.

Interested? E-mail me ... Ray@RayJutkins.com and let's make it happen. Look forward to hearing from you. Soon.

Magic Marketing Minutes

Each week I'll share with you a different direct mail marketing tip.

If you're not using direct mail, maybe you should!

No matter, many of these ideas work for other media, too. Read, and give 'em a try. If you are making direct mail a part of your marketing - EnJoy!

How You Use Admail -- Direct Mail

What does Admail do? Admail can do these five things:

Help you get new customers. Because Admail is target--specific you can identify and reach your market specifically every time. This allows you the opportunity to reach out into the marketplace and find yourself some new business.

Admail can help you keep the customers you've already got. Your best source of new business is your current customer base. Because you know who those people are, you can us Admail to reach out and ask them to come back again. And again! And continue to grow your business from you current customers.

Admail allows you to upgrade your current customers to a higher level. When people are already doing business with you, and they're satisfied,it's not unusual that you can upgrade them to a higher level. An upscale model. A more advanced technology. Better quality. Admail helps you upgrade.

Admail opens the door for you to cross-sell your customers. If they buy hardware, you sell them software. If you sold them a hamburger how about some french fries. Cross-sell your customers.

Admail allows you to reach out to your customers and keep them coming back for more. And more. And more! Admail offers the opportunity to continue to stay in touch with your customers and let them know you do care about them.

5 ideas on how to use Admail. Give them a try one-by-one.

For more marketing tips, visit http://www.rayjutkins.com/mmm/.

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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