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June 4, 2002• Volume 1 Issue 52

Cash, the Credit Card,
the "Smart Card" & You

First, I am not a technology expert. Have trouble hanging a picture straight.

Next, I am an "average" consumer. I guess. Not really sure what that means - still I feel more or less "average". Middle of the pack of North Americans who work, have a family, play a little, travel a bit.

Plus, I'm old enough to remember banks with teller "windows", pass books and rubber stamps. That's all my dad ever knew.

In the '70s I helped launch an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) system for a major California bank. Big time change - although history tells us it was 20 years before there was full acceptance of this "new technology".

The time before credit cards is also in memory. When it was cash - and in the USA - checks. That was the "money". Except Western Union and the post office money-orders ... the only other options.

If this same memory serves me correctly, it was 1957 when Diners Club came on the scene with a credit card. Life and money have never been the same. Today it is getting more interesting with "smart cards". They look like a credit card. Yet, instead of a magnetic strip the card has a computer chip. Which stores all sorts of interesting data about you. And, at least on the surface, offers more convenience.

Convenience, such as . . .

  • Dial a connection on a mobile telephone and be charged on a per-call basis,
  • Establishing your identity when logging on to an Internet access provider or to an online bank,
  • Paying for parking at meters, and to get on subways, trains, and buses,
  • Giving hospitals or doctors personal data without filling out a form,
  • Making small purchases at electronic stores on the Web, using it as a kind of cybercash,
  • Buying services at a gasoline station.

All this in the thought we're headed to a cash-free society. Where everything is electronic. Your pay check information goes into a computer somewhere (not necessarily a bank), and your bills are paid "automatically" out of your account. You carry around a "smart card" that allows you to live without a coin in your pocket.

Thing is, this just ain't going to happen anytime real soon. It will happen - maybe - in my grandchildren's life time - not in mine. Just like the paperless office isn't going to happen, either. In fact, a paperless office will happen at about the same time as the paperless bathroom - no way. At any time! Odds on the "smart card" are a little better.

The idea for smart came along a while back. Long enough ago that there are over a billion cards in use today. Most in Europe ... where they became popular for public telephone calls. Readers were put in telephone booths - to prevent theft and fraud. They worked so well they took off from there. Launching that way can't happen today - cell phones will put the public telephone out of business before anything significant can happen with the card.

So what IS the problem in the USA? As with many "new" ways, this is a chicken and egg situation. Consumers are not getting excited about the card because there are so few places to use them. Buyers need an almost "countless" number to be satisfied. And retailers aren't going to put the expensive reader system in their shops until there are enough consumers with the cards.

All of which means some group with deep pockets and a long range plan is going to have to fund the concept until it can pay for itself. Nothing new here.

There have been several strong efforts to make this happen. Visa and MasterCard worked with Citicorp and Chase Manhattan in the late '90's on the program. It died in about year. American Express has a "smart card" in their new Blue Card. Problem again - readers. So far it has not gone very far.

Where it can work - and is - is on several large university campuses. Where the student population is more or less captive. And the merchants around it know it - thus, they are willing to invest. One example is the University of Florida, where students can use the card for fast-food, laundry, the telephone, to buy stamps and an array of other ways. All on campus.

This is good - as these kids will come back into the real world with a knowledge and experience level that will "push" the rest of us. Just as they've done for two decades with computers and all that goes with them.

Yet, even those in the "smart card" business are not looking for great things to happen quickly. One reason is privacy. If all about you is on your card, and it is lost or stolen, your identity can be stolen. Protection or not - someone will figure out how to read it without a reader - that's what the bad guys do.

Cold, hard cash is also preferred for those who wish to remain anonymous. There are still millions of households in the States where you will not find a credit card. One reason is the tracing / tracking capabilities that have expanded with the growth of the credit card industry. Well, bingo; the same, and more, will be possible with the new card. The chance of getting a "smart card" in these homes is next to zip.

So, lots of challenges. And it will be interesting for those of us in marketing to be part of this. As with toll-free telephone numbers, credit cards, debit cards and now "smart-cards", our business may again be a leader in gaining wide spread market acceptance of a new idea.

Stay tuned - the road ahead is paved with uncertainty!

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Spring has sprung - and it's summertime in Arizona. Wonderfully hot weather ... and I love it.

Which has nothing to do with this issue of The Works of Marketing with Ray. Just wanted to share warm feelings with you.

And this pair of Anonymous thoughts;

"Knowing it ain't the same as doing it."
An Anonymous Indiana Hoosier saying
"If my boss calls be sure to get his name."
An Anonymous broadcast executive

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