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April 30, 2002• Volume 1 Issue 47

Amazing Mail

What is so amazing about these guys is they're doing it with post cards.

Following the anthrax scare during the Fall of '01, post cards are in. Again. Although Amazing Mail was in business long before.

For nearly 3 decades I've used post cards. Not always to get a response - instead, to support a campaign. To emphasize a point. To remind. To reach customers another time and another way.

Some of you have been on my mailing list from the early '80's when I began using post cards big time. Mailing from Singapore, Mexico City, Dubai, San Paulo, and scores of other international markets. So, I am a believer.

Many of my cards were "my own". Meaning I created and printed them. Well, with Amazing Mail (www.AmazingMail.com) you can do the same. Create from your own photos or graphics, or use what AM has available to you online. The BIG difference is you may send just one card ... or thousands. Whatever you need to do.

When you elect to use an AM graphic you have a large selection to chose from ... nearly 1 million images. They have partnered with some big time names; ex-pix, MSN Picture It, Photos To Go and Art Today. Plus, they are in compliance with current Kodak PhotoNet online standards, meaning they will accept your CD/Disk from your KODAK Digital Camera. And you can upload any image from your digital camera or any image you've scanned (if you have the right to use it).

The image categories offered are Special Occasion - such as birthday and graduation, Business & Travel - with humor, Secretary's Day and Bosses Day leading the list. And "Anytime Notes" - such as get well, inspirational, friendship and more. Lastly, a wide selection of holiday, patriotic, comedy, romance and such.

And then you can create your very own card over night! i.e., if you're in a hurry, or late, on deadline or need to fill a gap, AM allows you to create a custom product; a high-gloss slick looking card printed and mailed through the U.S.Postal System within a single business day.

Because they make full use of the web you can plan and work your post card marketing program into shape 24/7/365 from just about anyplace on earth. As they say, a true "Click-to-Print" solution.

The price is steep - from .84 cents US, including first class postage. At the same time, you are going to make a deep impression. With full color on 2 sides, and the latest in digital printing. Plus, a coating used to protect, which makes it much more likely your card will arrive at its' destination without bends, folds or looking ratty and dirty.

In addition to being with it technically, Amazing Mail offers a Mail/Merge service, and DataBase Management services. Either for you or with you. Whatever works. Plus, they have a reporting system that includes stats on your mailing history, purchase history and delivery.

Volume purchase discounts are available, too. You can get a years worth of cards at one time - and use them as needed. Saving money along the way. AM also offers creative services, should you need them. With a section on the web site full of post card ideas. And they serve as a list broker - if that is another "want" area for you.

As any good marketer does, in their promotions online and in the Power Point presentation they shared with me, AM included a list of ways to use their product;

  • as an invitation to an open house, trade show, grand opening
  • to market seminars or other special event
  • to promote new products, or old services
  • to respond to sales opportunities, quickly
  • to meet a deadline in a timely manner
  • to be part of a launch campaign
  • to respond to a competitors challenge
  • to respond to a changing marketplace

Although Amazing Mail is young, they have a fistful of success stories. From companies in health care, marketing organizations, high-tech firms, colleges and universities, food service and finance.

To see how easy it is to make it happen, I went to their web site and found a 1, 2, 3, 4 step process;

1). Choose Picture
2). Add Message
3). Address Card
4). Review & Pay

It certainly seems simple.

Maybe you'd like to get a piece of this new action. If so, their Affiliate Program pays 10%. Take a look - maybe it is something that will work for you.

When you contact Amazing Mail and want a real, live person to talk to, ask for friend Greg Gottersbach (gottersbach@amazingmail.com). Greg came aboard early in 2002 - he'll be happy to help you! Tell him Ray sent you.

Ray Speaks

I'm back on the speaking circuit - ready to go full time! After a winter that keep me off the platform - I'm back!

Big time. So, now is a good time to tell you about my special BONUS:

when you invite me to speak at your special event, conference, corporate meeting or association gathering, you get your choice of 100 FREE copies of either my book Power Direct Marketing, or the audio/booklet direct mail package titled Magic Marketing Minutes!

For details E-mail @ Ray@RayJutkins.com, fax +1+928+244-6148, or phone me at 1+928+785-9400. Oh, and there is no fine print!

Quest & Knowledge-Bytes.com

Quest Consulting & Training took me to Orlando, Florida for Corporate University Week.

Where I did "live" Internet radio from the trade show flow.

As usual, Quest is ahead of the curve. And Knowledge-Bytes.com is part of that forward thrust. And Quest, in cooperation with HRevents, invites you to share in the excitement of learning over the Internet.

Yes, you can listen to the series of interviews with keynote speakers, presenters, exhibitors and attendees. If you missed the live presentations, here is an opportunity to catch up on what happened. If you were there, here is an opportunity to catch up on what you missed.

This collection is available for on-demand listing ... anytime you wish. You can listen with a click. To help you find those interviews you want to hear first, tune into to www.knowledge-bytes.com ... and EnJoy!

A FREE Audio Tape for YOU!

Because Ray Speaks ... it is expected he'll have audio and video tapes.

Why? To share with speakers bureaus, meeting planners and others interested in what he may have to say. So "yes", there is an audio tape. And he'll be happy to send you a copy. FREE. No strings attached.

The tape is a selection from several speaking gigs. A few case histories, some "how to..." ideas. And such. About an hour's worth of chatter ... some of it actually very entertaining!

If you'd like you very own copy, send an E-mail to ...
with your complete mailing address.

Your tape will be on the way to you within the day.

Oh, when you have a need for a speaker, and feel a demo video tape could be valuable to you, just ask for a copy. Not much use for video these days - with the Web - still, we'll be happy to forward one to you.


It has been Spring in Arizona for over a month. March 20 it was "official" ... and where I live it was real, too.

This issue of The Works of Marketing with Ray includes this Anonymous Spanish proverb ... that sounds like Spring;

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.



The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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