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February 5, 2002• Volume 1 Issue 35

40 - 30 - 20 - 10

This concept began with Ed Maher.

Ed was a direct mail marketing guru. One of the true pioneers, and equally grand guys, who came out of World War II into the marketing biz. A long time ago, early in my direct marketing career, under the umbrella of Bob Hemmings, I took a class from Ed. And for the first time was exposed to his 40-40-20 "formula";

40% of your DM success is selecting the right Audience,

40% is having the right Offer to make to that audience, and

20% is the Creative process ... copy and art.

The idea is still valid. Only the numbers have changed. My version is . . .

40 - 30 - 20 - 10

Here is example of evolution. The formula has grown. Not changed - grown.

Let's stop here a minute a talk about "formula". I believe in a guide. A direction. A focus. It's not math, or biblical. 40-30-20-10 is something to know, to think about, to learn from. And then decide what works best for you.

You may have a "system" today - good. Systems are not the issue. No matter the system it is people who market, not machines. And people make mistakes. Just as people make genius decisions, develop marvelous creative and dream up outstanding offers. No, it is not the machines. Yes, it IS people.

Where do direct marketers have the most to learn? Well, the foundation of any successful direct response marketing campaign is my short list of just 4 points:

#1). First is Audience. The people. You MUST send your message to the right people. "List" or audience is about 40% of the success of every DM program.

This knowledge is as old as direct marketing itself. No one disagrees the right audience is key. Send your message to the wrong people and you will not meet your goals and objectives.

For example, if you're reading this you know I have a passion for riding motorcycles. Away from business it's bikes and my granddaughters! I thoroughly enjoy my Harley and the rides and riding buddies that come with it. Send me anything about motorcycles generally and a Harley specifically and you've got me.

Yet, do not send me anything about gardening. I do not garden. Did that as a teen-ager ... will not do it again in this life on this planet.

Audience is that simple. And ... the sample principle applies to the business world as the personal.

#2). Next is Offer. There is absolutely no doubt a program with an offer will beat one without. An offer is a reason for your prospect or customer to say "okay, I'm interested in your message ... talk to me."

An offer is a reason for your audience to consider doing business with you - and doing it now. An offer is a must if you expect maximum results. An offer is more than features and benefits of your product and service. An offer add 30% to the value of your DM program. An offer is so important that many times you test offers more frequently than your list or creative.

An example. Let's stay with the motorcycle idea from above. When Jim's Harley-Davidson in Yuma, Arizona sends me a message by E-mail or direct mail about a special, a close-out on certain motor clothes, a new bike, news that it's time for service on my Road King - I read it. When they toss in a discount coupon on sweat shirts or chaps, or a 2 for 1 on a new cleaning product - they have my attention. They have made an offer of interest to their audience.

An offer is basic. And mandatory.

#3). Creative is third on this list.

Any experienced direct marketing creative director, copy writer or art director will tell you without #1 & #2 clearly defined, they cannot do their assignment well. It becomes a gamble without a clearly defined audience and a sound offer for that audience. Which is the very reason creative is 20% of your DM success, and not more.

This is not to say creative is unimportant. I would never say that. Yet, without an audience to address and an offer to get attention you do not have a program. Period! Since we've used me and my interests as an example, we'll continue there. A poorly written article or not so well designed flyer or brochure, if it's about bikes and rides and bikers, will get my attention. I will at least give it thorough look.

On the other side, a beautiful multi-color brochure as part of a well designed direct mail package, with well-written copy explaining an grand offer, all coming in a glorious jumbo envelope - if the subject is about gardening - I'm outta here - in a big hurry.

Good creative will move your fence-sitter audience over the top to your side - when it is the right audience.

#4). Four is a "new" thought in this formula: the Media. Which tool do you select to present your creative message to your highly selected audience, presenting your heads-on offer?

Is it mail? Print - newspapers or magazines? Maybe radio? The Web or E-mail? Is it telecommunications tools of telephone and facsimile? Or television or special video? How about trade shows, seminars, conferences? Frequently it is a combination of tools ... if so, what selection do you make?

Although we always talked media, many times it was more or less "just decided." Not any more- media it needs a place at the table ... with a value of 10% of your total success.

So, the new Direct Marketing formula for the decade ahead looks like this:

40 = Audience30 = Offer 20 = Creative10 = Media

That's it. Easy to talk about. Simple to think upon. And still ... difficult to do.

Books To "Steal" Ideas From

Business books are frequently out of date before they hit your book shelf.

It's even worse to publish a "how to ... ". Especially if your base is anything to do with hardware, software, the Internet, the Web, E-mail. Evolution, and sometimes a true revolution, happen so rapidly in these industries it's nearly impossible to keep up. Changes every 90 days to 9 months is considered ordinary.

And it's not just the sexy stuff of computers, either. Recently I "enjoyed" a few days with some truly top medical folks. Professionals in every step. One of the doctors told me they have updates in his speciality every two weeks!

So, the couple of books I'm sharing with you today may not be as up-to-date as 2002. Still, they are worthy of a read.

The first is Gonzo Marketing: Winning through Worst Practices, by the recognized name Christopher Locke. The title is stronger than the concepts. Locke is into imaging - he feels we need to get into 're-imaging'. "So imagine this: gonzo marketing is marketing from the market's perspective. It is not a set of tricks to be used against us. Instead, it's a set of tools to achieve what we want for a change."

Dah! Something those of us in Direct Marketing have been preaching for more decades than any of us have been alive. Yet, it is said in a different way - and will reach a different audience. Both good things.

On the other side Locke suggests we avoid the tried and true. That if we stuck with best practices we'd still be on bicycles, using candles and hand-typewriters. Yet, when we do not stick with tried and true, Ray says we have what happened with the dot.coms in 2000 - they became dot.gones.

Last Thanksgiving time in the USA I attended an human resources conference. The 'rage' was E-learning. And the word that became the word of the event was "blending". Learning comes many ways - the old ways are not going away. They will change, and E will become a significant part. i.e., "blending".

Ditto marketing and sales ideas. None are evaporating. A mix of tried and true with new - a blend - is most often best.

Still, Gonzo Marketing: Winning through Worst Practices by Locke is worth a read.

The second recommendation is Marketing Outrageously. This caught my attention - as that last word - Outrageously - is my favorite. Sports marketing guru Jon Spoelstra is the author.

Spoelstra offers a lively read. He tells how he broke ground with the National Basketball Association team the New Jersey Nets. He sold more tickets and more season tickets, with a clear focus on New Jersey based fans, vs. Greater New York. Making the Nets a "home town" team. At the time this concept was truly "outrageous".

It was also basic. Why not concentrate on the market where you're located? My thinking tells me the "outrageous" part was ignoring New York City.

Like me, Spoelstra suggests you have fun with your marketing. I certainly hope so. He also has few good feelings for "politically correct" marketing. Do something fresh and different. NOT so in-line with what is "in". I could not agree more ... PC is not only a less than exciting approach - it is boring!

You do need to be what you are. If you're Ferrari you had better look rich. If you're Save the Children you had better look poor. Yet, you don't have to be like everyone else. Take a step for yourself in a different direction ... as Spoelstra says in Marketing Outrageously.

Hope you EnJoy this pair of books.


There are times the feature article in this E-zine and the Anonymous quote are on distinctly different pages. Not wrong - just different.

This issue of The Works of Marketing with Ray includes a quote that hits right in the middle of my ChaNge ChaRge concept;

"If you want to triple your success ration
you have to triple your failure rate."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.


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