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January 29, 2002• Volume 1 Issue 34

ChaNge is out ... ChaRge is in

The world is big on naming events, places, times, generations.

The "hottest" new name since September 11 has been "The War on Terrorism". It will be interesting to look back and read what history does with this "war". How it is talked about, vs. WWII, Korea, Vietnam and others.

Well, business names things, too. And my name for our current era is ... The ChaRge Society.

Let's start with another word ... the word 'change'. There has been, is, and unfortunately will continue to be far too much talk about change. How change is a disrupting factor in peoples lives. How it is resisted. How business must cope with change in the work place. About a 'change of direction'.

Fact is change happens every minute of every day for every one. It's safe to say that most dangerous word 'never' applies here ... never are things the same. There is constant change. The sun rises at a different time every day. Kids learn something new in school every day. Your client has a new need today, vs. yesterday. And tomorrow. Your food and drink is different every day. You sleep longer some mornings - shorter others. You 'change' your clothes.

Change just happens. Those that embrace change as a part of life, at home, in the office, for themselves, their family, in friends and others are most often those with the fewest problems and concerns. They accept it.

Still, my theory is "ChaNge is out". Most of the world is tired of talking about it, thinking about, hearing about it, reading about change. Instead they want - and in many cases need - something to happen. i.e., just do it! Take the step. Move!

Thus, ChaNge is out ... ChaRge is in. The ChaRge Society expects action. (this is interesting, at least to me; it's enlightening how much difference a single letter makes. when 'N' becomes 'R' the focus "changes" ... it becomes entirely different.)

So, now let's talk about ChaRge. To begin, let's define what The ChaRge Society is not. It is not the Board of Directors of American Express, Diners, VISA or some other charge, credit or debit card. It is not a stadium of football fans cheering "charge". It is not the Marines "charging" to take a new position at the top of a hill.

Instead, The ChaRge Society is a philosophy of life. And of management. It is doing things. Oh sure, that takes learning. Thinking. Planning. Educating others. Undoubtedly a bit of trial and error.

ChaRge is doing, vs. contemplating. It is trying something vs. thinking about it. It is taking a step forward vs. backing up or standing still. It is diving in all the way vs. sticking a toe in the water. It is action vs. passive.

If we think a minute about evolution - and change - the keyboard I'm using to type this message has an amazing history. The printing press of the mid to late 1400's began it. Yet, it was the decade of the 1890's before a typewriter, as we know it, was invented.

Today we use the same base keyboard created eons ago. The QWERTYUIOP line across the top has been around a looooong time. Still, there have been countless changes in how we use the keyboard. And who uses it.

Who is darn near everyone. Not when I was growing up - it was a "girls" thing to learn to type. My writing skills were fairly horrid in those days - I knew I needed to learn to type. Went to a summer business school as a 15 year old and took a class. Today if you don't type you're not in business. Everybody must know how. Most begin to learn before they turn 10.

Okay, how do we use this collection of letters on buttons; in the last 40 years scores of products have been invented where a keyboard is part of the package. Many in the last decade - from the high tech world. Most would not have happened without a 'ChaNge' in thinking and a 'ChaRge' in a new direction.

ChaNge is out ... ChaRge is in for another reason, too; our lifestyle. Fast. Impatient. Rushed. In a hurry. For some it is better to do it - wrong - and do it over again, then to Do It Right the First Time (DIRFT).

Hold on; Ray is not saying this is good. I am saying this is how it is. If you ignore this "fact" you will become a statistic - and passed over. Maybe even hurt.

So, ChaNge is out ... ChaRge is in.

For more on this same topic visit another, click here.

And if you'd like a seminar built around ChaNge / ChaRge, send an E-mail to Ray@RayJutkins.com - I'll put something together just for you.

"How to pick products or services that are easy to market!"

The National Mail Order Association is run by friend John Shulte.

I asked John to write for this E-zine ... he responded with a pair of articles.

This is the first. To learn more about NMOA and John, visit Hub of Direct Marketing http://www.nmoa.org/ or E-mail schulte@nmoa.org to "talk" with him.

After twenty years of selling a wide variety of products and services, people often ask me... "John, how do I pick a product or service to sell, and then bring it to market on a shoe-string budget, with the potential to make big money?" My answer is the same method I use every day in the companies and people I work with. The ingredients of the method need to be blended together as a whole, to ensure the best chance of success.

Let's first look at picking a product or service. The best products or services to sell, especially when you are just starting out, are ones that fill a need. Fulfilling a need constitutes a promise to make the buyers life; better, easier, healthier, or enhance their status of living in some way or form. It is also important to understand and "know" what you're selling.

Let's take the example of a yard care service. By providing this service you make the customers life easier because they won't have to spend their weekend time or evenings doing it. This is appealing because after working all week people want to have fun or relax with their spare time instead of having to do more work. You also enhance their status and image because their yard will always look well kept.

Always remember when you are picking a product or service to sell, in the back of your mind you should be thinking of more items or services to sell that fit into the same category, and can be sold to the same customer. That's where the long term profits (residual income) will come from. Try not to sell things on a one-shot basis.

Lets go back to the yard care service as an example. Say we start a yard care service just mowing lawns. First of all, grass grows back, that's good for repeat business. Second, we could easily add a number of additional services that fit right in, like lawn edging, spreading fertilizer, weed control products, and landscaping (In Minnesota, snow removal).

Take it one step further and you could add painting and handyman services, house cleaning services, barbecue building, swimming pool cleaning, installation of yard ponds or fountains, sprinkler systems, or backyard play equipment for kids. I think you get the picture.

Another important ingredient is that the product or service should have an easy to identify audience that's easy to reach, and has a total universe large enough to support your business.

"Audience" means a specific type or group of people that have something in common with each other and with the product or service you want to sell. "Universe" means the grand total of all the people in that group.

I'll give you a couple of examples on this, first using, you guessed it... the lawn care service. Every property with a grass yard is your audience. The total number of those properties in the area you want to work is your universe. As you can imagine, this particular universe is large. The trick is being selective in the area where you promote the service.

Understand, this total universe can now be broken down into smaller sub-groups. I call this process segmentation. These basic sub-groups would be low income areas, middle income areas, high income areas, and business properties.

In this situation, I personally would select the middle to upper income areas and business properties. Why? In today's society both husband and wife usually are working more hours, and since they work more, they have less time that they want to devote to household chores.

Plus...they can afford my service. As far as business properties go, they all need the service, it's just a matter of whom they choose to do it. Are these groups easy to reach? You bet! You can use door hangers or direct mail in the selected areas.

The universe for lawn care service is very large, and your potential is huge. The thing to watch out for is the groups with a very small universe. Say you have a device for golf course architects, this group is easy to identify and easy to reach, but... if you do your research you find there are only 204 golf course architects in the U.S. Not much to work with. It could be done, but the product would have to have some very good characteristics.

The best way to start marketing your product or service is direct mail, mail-order, or some other type of medium that reaches direct to potential customers. If you follow my requirements for picking your product or service, you should have no problem doing this. Using this technique, you can start reaching people in your universe gradually and at minimal cost.

Personally, if I can't define a specific audience for a product or service that can be reached using direct mail or mail-order I usually don't do it. There are exceptions, but they are few.

One last tidbit is that it always helps to know something about, or have an interest in, the products or services you sell. Also, always remember, every time you sell something, get the name, address, phone number, what that person bought, how much they paid, and the date of purchase to put on your mailing list for future offerings. I'm always amazed to see how many companies miss this, especially retailers.

Ray Speaks

The speaking world is picking up momentum after the holidays. Here are some dates I'm booked into spring;

". . . Learn like you'll live forever."

A quote from Mahatma Gandhi. And something I live by.

Planning ahead - I'll be at Direct Marketing Thailand August 2003. Learning & speaking. You may wish to be there too. "Click here" for the early news; DM Thailand 2003!

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It's about this time each January when we remember to write the new year ... 2002. Vs. 2001.

Yet, some things do remain the same. Such as the wisdom of Anonymous. Here is one that someone like Willie Nelson - and many others ... maybe even you - can relate to;

"Overnight success usually takes about 15 years."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.


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