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December 18 & 25, 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 30

Focus Now for Results

We're coming to the end of the first year in the first decade of the 21st Century.

Even thou it is just a day in the life of the earth, it is more than that to the species we call human beings, homo sapiens, "man". Since most of us are about for less than 100 years - each year, if not day or month, is significant.

So, how do you "focus" as you march into 2002? From a marketing perspective, what do you need to do to win - to get more profitable business? Hey, the economy stinks - and has for 16+ months. Ever since Greenspan failed to lower the prime in September of 2000. And then there is war like no time in 3 decades.

Consumers are pulling inward. Canceling the extra phone line. Keeping the car another year. Buying generic ... and less, too. Web site auctions and low-end travel bid sites are doing well ... the vast majority of the rest are not.

On the business side broadband isn't very broad - and is moving so slow so as to almost be backing up. Manufacturers are happy anyone is buying anything, let alone a high-end something. The upside of travel is web and conference calling is in. The hospitality industry is as low as anytime since the depression of the '30's.

So, what do you do when uncertainty is a certainty? Here is my laundry list of 9 Focus for Results ideas;

Focus #1.
"What if?" is out

It's not that we should cease to evaluate, to measure, to analyze. It's that "why" isn't as important as it once was.

Second guessing is fun, yet rarely productive. Hind-sight has always been better than anticipating the future. Still, "what if I did it this way, vs. that way" after the fact is less important than ever.

Why is this so? Because we do not have the luxury of a fat budget and plenty of time. Lean and mean is "in" at all the places I've been lately. DIRT ... Do It Right the First Time is expected.

Focus #2.
"What's next?" is IN!

When "what if?" is out - the opposite is in. And that means what am I going to do next ... "What's next?" is the focus.

You try something different, new, unique, first time in your industry. And it works! So, you ask "what's next?". Why do you do this? So you can multiple your advantage.

About 3 weeks ago I did a radio WebCast "live" from a trade show exhibit floor ... for a client. The idea was to be the first in that industry to bring Internet radio to the marketplace. To show leadership. Those pieces we know worked. Fact is we were first and the obvious leader. So, what's next? Well, in about 30-45 days we'll know if the business side of the equation works, too. i.e., did it generate new business.

You also ask "what's next?" when what you try does not work. Maybe it's a revival of an old concept, with new dressing. It worked before - it dies today. Maybe it is a pure "new" approach - and falls. Same question must be asked - and answered.

Where am I now? ... where am I going? is a vital focus for 2002.

Focus #3.
You work for your customer

In my sales seminars I ask all to write the answers to 3 questions;

... what is your name?

... who do you work for?

... who pays you?

It is usual for half the class to get only the name question right. Because the answer to the other 2 questions is "the customer". Far, far too few think that way.

A while back I met a man who told me he loved his business and hated customers! That pulled me to a full S T O P. This guy obviously did not understand he would have no business without those hated customers.

Your company is where your office is - because it's convenient. And provides a central point to serve the customer. Your company gives you the paycheck supplied by your customers. Your company just processes the funding. You truly work for your customers.

Focus #4.
You work with your customer

My favorite made-up word is "Two-Gether".

Meaning we're going to work "Two-Gether". Meaning the front office and the back office are a team ... "Two-Gether". Meaning communication from the top down and bottom up is not only welcome - it is expected. Meaning team work between marketing and sales really is.

Well, if this concept works well inside an organization, it can be expected to work well outside, too. With customers and suppliers. When working with you create a TEAM effort ... and Together Everyone Accomplishes More. Meaning you find the true needs of your customer.

Focus #5.
TARGET ... Target ... target

Entrepreneur.com ran an article on "Focus". With the story of Cynthia Kaye of Duluth, Georgia USA.

Her audience was public schools. In 1994 when Cynthia began her business she was willing to sell just about any product or service that had to do with integrating information systems. There was no limit. Today she has a target collection of products - aimed at the same target audience. Only 6 core competencies. Today her list of offerings is on one side of a single sheet of paper.

This is targeting. The concept gets big time recognition ... and understanding. And then mass marketing, with the same message to "everyone" takes over. Because "everyone can buy what I sell".

Target! Focus on those prospects who can make a big difference in your bottom line. And that is just not everybody. Everybody can NOT buy what you sell! It just ain't so.

Focus #6.
Cook it when they order

Jack-In-The-Box, a fast food hamburger franchise, began the concept.

At JIB the food you order is prepared when you order it - not before. Nothing in a box waiting for you to show up. No food under a heat lamp, staying warm and getting stale. No, when you place your order, your meal is made ready for you.

Just-in-Time manufacturing is similar. Dell, Gateway, Compaq and several others make computers to order. With a mix of hardware and software individualized for each customer. If you're really serious about the details of your automobile, you can get it to order, too ... vs. off the show room floor.

Four-Seasons, the Ritz and several other upscale hotel chains "personalize" the sleeping room for each guest. No, they don't build you a room - they do provide individual accessories for their prime repeat visitors. The best restaurants do not have a sign saying "no substitutions". They serve the customers needs.

When you offer your service and product one-to-one, you will get - and keep! - more customers.

Focus #7.
Test for results

There was a time "test" was considered the middle word between Direct and Marketing.

And then testing went away. Not enough time. Not enough money. We know what works. Our field sales force says _____. Our telemarketers tell us _______. Our customers say ______.

Baloney! The only way to really know what works and what does not work is to test. A vs. B. 1 against 2. This and that. Frick or frack. Testing is back.

And with good reason. There is no reason to think you (or anyone) has all the answers. No matter how strong your product/service, how creative your creative, how on target your audience, how inventive your offer - results can always go UP. Always. So, test.

Focus #8.
A hammer is a tool

And so is software, hardware, a pick-up truck, a pencil, a notebook and a notebook computer, a "how to..." book, a seminar, a radio station, E-mail and direct mail and literally countless other "things".

What does this mean? It means people still make things happen. Not companies or associations or a committee or a group ... certainly not "stuff". These "things" make life easier, more enjoyable - maybe even fun. Yet, none of them matter without good people.

Focus #9.
share is more important than market share

What people know, think, and think they know is key to customer loyalty. Which is key to your ongoing profit.

Loyalty can be defined as a customer who returns to you over and over again and again, who recommends you to others, who appreciates your return courtesies and overtures. They are not always your "best" customer in terms of money - they are your best in the measurement of value.

Work on getting your customers to "think" about you. To believe in you. To act on your behalf. When you get their mind the market will follow.

That's it - Focus for Results for 2002. Go at it!

The Postal Worker World

This is an idea from the States that can work in every country around the world.

A nationwide USA campaign is underway to honor postal workers who are on the front lines daily. In support of carriers, clerks, mailhandlers, drivers and all those in-between, everyone is being asked to tie navy blue ribbons around their mailbox poles.

This is a wonderful opportunity to honor postal employees. Another group we have taken for granted. Yet, many are quiet heroes, and share our commitment to keep your nation "United" ... by keeping the mail moving. Please tie a blue ribbon around your mailbox pole and spread the word!

No matter where you live.


Many times we appear to have difficulty getting first things done first.

Time management is an issue. How we use our time.

This issue of The Works of Marketing with Ray includes another quote that hits me right between the eyes ... maybe it applies somewhere in your life, too;

"If you chase two rabbits, both will escape."
An Anonymous Chinese saying

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.


Marketing Products to Buy

Years ago my bride suggested I write what I taught in my seminars.

Thus, it began. Today there's a book - Power Direct Marketing - into it's 4th printing, the last with a revise tossed in at no extra charge. And an audio tape package that goes well with the book. Plus, a set of video tapes that are true workshop style learning devices. And even a couple of CD's.

Programs on the strategy and tactics of planning. On direct mail. The whole creative process. Database marketing. Customer relations. And more. All available at special 21st Century pricing.

BONUS: when you invite me to speak at your special event, conference, corporate meeting or association gathering, you get your choice of 100 FREE copies of either my book, or the audio/booklet direct mail package titled Magic Marketing Minutes!

For details and to place your product order visit Marketing Products at www.rayjutkins.com/magicmarketingminutes/. Or fax +1+928+244-6148. For questions on quantity orders phone Ray at 1+928+785-9400.

The Joy of Change

We have a new telephone area code: 928.

Which means just about everything we own must be changed. At no small expense, either. So be it.

The 928 number is now active ... and so is the old 520. The old is scheduled to hang around until the end of 2001 ... and then disappear.

What is also disappearing is our old fax number. With E-mail fulfilling so many options, we've decided to offer only a single fax number; +1+928+244-6148

If you'd like to update all your records now, all of our current info is near the bottom of this page.

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