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December 11, 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 29

According to Fred & Kay, Wireless Rules

A dozen or so years ago I met basketball tall Fred. At a conference in southern California.

Half a dozen years ago I met Kay ... Fred's daughter. At a retail marketing conference they were hosting.

This pair specialize in customers. Meaning anything to do with marketing and sales and customers. They both teach - Kay more formally than dad, at the University level. Fred enjoys 1:1 contact with customers - his clients - about the globe. They've come together as father / daughter to talk about the wireless revolution (it truly is!) with their book Wireless Rules.

So, I guess, this is a book report. Yet, not what your high-school teacher would expect. More than that.

So, I guess, this is a book report. Yet, not what your high-school teacher would expect. More than that.

The sub-title of the book is New Marketing Strategies for Customer Relationship Management Anytime, Anywhere. Rather all encompassing. Didn't know we could do all of that in this first decade of the 21st Century.

Sage Yogi Berra said "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." With a tad more common sense, this from the Dean of the Yale School of Architecture, Robert A.M. Stern; "You could write a very long book about the future ... as it didn't happen."

This book is about what has and is happening wireless. Please know you play a part in the wireless world of today. It's a good bet you've used several devices in the last 24 hours; an alarm clock. A cell phone. A laptop. A remote control for your television ... and another for your garage door. Maybe a toothbrush. To open or lock your car. So, believe it or not, you already live in a wireless world.

Soon more of us will have access to the Internet wireless than by a land line network. Which means we marketer's have a new opportunity - or maybe a nightmare. Depending on how well you accept the fact of what is happening - and what you do with that knowledge.

Sure, wireless is convenience. When you push a button and something opens or closes, turns on or off or moves back and forth, that may be convenient. That's not what Fred and Kay are talking about. They're talking about "... the transformation of business to true customer-centric enterprises."

A theme that moves through the book is "this is the world of anytime, anywhere." They continue the thought with this; "the customer will want to be reached here and now; not almost here and almost now."

I find this interesting ... because of late I've taken to not only deleting unwanted E-mail messages, but actually taking myself off a number of lists. When magazine subscriptions run out I am not renewing. I read only certain sections of the newspaper - am very selective in my television viewing. "Here and now" has almost become "I'll tell you when."

Which, of course, is exactly what Fred and Kay are saying. "In other words: the stuff I want, where I want it, when I want it, and how I want it." This is true interactive two-way marketing - brought to you through the "E" revolution.

Customers care about a host of things;

... they want to be in control of their decisions,
... they want their experience with you to be understood by you,
... they want value for their time and how they spend it with you,
... they expect value for their investment,
... they want to know what's "new" from you, and
... they want to be recognized and "loved".

This list isn't new, nor different. Your grandparents thought similarly. Maybe didn't expect as much - certainly hoped for more.

The title for Chapter 7 is It Still Takes Permission. Again, that word "permission" with multiple meanings and a score of interpretations. Fred and Kay offer a Six-Step Opting Program ... here it is;

  1. Can I send you stuff? (opt-in)
  2. Will you agree to listen? (opt on) "Listen" can be expanded to include to read or watch, taste or touch - all the senses.
  3. Will you tell me when you'd like to listen? (opt when)
  4. Will you tell me the locations in which you'd like to hear or not hear from me? (opt where)
  5. Will you tell me (by what means) you'd like me to reach you? (opt how, which in my opinion, could be the important marketing question)
  6. Would you like me to be "always on" for you - whenever you need me? (opt now)

How you reach customers, communicate with them, "talk" with them is key. The privacy, security, timing issues become equally as acute with wireless marketing as with every other communication means. "Remember: People attend to advertising and marketing on their terms - always have and probably always will. It's just that their terms have changed." Wireless has made changes in customer behavior.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an old term. It began in the '80's as Customer Relationship Marketing. Today it could also stand for "Costs Real Money".

True, and enough. Fact is CRM does not equal database marketing. And vice-versa. Sure, without a database it is nearly impossible to manage your customers. No matter the size of your marketplace. Because all customers are not created equal. And they know that. Still, they need to be treated as people - as individuals.

Fred and Kay talk about CRM in some depth ... including a list of 25 CRM reminders. A summary about the customer of today might be this; "Stop relying on information about me and start paying attention to information from me."

Another great chapter is lucky 13 ... The Good News - They Know Where You Are ... The bad news - they know where you are.

This direct marketing concept has been a headache for several decades. The more you know about your prospects and customers the more exacting your message can be. To the right person at the right time. That is good. When the privilege of the knowledge is used intelligently.

So, if more in fact equals good, it would appear less equals not so good. Yet, many customers do not wish to share all. Whenever they perceive their privacy issues to be more important than marketing opportunities. Which means we marketers are less likely to send the right message at the right time. And when that happens, we usually enjoy a lesser result, and we make the customer less than happy.

Thus, this oxymoron situation exists. When we know more and use it intelligently we're geniuses. When we know less and still try to market we're less likely to be successful. What is the ground level acceptable to the customer?

Ah, permission comes into play. Plus your database, with a CRM overlay.

This may not be a good analogy - it works for me. In the '70's I was involved with launching several Automatic Teller Machine campaigns. Great fun - and not understood by the banks nor the marketplace.

In the beginning banks put ATMs inside banks - available only during banking hours. Missing the point of service to the customer. It didn't matter too much ... customers didn't trust a plastic card and an electronic box to do anything right anyway. Hey, there are enough mistakes with real people!

Yet, it wasn't long before the revolution came. Banks put multiple machines just about everywhere. Available 24/7/365. And we - the marketplace - adopted and adapted. For a decade now I've done most of my banking via ATMs, vs. bricks and mortar. How 'bout you?

In my opinion, that is what is happening with wireless and marketing. They are coming together. "Yes", security and privacy have been, are and will continue to be an issue. That does not mean your opportunity is going away. It does mean you must be aware. "It's a given that where online content goes, advertising is sure to follow." So says Jane Weaver of MSNBC television.

There is much more in this book. One of the key elements being dozens upon dozens of real examples. Stories about what and how wireless is working today.

Let's do a wrap with this final thought - and another quote. The thought: Don't forget profits. "It ain't creative unless it sells" comes from a creative director out of the 1950's. I'd add to that "... at a profit."

A nice extension is this, from Alan Kay, editor and chief of Knowledge Management magazine;

"You will go wireless to survive. The only questions are how and when."

Wireless Rules by Frederick Newell and Katherine Newell Lemon is published by McGraw-Hill. It is available in book stores and from most online book marketers.

The 30 Year Path of E-Mail

Last week The New York Times included an article by writer Katie Hafner.

It told the story of E-mail ... from nearly the beginning of this amazing marketing and communication tool.

This article is so good I want to share it with you. Yet, because the newspaper requires an outlandish amount of cash for the reprint to be included in this E-zine, I'm, instead, going to tell you where it is. Hopefully within the archives of the paper it is still waiting for your visit.

You will find it loooong ... and most interesting. "Click" ...

The Postal Worker World

This is an idea from the States that can work in every country around the world.

A nationwide USA campaign is underway to honor postal workers who are on the front lines daily. In support of carriers, clerks, mailhandlers, drivers and all those in-between, everyone is being asked to tie navy blue ribbons round their mailbox posts.

This is a wonderful opportunity to honor postal employees. Another group we have taken for granted. Yet, many are quiet heroes, and share our commitment to keep your mail moving. Please tie a blue ribbon around your mailbox pole ... and spread the word!

No matter where you live.

The Baker's Dozen

You know my web site collection is about marketing, direct marketing and sales.

As an "extra", 13 times each year I offer an article - each with 13 ideas. The last Baker's Dozen for this year is another interesting, vs. "hot", topic ... Booklets and brochures.

These are distinctly different tools ... booklets & brochures. Yet, each is a "support" piece. They support a campaign. As part of a direct mail effort. An offer in print or broadcast or on the web. To aid a sales rep. As a handout at a trade show.

Without words, copy ... nothing sells. Still, just as television is radio, enriched, and thus more "entertaining", copy becomes more "interesting" with graphics. Which brochures and booklets bring to the sales, advertising, marketing field.

For the rest of the story "Click" and EnJoy.


As we get close to the end of this first year of the 21st century, it is "amazing" how many things are the same.

This time Anonymous comes from Sweden ... yes, an Anonymous Swedish saying;

"Fear less, hope more ... eat less, chew more ... whine less, breath more ...
talk less, say more ... hate less, love more ... and all good things will be yours."

"Quotes with Direction" has been a part of my web site collection from day one. If you like quotes visit the archives ... www.rayjutkins.com/quotes/. There's a new batch up every 4 weeks.


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