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September 5 , 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 15

Let's Sit Down

This story began nearly 30 years ago when Robert Graebe invented ROHO Dry Floatation technology. More about those details later.

For me it began 7 months ago in Daytona Beach, Florida. And it is all about Customer Service.

For my "Big" Motorcycles on the Road Internet radio program ROHO was interesting. I'd seen their AIRHAWK Motorcycle Cushion and was interested in talking about it on air. As a result of that discussion I was given a seat for my bike. Hey, the interview is over ... and not being one to turn down a gift, I accepted. And soon truly fell in love with my new seat.

Didn't realize how much I liked it, how much difference it made in my ride, until I didn't have it for 2000 miles. It's not that I forgot it. No, I left it home because I "broke" it. I popped the seal and it would not hold air.

So, when I arrived in Greenville, South Carolina for another event and saw the ROHO display I shared my "sad" story. And, immediately, on the spot, was given another seat! More on this later ... as this is not the end of that story.

Let's return to 1973. Mr. Graebe began his biz life as an electrical engineer. He was working on a project in a hospital, and became aware of "pressure sores". Called ischemic ulcers by the medical world.

These ulcers happen when your skin doesn't get the oxygen it needs to breath. Sometimes because of swelling or puffiness. Or when your blood doesn't flow naturally. When your "position" interferes with your skin and muscles, uncomfortable is just part of the program. Ulcers are a frequent happening with people who sit a lot. Or are bed-bound.

Sitting in the same position, or lying all day isn't good for your body. It is created to move. To be active. Yet, for some people, movement is difficult, if not impossible.

So, Graebe went to work. And with a lot of R&D invented Dry Floatation technology. The process wasn't easy ... it took 7 separate tries to get it right. A lot of hand-crafting, and experimenting to create the upside down egg carton shape. Or, some say, ice cube tray look.

The name Dry Floatation came about because the cushion mirrors the properties of water, in a dry air environment. There are 4 base principles of this "second skin";

#1). 6 Degrees of Freedom ... each cushion is made up of individual cells, each about the size of a 6 sided 1" cube. Each cube moves independently. Each cell twists, turns, bends, moves up and down - adapting precisely to the person.

#2). Low Surface Tension ... the egg carton shape and small cell size allow the body to be "immersed" into the cushion. No matter your shape, size, weight.

#3). Constant Restoring Forces ... immersion (vs. sitting on top) evens the pressure - thus, the contact area is equalized. Meaning no one part of your body is pushing more than another. Every pressure point is the same.

and #4). Low Friction & Shear ... with a slick neoprene rubber surface and independent movement, it is almost impossible to "stick".

Well, once the base concept was developed it wasn't long until a variety of products were offered. In addition to seats of all sizes for all reasons (wheel chair bound folks have benefitted from day one), back support systems, mattresses and pressure measurement devices were soon being used within the health care industry. Today the heart of the business is still in medicine.

And then some motorcycle riders within ROHO came along. It took some talking. Yet, soon Robert Graebe gave in and let his team take seats to Daytona for Bike Week. The year was 1995 ... and the product took off. A new income source was found, and is growing still today.

There are 3 motorcycle seat sizes ... and just as within the medical field, they will be made to order, if you require something outside "standard". All seats come with a cover, nylon and lycra blend non-skid water resistant surface ... so it doesn't slip. And attachment loops on each side - so you can tie or strap the cushion to your saddle.

Anyone who motorcycles knows that long days on the road give you a sore seat. No matter how good the leather and saddle come together with your rear. The reason you see bikers standing around outside a restaurant is their buns hurt! AIRHAWK is an answer.

Now, back to my Customer Service story. When seat #2 was given to me in South Carolina, the deal was I return the first. The ROHO rep said what happened to me should not happen - they wanted to look at it. Of course I agreed to return #1 upon my return home. Which I did.

And then - about 10 days later - the phone rings. It's ROHO Customer Service telling me they're sending another seat ... #3 in the this story. Because of my inconvenience. Well, I was, and still am, overwhelmed. These guys are good!

A few weeks ago in Sturgis I met Steve Peyton of ROHO. He's a rider - was the lead guy at their exhibit at the Rally & Races. Steve is a major player with the company ... and had a grand story to share. He and I talked for about 30 minutes ... you can hear it "live" on INB Radio. Tune in INB Radio - "Big" Motorcycles on the Road. Listen to this program via the Internet daily Tuesday, September 25 - Monday, October 1.

Something new is also happening; truck drivers are discovering ROHO. It is obvious ... these guys and gals spend hours / days / weeks with their seat on a seat. Without a lot of movement. Truck stops and distribution centers are beginning to carry the Extended Driving Time product for truckers, too.

To learn more and for complete details, visit the ROHO web site @ www.rohoinc.com.

Ray on the RAYdio

"Big" Motorcycles on the Road is the new name for my 60 minute program about bikes, bikers, rallies and such.

A fitting name, as that is what I do ... report from "...on the Road". As you're reading this I'm returning from Springfield, Missouri, where we did both radio and television via the Internet. Of the Ozark Motorcycle Jubilee World Motorcycle Drill Team Championships & Rally (what a mouthful that is! ... we shortened it to "the Jubilee").

Saturday, September 8 I'll be "live" from Glendale Harley-Davidson in southern California - for the Kick-Off of the 18th Love Ride. The largest single day fund raiser in the world by a group of bikers. You can listen @ INB Radio - "Big" Motorcycles on the Road ... "click" the "hot" link for the live WebCast.

Later this fall you can listen to my interviews with the folks from Honda talking about their new bike, the VTX. And Bill Davidson of Harley-Davidson about their new bike, the V-Rod. Plus, a fun interview from the Betty Boop Biker - "Sparky". And for a full month beginning September 25 about the Arizona Ride for Kids - an annual event to support the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Surf into my site ...Vroooooommmmm! for the complete schedule into November. And visit INB Radio to catch all WebCasts. New programming goes on-line every Tuesday.

Oh, and I'll "see" you on the RAYdio!


Looking for a speaker? A seminar or workshop leader?

It could be I'm the guy for you. Surf to www.PowerDirectMarketing.com. You'll find a solid introduction to the professional speaking side of my business. With several score ideas for programs that might be just what you're seeking?

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? E-mail me; Ray@RayJutkins.com, send your eFax request to +1+928+244-6148 or phone me @ 1+928+785-9400. If it's marketing, direct marketing or sales you need, I'll build a program just for you.

Oh, and if you'd like to listen OnLine, drop in at Ray's Demo Tape. You'll find a wide selection of program "minutes", plus an OnLine video, too.

This is what's coming up over the next few weeks ...

Wednesday & Thursday, September 26 & 27, 2001 - The Louisiana Travel Promotion Association ... Ray speaks as part of their on-going "University" training program. Four half-day programs on Print Advertising, Database Marketing, How to do Exciting Things with Direct Mail, and Creative & Direct Marketing. Contact Danny Young at dyoung@ltpa.org.

Thursday, October 4, 2001 - the Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association "school" is back for another set. And Ray will cover the basics of planning. For more, e-mail Bob Armstrong and visit the LADMA Web site.

Tuesday-Friday, October 23-26, 2001 - in Central Europe, Slovenija, Croatia and about, Ray presents Direct Marketing on the Web. For specifics contact either Vito Komac (vito.komac@zoom.si) or Uros Mocnik (Uros.Mocnik@pro-pro.net).

Saturday-Tuesday October 27-30, 2001 - During this Halloween week Ray will be presenting at the 84th Annual Direct Marketing Association Convention & Exhibition in Chicago. Sunday morning @ 8:45 he speaks for an hour on Creative in the 21st Century. And on Tuesday he leads a group round-table on E-mail Marketing, Privacy & Security and the WWW. For specifics visit the DMA Web site.

Thursday-Saturday November 1-3, 2001 - in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Ray returns for a series of Direct Marketing and Financial Marketing presentations. E-mail M.Mosharraf Hossain (rblbd@bdcom.com) for details.

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