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August 14 , 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 12

Fred, the PeaceHawk

It didn't happen this way. It could have.

Frederick Peace (yes, that is his real name) has been involved with political direct marketing for about as long as he's been on earth. The intense pressure of the discipline could be the reason he adopted horses and what they bring to kids.

Fred says "I got yelled at (by the football coach) for lacking the killer instinct. Hell, it was a game to me and they were people, not the enemy."

"I never did well with clients I 'stole' ... I did not find satisfaction in hurting some other salesman or his family. I much prefer to get in with those who did not know how to do Direct Marketing and assist them in growing."

With this attitude, is it any wonder PeaceHawk Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center is such an interesting extension of the real Fred? Is it a surprise his name is Peace?

Fred shared an interesting thought with me, about me. He said " ... you've been good at business, but it never consumed you as it did me. You could walk away and return and work and play and work. I would find myself in a slot working night and day, then raise my head and find years had gone by. Then I would quit and do mission work 'til I ran out of money."

The first part I'm not so sure about ... the last I do understand. The part where " ... years had gone by. Then I would quit ..." That part hits home. Because it has happened to me several times.

For many "understanding" does not translate to action. Meaning they "understand the situation", yet do nothing about it. Take no action. For Fred understanding means doing something. And he has.

The story really begins on the family farm in Iowa. Even as a boy Fred noticed how horses related to each other as teams. They cooperated. They hung out together ... just like the cowboys who rode and worked them.

During his college years he earned his way by serving as head wrangler at a dude ranch, where he cared for a herd of 100 horses. Here, again, he noted individual and herd behavior of the animals ... how it begin to make sense. For

the first time he realized if humans could see themselves as part of the herd, communications with horses would be better.

Life took him away from horses for a while. Then, in 1980, be became a sworn member of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Mounted Posse. Where again horse and human came together.

Fred continued "seeing" the same thing. He noticed in doing crowd control on horseback, how quickly unruly groups became calm. Vs. the response to the same officers in black & white police cruisers. There is something about a horse that draws people to be friendly and supportive.

So, the history of PeaceHawk Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center goes back to the childhood of Fred. Yet, it was the late 1970's when it really got organized. And today, with Fred leading the way into the 21st Century, it has become a place ... for the physically challenged ... working with people emotionally, spiritually, mentally and socially.

There is a particularly potent sentence in the web site welcome letter;

" ... PeaceHawk Ranch is really yours. Our job is simply
to assist you to discover ways in which service through PHR
can fulfill your desire for self expression - one that says I
want to be involved with horses and challenged children."

Not sure his word "simply" adequately describes what Fred has developed and offers. For example, for humans there are 3 key areas;

1. working directly with people with major challenges, through Therapeutic Riding and other Equine Assisted Activities,

2. training Handicapped Riding Instructors for NARHA certification, and

3. conducting and supporting research to make the first 2 points happen more effectively with more children in need, more volunteers, more equestrian teachers , and more horses.

For horses there are 2 points;

1. accepting donations of healthy animals whose owners want them to have the opportunity of serving challenged people, and

2. using these re-trained and now dedicated horses in the PeaceHawk and other riding center programs.

When I talked with Fred he emphasized PeaceHawk works with anyone, and everyone. Yes, most are children with some "handicap" (whatever in the world that means!). Yet, some are not children, too. Some have funding necessary to cover costs, most do not.

Fred is so fundamental. He says things that are so true. For instance;

"We support horses being horses. A real conundrum we
experience is that horses thrive in a more rural setting,
while humans are mainly clustered in urban centers."

And there is more;

"People exist in a social structure called the Family. We are
trained by our families to become individuals - to stand alone.
Horses exist in a social structure called the herd. In the wild
they could not survive surrounded by predators without the
support of other horses. They are never alone."

So, what has Fred done about this mix of opposites? He seeks union between the two, bringing humans and horses together. Horses are taught to trust. To overcome fear. To know the "human" is their friend - they don't have to flee danger. They teach a new behavior - to focus and stay with the human.

And humans are taught "peace" and healing and compassion and understanding can come from a horse, too.

PeaceHawk could be an oxymoron. As "hawk" is such a strong word. Sometimes associated with war, the opposite of peace. Yet, Fred has brought the two ... Peace & Hawk ... together in a strong, and comfortable way.

More from Fred;

"... for peace to endure it cannot be passive, for we reside in
a world of apparent conflict. It requires a quality of vigilance
... we need move into loving conflict resolution with caring
and understanding."

And then about his choice of "hawk";

"The hawk is the symbol we have chosen to represent quality.
The typical hawk flies high over its domain, confident in its
incredible eye-sight to monitor everything going on below.
PeaceHawk requires that same quality of insight ... to watch
over and protect both horse and human."

The 4-H Clubs were with us long before Fred ... still, Fred has his on version of 4-H; Helping Horses Heal Humans is his way. Or, a place to Heal Humans and Help Horses. Both. People and animals coming together.

To learn more about what Fred is doing, and to see how you can become involved, visit www.peacehawk.org/.

Ray Speaks

In September & October I've a number of speaking engagements.

Wednesday & Thursday, September 26 & 27 I'll again be in Baton Rouge with the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association. Doing a set of 4 programs ... contact Danny Young at dyoung@ltpa.org for more. The travel people in Louisiana are a fun group. You would be, too ... if you worked with Danny and the LTPA group!

Thursday evening, October 4 in southern California, for the Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association, I'm on the program for their annual "school". Bob Armstrong is the man ... bob_armstrong@ea.epson.com. Bob has a second job making this learning session happen each year - it is good to be going back.

For the 13th consecutive year I'll be presenting at the Direct Marketing Association Annual meeting - this year in Chicago. October 27-31 are the dates - visit the DMA web site for details; www.the-dma.org. Not all will be on-line yet, yet it will be soon. Keep checking - this is THE big DM event of the year.

Ray on the RAYdio

INB Internet Radio Network and I have been working together for 18 months.

Since March I've been super busy with "Big" Motorcycles on the Road - a 60 minute program about bikes, bikers, rallies and such. Went cross-country to Daytona, Florida for the 61st Annual Bike Week. Went cross-country to Greenville, South Carolina for the XXIII Wing Ding. And just last week I attended the largest summer rally in the world ... Sturgis Rally & Races in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

In between time I've been to the Wolf's Head Rally & Tour in Minnesota. The National Bikers RoundUp in Madera, California. Talked with several mail-order marketing bike firms ... Competition Accessories in Springfield, Ohio, J.C. Whitney out of Chicago and Dennis Kirk. from Rush City, Minnesota. I also toured the American Motorcyclist Association Museum and covered the Indian Motorcycle 100th Anniversary display.

This fall you can listen to more new programs ... including reports from the world's largest fund raiser by bikers - the Love Ride. And a fun interview from the Betty Boop Biker Babe - "Sparky".

Surf into my site ...Vrooommmmm! (www.rayjutkins.com/vroom.html) for the full schedule. And visit INB Radio (www.bigmotorcyclesonline.com) to catch all WebCasts. New programming goes on-line every Tuesday.

Oh, and I'll "see" you on the RAYdio!

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