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August 7 , 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 11

Iron Works has a whale of a business

And a darn good web site that feeds that business.

Iron Works is a family business selling high-end outdoor BBQ grills and support equipment. They sell almost exclusively to the home marketplace. Their first year on the Web they sold $500,000 worth. The second year sales doubled to $1,000,000.

Iron Works products sell for $1300 to over $30,000 each. And this is for home BBQ grills! The average sale is above $3000 ... the median in the $10-12,000 range. Not something you'll find at your local hardware or home improvement store

Each sale is based on a 1:1 relationship that begins with the Web site. 15% of ALL visitors to their site buy. That's real interactive relationship marketing at work.

Iron Works is located close to the Canadian border - an hour from Detroit. The company began operations in 1982 as a stainless fabrication manufacturer, specializing in food service equipment. President Paul Faaborg is the personable leader. Lots of tender loving care goes into customer contact and communication. Paul tells me it takes an average of 4 e-mails back and forth to make a sale.

The first-time visitor to their site spends almost 90 minutes looking about. This compares with averages that run in the 12 to 20 minute range for Web sites as a whole. These 90 minute visits, and a big ticket consideration sale, lead to 1000 e-mails a day. Each answered personally, individually.

My experience is typical of the process. As I'm scrolling their pages (IronWorks-gasgrills.com* ... later TopGrill.com) taking notes, getting my comments for this article ready, I decide an e-mail request for product literature is in order. Wanting to get the true flavor of the company, asking for a detailed brochure seemed reasonable. (*Site not available as of mid 2002.)

In less than 3 minutes after I send the E,
president Paul is on the phone!

In the conversation Paul told me one of his adventure stories. He's in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Had half a dozen hours before flying out. Looked up several owners in the area and made arrangements to cook them dinner.

He did the shopping, he did the cooking, he did the cleaning up afterwards. He then flew out. This is a true hands-on operation.

Paul changes his Home Page every so often. I know, as I've cruised through a number of times. Every time something new or different pops. This time there are several reasons to read on:

... looking for the perfect gift push,

... if you already own an Iron Works grill you can get a FREE sample package of several new BBQ sauces,

... if you're in Canada, a special site just for you, and

... if you live in Louisiana, Mississippi or Texas - watch the stores this summer for a special gas pot boiler - perfect for shrimp or crawfish.

This is an extensive site ... which, of course, it must be for an audience willing to shell out industrial bucks for a home BBQ grill.

So, everything you will ever need to know is there. The TopGrill.com web pages have a column - a nav bar - that offers these options; More styles, More heat, More control, More guts, More glory, More happy users, More years together, More ways to cook, More options, More storage, More savings, More value, More goodies, More fun, More news, More gifts, More about us, More info. WOW ... what coverage!

More guts is about how each product is built. More years together is about their 5 full year guarantee. More fun are links to recipes. Their trade show schedule. News of a contest.

The graphic quality is outstanding. With pictures as good as a slick magazine. The site is as "strong" as the products Iron Works builds.

To keep you looking the copy is good, too;

"When we buy components from others, it's the best we can get,and from higher quality suppliers. Partly to make yours a grill you can't kill. And partly so year after year, decade after decade new people who first see your grill can always assume you got it not long ago."

Let's wrap up with a stop at More info.

You are immediately encouraged to sign up for their E-mail newsletter. The Iron Works snail-mail address is designed into an envelope looking graphic. Ditto for phone and fax numbers, with matching graphics. Iron Works is very reachable.

Need a BBQ? I suggest you visit Iron Works.

Need to upgrade your web site? Or just add some fresh ideas? I recommend you tour Iron Works.


Looking for a speaker? A seminar or workshop leader?

It could be I'm the guy for you. Surf to www.PowerDirectMarketing.com. You'll find a solid introduction to the professional speaking side of my business. With several score ideas for programs that might be just what you're seeking?

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Oh, and if you'd like to listen OnLine, drop in at Ray's Demo Tape -- http://www.rayjutkins.com/demo_tape.html You'll find a wide selection of program "minutes", plus an OnLine video, too.

Look forward to hearing from you.

The Joy of Change

We have a new telephone area code: 928.

Which means just about everything we own must be changed. At no small expense, either. So be it.

The 928 number is now active ... and so is the old 520. The old is scheduled to hang around until the end of 2001 ... and then disappear.

What is also disappearing is our old fax number. With E-mail fulfilling so many options, we've decided to offer only a single fax number; +1+928+244-6148

If you'd like to update all your records now, all of our current info is near the bottom of this page.

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