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July 31, 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 10

fire - Fire - FIRE!!!

Long time business friend Russell Kern has written the book.

It's a jumbo 277 pages of logic about how to enjoy success in this marketing world. The title S.U.R.E. - Fire Direct Response Marketing comes with a descriptive sub-title; Generating Business-to-Business Sales Leads for Bottom-Line Success.

For close to 2 decades I've know Russell - about as long as he's been in the DM business. A long time ago we were both involved with the Direct Marketing Club of Southern California. We never worked together. Yet, we ended up at the same conferences ... frequently speaking from the same platform.

And now I have the privilege of sharing with you his S.U.R.E.- Fire ideas. This is not a marketing version of the "original" theme from the current Coors beer commercials. No, ... yet, here is some original thinking from an original guy. Let's begin with his 4-part acronym; S.U.R.E.

"S" stands for Strategic Planning, and then the tactic of Salesmanship. If you've read me before you know my opinion is strategy = planning. Tactics come later. Russ has mixed these two pieces together in an interesting way. He talks about the planning it takes to earn the sales. Which is a good thing ... because the plan itself is nothing. It only means something when you put it into action.

Russell recognizes this. He talked about setting a comprehensive marketing program with specific goals and objectives. And doing so before a single word is written, a single design or graphic is developed.

One of my favorite acronyms is SWOT ... Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Because it works! Well, Russell likes this old fashion analysis, too. As part of his plan, SWOT is tied immediately to sales. Which plays very well with the "S" portion of S.U.R.E.

"S" is first because you must think, plan, organize - first. That part is not debatable. Russell is right-on!

Next, you must understanding your customers and their issues. i.e., what is important to them. So, the "U" in S.U.R.E. is Understanding.

It has always been the case ... customers decide who will be successful and who will not. One way or another the customer has been in charge. Which is why some companies are successful and continue to serve for generations. And others are out of business before their first quarterly tax report is due.

The more choice available in the marketplace, the more the customer makes a decision of brand "A" vs. brand "B". Today - in 2001 - it is fact customers drive what wins and what does not. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors meet customer needs, or they disappear.

So, how do you get your prospect to become your customer? And not go to the competition? Well, you dive inside their head. You think like they think. You learn what's important to them, and what's not. What they worry about, and why. How they arrive at an opinion, and why. In times gone by the saying was "you walk a mile in their shoes".

"S" is strategy and salesmanship. "U" is understanding the customers needs.

And "R" is response management. Being fully prepared to serve the customer, to respond to their needs. And, to fulfill ... or exceed ... your promises.

Yet, before you manage you must create a reason for the prospect to respond. We call it an offer. Russell has a formula with his S.U.R.E. Fire concept. Yet, he has not ignored the basics. Quiet the opposite ... he has woven the base principles, including the offer, into his plan.

Of course, part two of response is converting leads into sales. All those that raise their hand and say "yes, I'm interested in what you have to offer ... tell me more", must be followed up, talked with, listened to ... and sold. i.e., you respond to your prospects response.

Russell has included web management concepts with his story. With examples and reasons why for everything. Always remembering the plan, and understanding the needs of the customer.

All the thinking in the world means zip unless you turn it into action. And it means less, unless you do it well. Russ calls the "E" in S.U.R.E. Fire Execution Excellence.

This means the creative process and the right media mix must happen if you are to complete the circle. Plus testing. Production controls. And back-end analysis. These each come into play under Execution Excellence.

An eon ago I learned the same thing a different way; D.I.R.F.T. - Do It Right the First Time. As Russell says, "The fundamentals will never go out of style." And he is right.

So you know this book is with the times, Chapter 12 is titled The Internet: The Marketing Medium of the Future. I might argue with him a tad on this ... it is one of the marketing mediums of the here and now! A detail.

If you'd like to grow your knowledge level, or refresh what you already know. I recommend you buy a copy. Mine is autographed ... thanks to the kindness of Russell. I'll bet he'll do the same for you.

To learn more about the book and Russell visit www.kerndirect.com. Tell him Ray sent you.

The Baker's Dozen

Long ago I learned lists worked.

Worked in my seminars ... people took notes in 1, 2, 3, order. And then high-lighted those points important to them. Lists work for me, too. To remember things. When I list A, B, C I'm much more likely to get things done right, the first time. In order. On time.

At the same time the popular "list of 10" is boring to me. So, my lists of marketing, direct marketing and sales ideas have 13 ... The Baker's Dozen.

Almost 3 years ago I began a series of writings - lists - each with 13 points. A new collection is posted on my web site every 4 weeks - 13 times a year. Every so often I'll mention one here. And "hot link" it, so, if you're interested, you can get the full story.

The newest article in the series is 13 Platinum Ways to "Think Creatively" in the 21st Century. It's scheduled for release next week, but you can read it now.


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