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July 2, 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 6

Communicating with Millions

This title is the description on an L-Soft International brochure.

And they do. Communicate with millions. On behalf of scores of clients using their LISTSERV software and other products. For E-mail marketing campaigns, E-zines and other E messages.

A year or so ago I met Vice President of Marketing Gabriela "Gaby" Linares, Marketing Associate Connie Newman and several of the L-Soft sales team. I was WebCasting "live" my Marketing with Ray on the RAYdio program from the Direct Marketing Association Net.Marketing conference in Boston. They were across the aisle.

We talked - I interviewed Gaby - we "clicked". Since that time we've met several times at other conferences around the country. In May it was a special treat. For 3 days I WebCast 20 programs from their exhibit booth on the floor of the @D:TECH Internet Marketing Show, inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was delightful.

Who is L-Soft? What do they do? How do they market? Well, here's the short version. I've always enjoyed history. And L-Soft has an interesting beginning. In 1986 (what year?) their founder developed an E-mail management program - and gave it away. Free. Off his web site.

E-mail management in 1986? A web site in 1986? Did you catch that? Well, it's true. As you undoubtedly know, what we now call the Internet was created in 1969. Used by the military, high-tech research institutions, several university labs and USA government bodies.

fyi ... in the mid-'70s the United States Post Office wanted to get into what we now call E-mail. The Federal Communications Commission would not let them. Enterprise system, free trade and all that sort of stuff kept them away. Sadly so ... think what might have happened, and when, had they be allowed to chase the idea.

Well, it's the mid- '80s, and E-mail use is growing. Even in the small circle where it is available. A management system is needed, as the volume and keeping of addresses is getting out of hand. Thus the first E-mail management system.

L-Soft as a company was founded in 1994. It is private, with offices in Maryland, USA, Sweden and now London in the U.K. "Yes", they are a dot.com ... and, they make money! They offer a collection of products build around E-mail list management, delivery and hosting. On the Internet, as well as with intranets. In case you hadn't noticed, this E-zine is brought to you using L-Soft packages and services.

They market in a dual-prong way: first, lots of networking. Contacts. Meeting people and following-up. Listening, observing, asking, politely inquiring, and then going in for the close. Almost "family" style. Very old fashion marketing and selling.

Next, trade shows. Every time I seen Gaby she is either going to or coming from another exhibition. They have found, with the right E-mail and phone chase, both before and after a trade show, they find new customers.

They do not use print, radio, television. Nor direct mail. Obviously, they use their own product, and with it E-mail market.

When my WebCast was scheduled from their stand, they sent an E-mail to all other exhibitors, several speakers and others they knew were to be in southern California for @D:TECH. Letting everyone know what was planned. And asking who would like to be my interview guest.

Well, Carrie Knox, the Marketing Coordinator who arranged all, and was "mother" to me during the show, was overwhelmed with response. If you can have SRO - Standing Room Only - for radio, we had it. Soon all spots were filled - we expanded each days program - and still there was a waiting list.

There are a pair of messages here;

... E-mail marketing works,
... your message still must go to the right person!

For more on L-Soft and what they can do for you, visit their web site; www.lsoft.com, or phone them toll-free @ 1-800-399-5449. Gaby, John, Paul or one of the team will be happy to hear from you.

Real-Time Marketing

Anybody who has an address of Cane Farm, followed by a route number and still lives in New Jersey has got to be an AOK guy.

James Morris-Lee is the man. He has written a book fitting for this day and age, too. Even the title is on target; Real-Time Marketing - New Rules For The New Media.

You can guess the 270 page book talks a lot about the web. The "new media". And how it interfaces with "old media", especially with phone and print, with the customer, an outside field sales force and at the retail level. All of which is a good thing to do ... as none of the standard ways of marketing and sales are going to disappear. At least not anytime soon.

For more about James and his book, go to his company web site ... http://www.morris-lee.com/ or the publisher, GATF Press ... http://www.gatf.org/

Tell him Ray sent you.

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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