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June 26 , 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 5

Big Bad Bikers

This is a message about audience. The most important element in every marketing program.

Many of you know I ride a real bike ... I ride a Harley-Davidson. That must make me a Hells Angel, who likes loud noises, enjoys scaring women and children with my body of tattoos, long hair and every-which-way beard. I wear torn jeans, a dirty black T and shoes that haven't seen a shine since forever.

I hold the worlds record for six-packs consumed in 24 hours, building upon my Santa Claus belly. Which is filled at least once a day from a fast-food greasy spoon in my neighborhood. I smoke a pack a day, at best am a high-school grad, and work when I feel like - which isn't often.

If this is the picture you have of the membership of your local motorcycle club, let me tell you a story.

That biker has been dead for nearly 2 decades!

Just saying it doesn't make it true. Yet, it is true. How do I know? Because a dozen years ago I threw my leg, for the first time, over a bike and began to ride.

Had zip idea what I was doing. So, went to a tough riding school. And practiced and practiced. Went to racing school - not to race. No, to learn how to handle the bike. To learn safety. Then went back to school - this time advanced.

While all this was happening I got involved with the local chapter of the Harley Owners Group (HOG - in case you missed it!). And found myself with entrepreneurs. The quality control manager of a computer outfit. The owner of 2 restaurants. A CPA. An independent insurance agent. A couple who own 2 business ... she runs one, he the other. A pair of engineers from an aircraft builder. And ... a heart surgeon.

The second club was more blue collar. No less independent. A bar owner. A painting contractor. Heating/plumbing/air conditioning distributor. A maintenance super at a school district. A welder.

Well, you get the idea. Yes, these folks ride bikes ... AND they are business people. Surprised? Well, get over it ... these bikes are expensive. My bride puts up with me getting a new one every 3 years or so ... at $20,000+ a pop. Sure it gets 40MPG ... seats 2, and is "air-conditioned". Yet, 20 grand for a hobby is not a low-life. People who ride bikes have money to spend. They could even be your audience!

You may also know I do a bike WebCast: Big Bikes & Trikes on the RAYdio. (for the complete schedule, and more visit INB Radio - Big Bikes and Trikes). It compliments a magazine with the BB&T name. Let me share a few stats from the readership ...

... 95% are male
... 96% are in 41-55 age range
... average age is 49.25 years
... 81% are married
... 63% have household income of $56,000 +
... average household income is $79,4

Job status

- 37% are professional/technical
- 23% are middle & upper management
- 8% are involved with marketing & sales
- 18%
are tradesmen/craftsmen

Web access

- 61% use the WWW at work
- 74% have a computer at home
- 61% spend a minimum of an hour a week on WWW
- 83% have given op
t-in e-mail marketing permission

Impressed? Many have found the bike world a source of business. Including non-profits. i.e., my WebCast covers the BAD Ride for American Diabetes, the Beach Ride for the Exceptional Children's Foundation, the Love Ride for MDA, the Laughlin River Run for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. You get the idea - these big, bad bikers have bucks to spend ... and they support causes, too.

None of which may matter to you.

So, what's the message? Know our audience. No matter who they are.

Direct Mail for DUMMIES

Those ugly yellow and black jacket books with the dummy titles ... you've seen them. Probably have several somewhere in your book shelf.

Well, it's time to add another. Richard Goldsmith has pulled together his collection of DM ideas ... titled Direct Mail For Dummies. My copy is signed by Dick, which makes it a collector's edition.

There are at least two reasons why you'll want a copy of this book ...

#1) the introduction includes the phrase "Direct Mail For Dummies is an action-oriented book for action-oriented people. Forget theory - we tell you what works and how you can duplicate it." And,

#2) Chapter 12 has the title "Ten Reasons Why The Internet Won't Kill Direct Mail".

For me, these statements are enough to recommend this book to you. If all else fails and you can't find the book anywhere, send an e-mail to Dick@Horah.com Tell him I sent you.

The Joy of Change

We have a new telephone area code: 928.

Which means just about everything we own must be changed. At no small expense, either. So be it.

The 928 number is now active ... and so is the old 520. The old is scheduled to hang around until the end of 2001 ... and then disappear.

What is also disappearing is our old fax number. With E-mail fulfilling so many options, we've decided to offer only a single fax number +1+928+244-6148.

If you'd like to update all your records now, here is our current info

E-mail Ray@RayJutkins.com
RAYdio e-mail Ray@INB.net
OfficeFone +1+928+785-9400
Direct eFax +1+928+244-6148

a Direct Marketing & Sales organisation
Rockingham Ranch
Roll, Arizona 85347-7066 USA

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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