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June 19 , 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 4

Another Association!

"Yes", another association. And if you happen to be a SOHO business, or even a mid-size firm ... up to 100 employees ... you may find this one more than worth while.

John Schulte makes the National Mail Order Association "happen". NMOA is the "hub" of direct response marketing for small to mid-size firms. With a library, a "museum", new product info and a collection of tips. I'm on the Board - John is a friend, yet, there's much more to NMOA than he and me.

The Association was founded in 1972 by long time direct marketing guru Paul Muchnick. The idea was to help entrepreneurs in the mail-order business. A business that at that time was far more than just direct mail. The phone, fax, print and television were all also offering "mail-order" opportunities.

Although the mail-order business has grown, and changed, particularly in light of E-commerce, NMOA continues as an active force in the marketplace. In fact, if anything, it offers more than Paul could ever have imagined.

As John likes to say, the organization is an entrepreneurial type association. Meaning they exist solely for the marketing and sales benefit of their members. "No", they do not have a lobbying office in Washington or any state capital. "No", they are not a watch-dog group, doing good things. And "yes", they are a USA based firm - John is headquartered in Minnesota. Although there are NMOA members from other countries. Because "ideas" know no borders.

NMOA works hard at bringing people together. People who have something to sell to people who are looking to buy. Again, as John says; "...our purpose is conducting business and creating sales". Sounds good to me!

If there is a singular mission it is to provide education, share information, pass along ideas ... and most importantly, build business connections. Part of the business connection process is an every so often E-zine. Which introduces new products available by people seeking manufacturing, distribution or other contacts. If nothing else, reading this message every few weeks allows you to know the world is full of enterprising people, with interesting ideas and big plans. Makes you feel good.

Entrepreneurs become successful for many reasons;

... they are willing to take risks,
... they ask a lot of questions - and expect answers, and
... they are always looking for a good "deal".

Well, NMOA is a direct help with the last two. If you've got a question, they've got an answer. If not immediately, they'll dig for you. Or aim you in a direction where you can get the answer. If it has to do with mail-order marketing John and his team are the answer.

And they offer "deals", too. Their web site ... National Mail Order Association- Hub of Direct Marketing has a button titled FREE STUFF! Plus, in the welcome letter from John he closes with a P.S. (always good in a letter), and a note about the bonuses available to new members.

The NMOA Print Shop offers specials; On-line print estimates, design tips and discounts on color printing.

There is a Classified Ads section, divided 20 ways, according to what you're selling or looking to buy.

Plus, the NMOA On-line museum. Which, as all museums do, changes exhibits from time to time. The day I'm writing this there is a very fun and entertaining new posting ... 20 of the Best Direct Mail Letters from 1942. If you want to see some good copywriting, have an enjoyable read and learn something - take a tour.

Recently I enjoyed the opportunity to interview John on my WebCast radio program ... Marketing with Ray on the RAYdio. You can listen to this program THIS WEEK and NEXT via the Internet ... daily Tuesday, June 26 thru Monday, July 9 at www.inbradio.com/marketingwithray.

To learn more and see about becoming a NMOA member yourself, "click" on the link above - and take a tour. I think you'll like what you find.

A FREE Audio Tape for YOU!

As a professional speaker, it is expected I'll have audio and video tapes.

Why? To share with speakers bureaus, meeting planners and others interested in what I may have to say. So "yes", I have an audio tape. And I'll be happy to send you a copy. Free. No strings attached.

The tape is a selection from several of my speaking gigs. A few case histories, some "how to..." ideas. And such. Less than an hours worth of my chatter ... some of it actually very entertaining!

If you'd like you very own copy, send an E-mail to me ... Ray@RayJutkins.com with your complete mailing address. Your tape will be on the way to you within the day.

Marketing with Ray on the RAYdio

Internet Radio is "new". Meaning, not everyone has listened in. Yet. The world will - soon.

So INB Internet Radio Network, where my program Big Bikes & Trikes on the RAYdio continues to roll along, is ready. Each week we get more ready. With new equipment, a new studio and new programming.

Listen in with a visit to www.inbradio.com/bigbikes/to catch the schedule.

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