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June 5 , 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 3

The "Clean" Sex Site

The Lawrence Research Group is not your "normal" research organization.

No, Ray & Judi Lawrence began the company several decades ago. As, more or less, a sex education firm. There is a big difference between education and training. Just ask yourself if you want your kids or grandchildren to have sex education or sex training? You immediately understand the difference, don't you?!

The Lawrence Group is in the sex business. Sex, not porn. They supply, through extensive print, direct mail, E-mail and the web a wide variety of product. Sex toys, erotica, how-to guides and "kits". As quoted from their introductory catalogue, "... (we) believe sexual aides can provide a new and entirely positive source of pleasurable sensations for each partner."

Small space in 40+ magazines is where they begin. You must ask for their catalogue. It is never sent without a request, and a $4. fee. Which you earn back with your first order - the fulfillment package includes a Catalogue Credit Coupon.

The catalogue does not arrive in a brown paper wrapper, either. Instead, in a much more conventional 6X9 white window envelope - with the standard "The information you requested is enclosed" on the front. It is sent meter mail first class.

Above the address box it says "To Be Opened By Addressee". High-lighted in red underneath is the phrase "Personal and Confidential". There is only an address identification on the outside - no name. Not even Lawrence Research Group.

Being good direct marketers, they use the back of the envelope. Since 3 of 4 people who touch your envelope will turn it over before opening - it is always good to use the back. They begin their message and offer with this; OPEN AT ONCE ... you have 15 days to receive your FREE BONUS GIFT! The key words are bold, in caps and red.

The National Mail Order Association supports The Works of Marketing with Ray. Enjoy a visit to their site - National Mail Order Association - Hub of Direct Marketing.

The black front cover of the 36 page catalogue introduces you to the name Xandria Collection - their marketing handle. Inside is a welcome letter, which outlines the philosophy of the company. Half the letter talks about customer satisfaction and trust -- key elements of marketing today.

The Advisory Board is on the first page. The smiling faces of 2 ladies and 2 gentlemen, and their credentials. Pages 2 & 3 are titled Sexual Response Cycle. An excerpt from a guide provided by the National Sex Forum.

And then the products begin. Artists renderings, with a fair amount of descriptive copy. And some "interesting" titles for each section. For example Mood Makers, Massage, Vibrators, The Choice is Hers, A Spot of Pleasure, Special Kits, Adventure. There is even a Ray & Judi Recommend page. You get the idea.

The package also includes a page of testimonials. A "lift letter" with a special postage and handling offer outlined. A loose order form (there is one in the catalogue, too). A second welcome letter, guarantee and the catalogue credit coupon all combined. Everything is 2 color, red and black on white.

Future catalogues are the same size, same graphic approach. Although on some covers there is a very "loving" picture of a couple. The follow-on catalogues are in color. A color cover and color through.

Each arrives in your mail box in an envelope - most often white with red, black, sometimes a rich brown lettering. The titles vary according to the season; Forget the Flowers, Spring Fantasies, Love is In The Air, Spring Fever Sale, Joys of the Season. Each cover has their toll-free number boldly listed. And there is "teaser" copy, too; 17 new products in this issue, 23 old favorites on sale, It's the time of the year to indulge in the fantasies ... and onward.

Xandria is "America". Orders come 58% from men / 42% from women. 53% are married, 31% single, 12% divorced. 48% have a college education or higher ... another 32% some college or tech school. Ages run from 20 up ... with 59% 30 to 50. Incomes are everywhere - 32% are $50,000+. And 69% have ordered a minimum of 2 times.

And NO!, you cannot buy or rent the list. Ever. For any reason. Period.

This marketer is successful because they follow foundation principles. They place ads in selected magazines. They direct mail fulfill promptly and completely. They follow-up. They offer an opt-in E-zine, which arrives a couple of times a month. They do exactly what they say they are going to do, and they do it well.

For more visit www.xandria.com. If you'd like to receive their fulfillment package go on line, fax 1+415+468-3912, call them toll-free @ 1-800-242-2823 or E-mail my friend and the Marketing Director Marcia Jackson; Marcia@xandria.net. Tell Marcia Ray sent you, and she'll waive the $4 catalogue fee.

On the RAYdio with Ray

Last fall Dean Eaker was a guest on my INB Internet Radio Network program Marketing with Ray. (Visit http://www.inbradio.com/marketingwithray/ for the June schedule.)

And ... I'll "see" you on the RAYdio!

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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