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May 29, 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 2

Give me a Price - NOW!

Getting printing quotes has always been a large pain. And that is putting it politely.

VirtualeInstantPricing may have the answer. Yes, the answer to "instant" quoting for printing, envelope, converting, lettershop and other direct marketing production service needs.

The gents heading up this exciting web based endeavor are Michael Ragosta, Chief Marketing Officer. And Mike Vos, COO - a biz friend from way back. Recently I enjoyed the opportunity to sit 1:1 with both men - this is what I learned.

A little history to begin. Graphics application software has been about since the late 1970's to help estimating be more accurate. That technology has been combined into the web. To become a true E-commerce capability.

Let's build a story. As an example of how the process works. You have a direct mail lead generation package to get produced and out the door. Here it is;

... the creative will be ready Friday, on a disk, to hand over for the 25,000 piece test mailer

... the package is a 9" square envelope, with 2 windows on the front, 2 color printing front & back.

... the letter is 2 pages standard size, illustrated single sheets, 2 color, with personalization on both pages, folded to show through the envelope window

... a 2 fold brochure, letter size paper, 4 colors both sides, with 6 original photos

... a 2 color illustrated faxBack form, printing on 1 side only

... meter postage to be applied

... mailing to be dropped all on the same date.

In the "ole days" you'd call or fax this data to an estimator ... and wait a week or so to get an answer. Most likely with several back and forth Q&A's in between time. Sure, today everything is automated - still, someone has to feed your information into their system, crunch the numbers, double check everything - and then get back to you. This takes valuable time.

Today (and yes, this process is available to you today) VirtualeInstantPricing custom configures an estimating "engine" just for you. To match your operation. i.e., in lay language, the software is installed so you can use it. Use it the way you need it to work for you, your system, your customers.

The quoting process can then begin. And it does ... the moment one of your staff goes online. The system asks a series of common sense questions. Such as the sizes and colors in the example above. Type of paper you prefer, start date, mail date. Things that you know ... things that if you don't know, you do know where to get the answer.

At the end of every quote "conversation" the system instantly produces the very best possible price for that specific project. A quote without a wait.

This process is so friendly a sales rep can be face-to-face in a customers office, feed the needs into her laptop, and before walking out hand over a specific price. A customer service rep can do the same over the telephone. Instant means instant!

If you wish, and without losing any control, you can offer your instant quote system to your most select customers. So they can do it on their own. Not unlike the overnight delivery services who allow you to go online to place an order. Ditto today with this instant quote system.

Want to know more? It's easy. Call 1-818-885-0053, or go directly to www.virtualeinstantpricing.com. Mike or Michael will be happy to answer your questions.

Ray interviewed both men ... and you can listen. Over the INB Internet Radio Network. Go to www.inbradio.com/marketingwithray/. From Tuesday, June 12 ... you'll find the interview WebCasting 3 times daily for a week. Tune in and ... EnJoy.

The Baker's Dozen Collection

January 1999 a new series began ... The Baker's Dozen Collection.

The "Baker's Dozen" concept began eons ago ... I think in Europe. Where the local baker tossed an extra biscuit in with every order of a dozen. Thus the idea, a "Baker's Dozen".

Well, I like the concept. And decided to write a series of articles using the theme. So, every 4 weeks - 13 times a year - a new marketing collection comes forth. Obviously, each with 13 points.

The current article is 13 Platinum Ideas About Post Cards & Self Mailers ... a visit to http://www.rayjutkins.com/baker.htm will take you. Archives of all is available at http://www.rayjutkins.com/baker/index.htm


What A Loyalty Program Can Do For Business

My friends at Ruf Strategic Solutions in their RUF REPORT have included one of my articles in their latest issue.

The title: What IS a Loyalty Program? ... and How Can You Make It Work for You? "A loyalty program is an expression of your company's culture. It brings the hospitality of your business into the customer's home or office..."

To find out more, click on the this link to download the complete newsletter, including my article as a PDF file . . . http://www.ruf.com/free_resources/pdf/vol9no2.pdf

The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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