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May 21, 2001 • Volume 1 Issue 1

Privacy, Security & all that Jazz

Ron Perrella is an entrepreneur who won't sit still for the "good ole days". He's always "thinking" something new. Better.

He just may have it with PrivacyCharge.

A major concern with web shopping is security. You type in your credit card number, hit "send", and really are not certain what happens.

Most often good things happen. Yet, that is not always the case. Thus the Internet specifically and mail-order generally has been getting a bad rap ... primarily because of the mis-deeds of a handful. Making things difficult for us good guys.

Ron and PrivacyCharge may be the answer for all mail-order marketers, no matter how you're doing business. Here's the good news;

You can now accept credit card orders by phone, by fax,
by mail and over the Internet ... even when the customer
will NOT provide their full account number!

How's that? Well, because the system works computer-to-computer, with no human intervention, it means there is virtually no possibility of fraud. The customer provides only a portion of their credit card number - not the complete number. The computer does the rest ... confirms the transaction is a "Go", and the sale is complete.

The benefits to the seller are several;

  • ability to capture more orders and do it quicker,
  • necessary paper work is less, making you more efficient, and
  • customers are more comfortable in placing orders, and re-orders.

The customer wins too;

  • security is almost 100% guaranteed,
  • ditto about privacy - it is no longer the issue, plus
  • it's quicker and more convenient.

You may ask "so what" - if the computer can find me with incomplete data, can't the hacker who wants to steal my card do the same? Technically, of course, it is possible. The reason it is unlikely to ever happen is that literally billions (that's "B" as in billions) of possible numbers would need to be played with.

Okay, as a marketer, what can I expect in results? The system is young, yet, response rates from direct mail orders have gone up 20-30-40% with this system. And from outbound telemarketing programs a full 100%!

What this says is the customer likes the PrivacyCharge concept. And, the marketer generates more sales ... and profits. All while the customer is more comfortable and secure. Looks like a winner!

Interested in more? Visit PrivacyCharge, send an e-mail to Ron at, or phone him at 1+949+495-7661. Tell him Ray sent you.

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The Works of Marketing with Ray INDEX

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