Ray worked with B-2-B and Consumer clients throughout the world ... including USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East, Central & South America, Africa.

This website is a compilation of Ray's 10 years on the Web.

"My preferred way of thanking
you would be with a hug."

Susan Squyer
Worldwide Partners


A visitor to MarketingWithRay.com - Sebastien Di Meglio - tells the story of The Baker's Dozen.

Here it is in his words;

"A long time ago cooks and chefs would visit the baker to buy pastries, cakes and bread for the castle where they worked.

"To keep the cooks and chefs happy the baker would always give them an extra pastry or bread or cake. This was to keep the chefs and cooks happy."

Thank you, Sebastien, for your story.

You know this site is about marketing, direct marketing and sales. And just as an "extra" was offered by the baker to keep the customer happy and to build repeat business, this Baker's Dozen Collection is offered to you.

The Baker's Dozen offers a new Collection 13 times a year. And as you could guess, each article will have a Collection of 13 ideas.

Yes, we offer an "extra", to. To keep you - the customer - happy. And to encourage you to return over and over, time and time again.


Baker's Dozen Table of Contents

13 Platinum Ideas for Testing

13 Platinum Ideas for Writing Letters that Sell

13 Platinum Ideas for Successful Web Marketing

13 Platinum "To Do's" to Get More Response

13 Platinum Sales Success Ideas

13 Platinum Direct Mail Ideas

13 Platinum Ideas for Better Advertising Headlines

13 Platinum Ideas for Direct Mail Envelopes

13 Platinum P.S. Ideas for Direct Mail Letters

13 Platinum Ways to Motivate Your Marketplace

13 Reasons Why People Buy

13 Platinum Negotiating Ideas

13 Platinum B-2-B Lead Generation Ideas

13 Platinum Marketing Concepts for the New Decade

The 13 Prime Direct Marketing Numbers

13 Platinum Quality and Service Concepts for the New Decade

13 Platinum Creative Concepts for the New Decade

13 Real! Reasons How Repetition Will Build Your Reputation

13 Platinum Retail Direct Marketing Traffic Building Ideas

13 Platinum Ways to "Think Creatively" in the 21st Century

13 Platinum Prospecting Ideas

13 Platinum Ideas to make Teaser Copy Work

13 Platinum Ideas on Working With Your Clients

13 Platinum Advantages Direct Response Marketing Offers Today

13 Platinum Ways to Ensure You Get Your Message to the Right Audience

13 Platinum Ideas to Make Type Work For You

13 Best Times to Use Advertising Specialties & Premiums

13 Platinum Fundamental Direct Marketing Creative Ideas

13 Platinum e-mail Marketing Concepts

13 New Ways to Look at the Planning Process

13 Platinum Ways to Add "Flash" & "Splash" to Your Direct Mail

13 Platinum Ideas About Post Cards & Self Mailers

13 Platinum Audience Ideas to Forever Remember

The 13 Most Important Graphic Marketing Ideas

13 Platinum Principles to Generate New, Original & Creative "Ideas"

13 Platinum Ideas about Booklets & Brochures

Things to Know about People, Part 1

Things to Know about People, Part 2

The 13 Most Important Questions as You Begin Every Marketing Program

The Most Important Reasons 'Why People Buy' ... Part 1

The Most Important Reasons 'Why People Buy' ... Part 2

13 Ways to Make More Time

13 Platinum Ways to Set Your Marketing Objectives

13 Times When Direct Response Is Your Best Marketing Direction

13 Thoughtful Questions About your Marketing Offer

13 "Best Ways" to Tell Your Story

13 Platinum Marketing "Attack" Concepts

13 Things You NEED to Know About E-Mail & Web Marketing

13 Platinum Listening Ideas

13 Web "DO's" for 2003 ... and beyond

13 Platinum Ideas About Order Forms & Reply Devices

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