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The Most Important Reasons 'Why People Buy' ... Part II

This double series began last time. With the first 13 in the set of Why People Buy. People buy things every day. Some things as common as basic food items costing a few pennies, to things as exotic as automobiles with 6 figure price tags. Each buying decision satisfies a need. Every time a person buys, they do so for a reason.

Let's continue our look with the second 13 of this collection

Reason #14. To take advantage of certain opportunities.

Every now and then an opportunity presents itself. It "jumps" at us. It drops on our door step. It "pops" at a time and place we could not see, until it happened. So, we quickly get ready to move. To take action. To buy.

The product or service could be just about anything. Something financial. A gift idea just when you're thinking about what to buy your best friend. A "surprise" offer from company A, who never does anything like that.

When you create an opportunity of special appeal to your marketplace, you're opening the door to turn more prospects into customers.

Reason #15. To be popular with friends, at work, with family
Reason #16. To "belong" to a specific group

Even the most quiet like to be liked. No one wants to be unpopular.

And some truly want to "belong". To a group, an association, be included in the mix with others. It could be social, political, religious, business or something else ... they want to be part of the gang.

Recently I was a spectator at a local bowling event. Went along for the 'ride' - to watch only. What I saw was the reason why the bowling league existed. It had very little to do with bowling and a whole lot to do with people. People who wanted to be together - the sport gave them a reason.

Not all can be leaders of a group ... all can be a piece of the pie. As a group. As an individual. And all can buy.

Reason #17. To be happy
Reason #18. To be healthy
Reason #19. To attract the opposite sex

When you're happy and healthy there is a good chance you will attract the opposite sex. Because you're open and expressive and demonstrating your good feelings.

This is not to say you're running a dating service. It just means people who look good and act nice get together with other people who feel the same way.

The tough part of this collection is "happy". Healthy is black and white. Most of the time. You are either healthy today, or you are not. Happy is something entirely different. It comes from inside - has peaks and valleys. What makes one person happy turns another away. Today you're up, tomorrow you're not.

Yet, when you put them all together you have a set of reasons why people buy.

Reason #20. To support a course or cause

It could be political. Religious. Social. Environmental. Economic. Business.

It could be for an association or organization. A school or city. It could be on behalf of children or seniors. Singles or couples. It could be all fun or very serious. Doesn't matter - people become passionate about what they believe in. And ... they spend their money on what they have become passionate about.

Over the years I've worked with a couple of charities. When I talk to those who live it daily, you can "see" it in their eyes. And truly "hear" it in their voice. Sometimes it is a laugh, sometimes a cry. Always there is a passion.

Know this to be true -- these people spend money on what they believe in. They buy!

Reason #21. To satisfy an appetite
Reason #22. To satisfy a curiosity

This package of two is tied to the word "satisfy".

Appetite can be food - it can also be just about anything else. Some have an "appetite" for gardening. Others for mountain climbing. Or automobile racing. Doesn't matter what, when someone leans strongly one way, and you can get them to lean your way, you've just got yourself a new customer. Maybe for life. Because you satisfy them.

Curiosity many times will feed an appetite. When one is into anything new, new from scratch or new to the platform you're already standing on, curiosity happens. We talk about "curiosity of a cat" - when they look, sniff, paw at something they haven't experienced. Well, people do that, too. And when you find such a person ... they will look at what you have to offer. Create curiosity and you can create a customer.

And know this; 'satisfy' is tough to do. One person is easily satisfied at the entry level. To another it is 5 star/gold medal/blue ribbon before you hear them say they're satisfied.

Reason #23. To enjoy freedom from worry

This is another tough one. The word "worry" is what makes it tough.

Some people worry about all sorts of stuff - and others worry about very little. If anything. For some life just flows. For others it is a constant race.

When you have an offer that frees the mind to avoid, or ignore, anything worrisome, you've got a winner. Of course, you have to know generally what your audience worries about.

Are they concerned about timing? Delivery? Follow-up? Training? Back-end service? What your competition offers as better, or cheaper, or more up to date? Whatever it is, know certain will always worry. Be prepared. And prepare your offer accordingly.

Reason #24. To own beautiful things

People say, "Oh, I want to buy that ... it's so beautiful". They don't say the reverse.

Yet, what is beautiful? You have to know your audience. And maybe even each member of your audience. At least the groups within it.

For clothing, color and style are important elements in beauty. A house can be beautiful. Or have a beautiful garden. Let's take motorcycles; to a younger crowd beauty is different than to an older group. Which is why Honda offers 52 variations on a half-dozen product lines of their bikes.

On the opposite side, sometimes we say something is so ugly it's beautiful. What we probably mean it's so different, unusual, out of character in it's field, that it's worth attention. People don't go looking to buy ugly ... they most certainly do go looking to buy beautiful.

Reason #25. To feed their ego

Everyone has some ego. For some it's important to flaunt ... for others ego is under a basket.

Everyone knows what they're good at. And when they're honest with themselves, what they are not so good at. Yet, for ego minded people what "I" have accomplished is much more important than what "we" did. For those people a key word is "limited" ... Limited Time Offer ... you must buy by 'X' date. And Limited Number Offer ... there will only be a few of this product.

Offers of status and position are key. Titles are important. Position is important. For these people you make a promise you can keep - that offers an ego trip. Dinner with a star. A ride around the race track with the winner. Back stage after the concert. Front row seating.

This is a good time to remind ourselves our audience is the most important part of every marketing program.

Reason #26. To love and be loved

Love ... another word difficult to give a definition. At least one accepted by all. It's one of those things you "know". And, yes, "feel".

Yet, to say "I Love You" is understood by others. Still, it does not fit everywhere. Or everyone. Certainly not every time. The word Love is sensitive. It is passionate. And it is personal.

The word makes sense ... even when you can't put a definition to it. So, when you have an offer to make that can express love, you have an entire world as your prospect. Isn't that lovely!

So, in this double set, 26 reasons Why People Buy. Not a complete list. Still, complete enough to allow you to do some creative thinking next time you're looking for an offer for your audience.

Baker's Dozen INDEX

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