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13 Platinum Ideas to make Teaser Copy Work
in your E-mail, Fax messages & Direct Mail

To tease or not to tease ... that is always the question. At least it has always been the question for Direct Mail. And to some degree for Fax Broadcasts or Fax Marketing programs.

Teaser copy is the copy printed on the outer envelope of your mail package. Or as a "headline" of your fax-flyer. In both instances you're looking for high readership. So, will the teaser help - or hurt? That is always the question for mail and fax.

For E-mail it is different. In a few short years we've learned the tease is mandatory for E-Mail Marketing. What's in the subject line is what pulls your reader in - or sends them away.

The only way to learn if you should use teaser copy or not ... and what it should be if your answer is "yes" ... is to test. Here are 13 Platinum Ideas to make the teaser copy concept work in your E-mail, fax messages and direct mail.

Idea #1. Explain who you are

People buy from people they know. If you are the big player, have a reputation, a high quality image, a huge awareness, a meaningful position, life is different. That is, when you are well known, you don't have to do or say much.

If you do not have all these factors going for you - you must tell your story. And you can begin with the tease.

You start at the top, in the beginning, up front with your news, your message. Including who you are to bring this wonderful opportunity to this select marketplace.

Facts and figures draw attention - and can prove your worth to your prospect audience. Explaining can begin your story.

Idea #2. Entertain your prospect or customer

What is funny to me is not to you. When you smile, I frown.

We all know comedy can back-fire. Still, when you entertain with something just a tick humorous, you most often get attention. And a listening or reading audience. Which is exactly what you want to happen.

If you elect to entertain, be 100% certain you are comfortable with your audience. And know they will be comfortable with you.

Idea #3. Enhance the product or service you offer

Begin your tease message with an upgrade or cross-sell.

This works for products and services. Where you "assume" the sale, and build upon it with "more". With added value, some extra as part of the package.

The enhance approach works best with customers and others who already know you. As they are comfortable with you. They know what you offer, what to expect, they understand your guarantee.

When your tease enhances it tells your audience you know them, and feel they will want this "extra".

Idea #4. Make certain your copy relates

Teaser copy for teaser sake is not the way to build ongoing relationships.

Meaning, whatever you say to attract, to pulllll your reader in, to get attention ... must be paid off. In the opening paragraph or two. Maybe even in the sub-head.

Certainly quickly.

Make certain your teaser copy relates to your product, your service and definitely your offer. Your prospect is in a hurry - make your opening message easy to understand - quickly.

Idea #5. Offer a benefit

Begin your message with a benefit. Answer the WII-FM question -- What's In It for Me. And do it fast. With 1, 2, or even 3 benefits as part of your tease.

You can do this with partial statements. Each a tease. The payoff answers found inside the envelope or down the page.

You can offer a benefit in full. And tell your reader there is more to follow.

People do not buy features - they do buy benefits. Lead, tease, with a strong opening benefit.

Idea #6. Urge action!

Marketing, Sales Promotion, Merchandising and Direct Marketing are all "action" oriented disciplines. To be successful they must sell.

Meaning the buyer must be persuaded, convinced, encouraged to take action. To phone, to visit, to respond, to do something!

Your teaser can begin this action process. With a choice of words selected to get action. Words like learn, earn, make, buy, save, act and now - each that lead a buyer to do something.

Idea #7. Tie the outside to the inside

Tie your beginning message to the full message.

That is, make sure the first words your reader reads make sense when they get to the full story. If they do not, you will loose ... your prospect will wonder off. Mentally, if not physically.

Yes, the tease is a hook. It is a grabber. It is a way to get attention. At the same time it must also be meaningful. If it is "out in left field", soon that is where you will find your prospect. Lost and wondering about. Not good when you're trying to make a sale.

Tease - yes. And then make the tease pay.

Idea #8. Tie the copy & graphics together

There is no doubt we live in a graphic world. And one of color, too.

Still, whatever image you use to grab your prospects attention must have some relationship to your message. Your product and service. Your offer.

A travel offer will work best with a travel picture - vs. the inside workings of a printing press.

Yes, sometimes the benefits are what you receive in return for your money; a college education earned with borrowed money. In this instance you show the reward, not the money.

Use a graphic as a tease. Just make certain it relates to your product, your offer.

Idea #9. Have a Limited Time Offer / Limited Number Offer

And let your reader know in the tease about your L.T.O. Or L.N.O.

People respond better to a little pressure. Much better when something is going to expire or go away unless they act now.

Ditto for a limited number.

"Crazy" as it seems, the value is not nearly as important as the date or number. Put a date on something - meaning that "unless you respond by "x" date you will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity" - and response goes up.

Tell your audience this item is truly rare. There are "only 300 and you must act now or you will miss out". This approach gets more people to respond now.

Begin your tease with a drop dead date, or a limited number. And then pay it off with your message.

Idea #10. Begin your story . . .

... with your teaser copy.

Meaning with the first line - maybe the first paragraph. It is written and presented in such a way that the reader is "forced" to scroll down B or turn the page - to get the rest of the story. The rest of your message. To learn about your product, your service, your offer.

Get someone to read 50 words and you can get them to read 500. Which, although it sounds like a lot, it is less than a page and half of copy.

Yet, before you can get a reader through 50 - you must get them through your first 5 to 15. Not magic numbers, still important.

Hook your reader by beginning your message early.

Idea #11. "Steal" concepts only

Avoid imitation.

Yet, "stealing" ideas from others is usually a good thing. Someone else may have a thought you can "adapt" to your needs. Good. Go for it. Adapt and apply.

Still, you want to avoid the usually disastrous approach of copying what others have done. Even when it's legal, rarely is it profitable.

Be original. Learn the concept, and "adapt" it to your needs.

Idea #12. Present a "You" attitude

Does your teaser have a "You" attitude? Vs. talking me-me-me?

Do you talk about the customer and what they will gain when they do business with you? What they will earn, save, make, feel or achieve when they respond?

Just as your full message must have a "you" attitude - so must your tease. In fact, that's where your full message begins - with the tease. That's what your prospect sees first.

Write in the language of the reader ... put "you" into action.

Idea #13. Talk with your audience

No one ever likes to be talked "at".

Few like to be talked "to".

Everyone enjoys being talked "with". As "with" means we're having this discussion, this exchange, this conversation of ideas and thoughts - we're having it together.

This concept is so important I like to spell it this way;


Meaning you and I will work on this program ... Two-Gether ... the two of us. Meaning we are a team ... Two-Gether.

Present, persuade, convince, sell ... whatever it takes to move your prospect to becoming your customer. And do it in a dialogue that begins with a tease. That begins when you talk with your audience.

Well, that's it - 13 Platinum Ideas to make Teaser Copy Work in your E-mail, Fax messages & Direct Mail.

Take those that work for you and use them in your next communication.

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