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13 Platinum P.S. Ideas for Direct Mail Letters

Every now and again some one "dreams" a P.S., the Post Script, is an unnecessary part of a direct mail letter.

These folks fail to recognize the power of P.S. in direct mail.

Well, it's going to take far more than a dream to convince me. Research indicates nearly 4 of 5 readers look at the P.S. in a DM letter before they read the letter. Only the running headline / Johnson Box at the top of the letter gets more attention than a P.S.

Because it is so important this Bakers Dozen Collection covers ... 13 P.S. Ideas for Direct Mail Letters.

1. What is a Post Script (P.S.) and Why is it important?

For starters, 79% of all who open your direct mail will read the P.S. first. Before reading any other part of the letter.

If that number was half I'd still write a P.S.

A P.S. can help you reach your direct mail objective. How? By giving direction. Serving as a reminder. Re-stating the benefits, the offer, and urging action. Now.

A good P.S. repeats the message found elsewhere in the letter. It is usually 2-3-4 lines long -- much like a caption for a picture or graphic. If it gets much longer it is divided into paragraphs -- just like the letter. Or even further segmented into P.P.S. / P.P.P.S and even P.P.P.P.S!

In direct mail the P.S. is not optional. It is mandatory.

2. Your P.S. must ...

Your P.S. can be "soft" or "hard". It must suggest (soft) what the reader is to do. Buy. Visit. Phone. Redeem the coupon. Take a demonstration. Mail a check. Send a fax.

Your P.S. is a reminder of benefits of doing business together. Possibly in a dialogue format -- steady, yet soft and easy.

3. Or, Your P.S. must ...

Or your P.S. can be stronger -- hard sell. And tell the reader what to do. And when and where to do it.

When it is tough it is specific. Call this number. Visit this booth. Return this fax. Do it today.

Soft and easy ... hard and strong -- neither is right or wrong. Just different ways to encourage your reader to respond to your offer.

4. What is NOT in a P.S.?

The primary thing NOT to do with your P.S. is to state a new fact. Introduce a new idea. Start fresh with a different thought.

The P.S. is a place to repeat the call to action. Remind the reader of the key benefits. And ask for the order.

Anything new is a distraction. Even if it is "exciting". Why?

Because for those 4 of 5 who read it first, you share "news" -- and fail to talk about it elsewhere in your letter. You confuse your reader when you introduce "new" and cover it ONLY in the P.S. Don't do that.

Here are 9 thoughts about what should be in
your P.S., with "live" examples for each:

5. P.S. -- A reminder of your premium or gift

The P.S. is a good place to remind your reader of the special something they will get when they respond. A re-statement of the "extra" awaiting them. The extras you bring to the table.


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6. P.S. -- Emphasize your Guarantee

As you already know, a product or service guarantee is "expected" by the marketplace.

Your reader gets "comfortable" when they read your guarantee. They feel they can accept your offer because of the guarantee. The guarantee plays a major role in the success of direct mail.

One place to re-state or summarize your guarantee is in your P.S.


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7. P.S. -- Talk about earning, saving, making

Money is a key issue with every offer. It does play a part, small or large, in every buying decision.

So, be willing to talk about money. Talk profits. Talk bottom-line results. Talk what can be earned, saved, made by accepting your offer.

Facts and figures get attention -- where applicable use them. Your P.S. is a good place to remind your audience of your financial benefits.


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8. P.S.- A repeat of key Benefits

Most products have a laundry list as long as your arm of benefits. Yet, only a few -- usually 2-3-4 at the most -- are key.

Remind your reader what the real reasons are they should do business with you.


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9. P.S. -- Repeat phone, fax, E-mail + + +

It is almost impossible to repeat your contact data too often.

Giving your phone and fax numbers, address, E-mail and WWW site info over and over will insure your audiences knows how to find you.

One good place to repeat this vital information is in your P.S.


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10. P.S.- Repeat your Limited Time Offer

A Limited Time Offer or a Limited Number Offer has great value.

Dates (time) call people to act now, instead of waiting. A quantity (number) lets people know when the supply is gone -- there will be no second chance. Both work to get action fast.


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11. P.S. -- The Last Call to Action

This is direct mail. Meaning you are looking for some direct action. A response. A reply.

A "final" call in the P.S. is fitting.


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12. P.S. -- Reinforce your Offer

State your offer another way. Zero in on the few key points. Tell your offer story from the prospects point of view. Repeat for clarity.


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13. P.S. -- Summarize your Sales message

A 2 to 4 page direct mail sales letter can be summarized in your P.S. in 1-2 paragraphs. Do it.


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Well, that's it. A Baker's Dozen -- 13 -- ideas about the importance -- and power -- of the P.S. in your direct mail letter. Good writing!

Baker's Dozen INDEX

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