Ray worked with B-2-B and Consumer clients throughout the world ... including USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East, Central & South America, Africa.

This website is a compilation of Ray's 10 years on the Web.


Early on, ROCKINGHAM*JUTKINS*marketing developed a unique list of ideas for doing business.

Ideas on working with people and business around the world.

Here they are ... use them in any way that fits your business.

Idea #1. Listen.

Listen to the client. Listen to the customer. The client knows their business. The customer knows what fits their needs. Listen and get the message.

Idea #2. Be responsive.

Listen...and then do something. Quickly. Positively. Boldly.

Idea #3. Provide continuity.

Get the team together. Get the ideas and recommendations and suggestions together. And share them.

Idea #4. Concentrate.

Study. Think. Focus. Have direction. Know what you are doing. Always be prepared.

Idea #5. Understand success.

The client makes the sales. All you do is help. The client gets the rewards. That IS success!

Idea #6. Work with people!

Sure, know everyone you need to know. And then understand the grass roots of business is where its' at. The people in the trenches are important, too.

Idea #7. Be sensitive.

Talk "Two-Gether" with the client and customer. It takes two to communicate -- make sure you are on a communicating level.

Idea #8. Charge fair fares.

Fees. Charge what is fair. Charge enough -- yet, not too much. Give value for your fare.

Idea #9. Reciprocate.

Buy and use your clients' products and services.

Idea #10. Present good ideas.

Know creative thinking is getting bottom line profitable results. Create good ideas -- be prepared to defend them. But be prepared to back off when the client says "No, thank-you."

Idea #11. Relate.

Every day work toward building a better relationship between you and your client, your customer.

Idea #12. Remember people make things happen.

Phone and fax and e-mail and overnight delivery are all fine. As long as personal interaction, face-2-face also happens. Get the right people with the right people at the right time and the right things will happen.

Idea #13. Be a good steward.

Every day. Watch the money. Yours. Theirs. Be prepared fiscally for the inevitable ups and downs.

Idea #14. Let your clients and customers know you care.

Reach out and touch. Hold their hand. Be their teddy bear. Be their security blanket. Demonstrate love.

Idea #15. Think always like a winner.

And, be realistic. Know some things cannot be solved by even outstanding marketing. Promise only what you know you can deliver -- and then deliver it!

Idea #16. Work "Two-Gether".

Know the most important thing is for all people and all things to work "Two-Gether". To work for efficient, effective results. And to create satisfaction. For the client ... for the customer.

These are the principles that work for ROCKINGHAM*JUTKINS*marketing. If you feel they'll work for you, we invite your call, your fax, your e-mail.

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